Back into the routine!

Whew! Happy Thankgiving!! Hope that everyone had a really nice break and thankful holiday. We were away from Thursday to Monday, but it felt like a month. We went to my inlaws house in Connecticut. I didn't cook anything. Next year it looks like I'll be cooking and we won't be traveling. I would love to have a veggie Thanksgiving - but I don't think anyone would want to attend that! :-)  What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

I am usually a really good eater at the inlaws and work out too, but this time I got sick the day after the marathon with a pretty bad headcold, and it intensified by the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was able to do my first run back after the marathon on Friday (5 days later!) on the local track but couldn't subject myself to the treadmill in the early mornings any of the other days. I slept in and enjoyed the help from my mother-in-law & cousin-in-law! Being pregnant and sick is the worst! You can't take what you want to take so it seems to linger on. The neti-pot was a huge help this weekend.

I had signed up for a free TRX class at the new gym that I joined this morning. It was just 3 of us so great 1 on 1 attention. I think I'll be sore tomorrow and that it was just what my body needed - change! I felt extremely slow on Friday running, but I think I'll get back into it this week and next week. I think that the rest was good for my legs and they will be fresh when it's time to get going again. If not, I'll switch it up and do other things. Have you done TRX? Do you do cardio before/after? It seems like I would put it in the place of lifting. It was one hour long but it would be good for 30 min of TRX and 30 min of cardio.


  1. I LOVE TRX!!! My old gym had it a lot! I always got an amazing workout and it was fun to see myself getting stronger. Sometimes we did cardio separate before but my favorite was when we did intervals with cardio and TRX mixed together.

  2. sorry you were sick. yes, the netti pot does wonders!

  3. Love the Neti pot! My personal trainer has me use the TRX during our sessions. I have a love/hate relationship with it...haha. I have seen results, though. I guess that is the point :)

  4. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Hope you are feeling back to 100%.

  5. i'm hoping to get certified in TRX to use with my clients at the Y. it's a great workout.

  6. I haven't tried TRX, but I so want to. It looks like an amazing workout!!!