2 days later

2 days after a brutal race and I don't feel burnt out but my body is tired. I decided to do what I feel like this week. Yesterday was my off day and I chose to do yoga to stretch out. It felt good. This morning I did some easy running (I know, I did say I was going to take off the week, but I was stuck at home for this workout so that was my only option) and some abs and lifting. Instead of running 8-10 miles, I did 5. Tomorrow I plan to swim, Thursday to bike and Friday swim or run. I think I will just run a couple of days this week or play it by ear.  I don't feel like I was getting burnt out of running, I think I was feeling burnt out of everything. And once my period arrived, everything seems better now. I am motivated to continue to train hard, but after a couple of light weeks I think.

On the weight front, the horrendous weeks of PMS helped me to put on about 5 lbs. I am back on the fitday entering everything in/calorie counting. This is the worst time to gain weight, with summer a couple of weeks away and I will not be having it!  

On the triathlon front, I'm seriously considering the move from Olympic to Sprint distance for the triathlon in 4 weeks. It's the bike that I don't want to put in the time for. I've biked 14 miles as my longest bike ride. I didn't mind it (until the next day : ) ) but I'm not sure that I want to do the training rides to prepare for 26 miles. How long would you train for that anyway?  That is my only concern and why I would switch distance - not only the training rides, but my slow speed and getting crushed by everyone after a good swim and being so far behind and not being able to catch up even if my run is decent. What are your thoughts?  I signed up for the Oly distance because I thought giving up a day and all that prep work for a short distance seems like a waste. I wanted a challenge.


  1. If you're not 100% comfortable going into the Olympic, maybe switching would be best. There will always be another chance at a longer tri once you've had some more time to get comfortable on the bike.

  2. ugh, I hate weight being a battle :-( I have soooo much to loose and I still can't control my eating to get a hold of it. I also really, REALLY want to run a half marathon this fall and that means I should get some of this weight off first.

  3. I would do the one you would enjoy the most and feel most comfortable doing. No triathlon is a waste!

  4. good idea to chill with the yoga today! your body will thank you for it!

  5. I would agree with everyone and do what you are comfortable with. You want to feel that success at the end!

    I'm sure those 5lbs will melt off now that you are feeling back to yourself again! Aren't hormones sucky?!

  6. Agree that you should do what you feel ready for! If you switch down, there's really no shame in it...and there are plenty of other tris where you can go for the full olympic distance later on. Personally, it's the swim leg scares me the most!