Review and Giveaway: baby products

I was contacted by Jason of CSN stores to do a review and giveaway and to check out their kids furniture website. I tried out these 2 baby/toddler food products with Nick. I was happy with the service from CSN - everything arrived within a few business days and in perfect condition.

1 - Kidco serving plate with spoon

This serving plate goes with the Kidco serving trays - this is a very convenient item for any mom making purees and traveling. When I was traveling with purees when Nick was a little bit younger, I would usually put them in tupperware and carry a spoon separately. This enables everything to travel together and everything fits nicely! At $6.95, I thought it was a good deal.

picture from CSN website

2- Skip Hop Mate Stay-Put Plate

Right now I just put all of Nick's food on his high chair tray, so I thought this looked pretty cool so that I had a plate to put it on. As far as staying put, he could easily slide it, and/or flip it if he wanted to, but it stayed put pretty well. Nick isn't feeding himself yet so the spoon and fork were just for him to hang onto and play with, but I liked being able to separate the food. I think this will come in handy when Nick is a little bit older. The fun thing is when you remove the plate to put the food on it, they can be entertained by the smiley face :) This plate sells for $19.98. I think the price is a little high, and would maybe pay up to $10. It comes in various colors.

You can check out these products at the CSN stores website and you can also win both products here!

To enter, leave a comment to tell me what you would pay for each of these products and if you find them useful. What serving ware do you use for your child or what have you seen that looked neat? Winner will be selected at random on Friday, March 12 at noon EST.

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  1. I am interested in that plate. I am not sure what I'd pay for them...maybe in the $5-9 range? That's the most I would pay. We are pretty low maintenance for our son. We use small glass bowls we got at Ikea for 99cents and munchkin plastic spoons and forks.

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  4. Cool gadgets. I wouldn't pay more than $10-12 for any toddler's serving dishes though. Dishes just get thrown on the floor so for now of DD's food goes directly on her high chair tray. Sometimes we'll use tupperware and gerber plastic dishes.

  5. Those are pretty cool items!

  6. The problem with plastic is that you can't microwave it, so because of that, I wouldn't pay more than $10. IF it was a material that was safe to microwave, then I'd pay more. :)

  7. First of all, I wanted to say congrats on making the 20 week marker :)

    Second, I have looked at these plates online a few times. The key to feeding a picky eater is often being able to separate into different compartments so they feel they have choices. But, I've heard the ones you have the skip-hop plates have two issues 1) the dividers are really small and you cant fit a lot into each section and 2) the lid doesnt say on without the silverware attachment which makes it more cumbersome.

    What's your interpretation/review of them ... or are you still working on that?

  8. Since Norah just started with solids, we don't have much kid-ware, but I am interested in this. I have no clue what I'd pay for it though; I'm terrible with price-guessing. $10?

  9. I'd find both products useful. The first is great for on-the-go meals out, as my little girl (who's six and a half months old) always eats at least one fruit, one vegetable, and one grain at every meal. It would be nice to not have to root around for a spoon and separate containers. I'd pay up to $12 for the first product. The second would be great if it actually stayed on the highchair chair, but it sounds like it's not working for you. If it did as advertised, I'd pay up to $15 for it.
    Currently, I'm using Ziplock tupperware bowls for Addison's solids. They're cheap, microwaveable, dishwasher-safe, and the perfect size for a serving of food.

  10. Both are cute - I would pay $7 for the first and $15 for the second. The second is much cuter.

  11. The first product I would buy, seems like a good diea, I would have used it when I was making baby food. I would pay about $5-$7 for it. The second product looks cute, but it doesn't seem very realistic. When Liv starts feeding herself, I will just use a regular plastic kids plate. I definitely wouldn't spend $20 on it, I think $10 is a better price.

  12. The first one looks great for travelling - I'd probably pay $12-$15 for it. The stay-put plate I'd probably pay $10 for - depending on whether it actually stays or not. I usually use inexpensive serving ware from Target since it gets pretty trashed anyway, but it would be fun to have newer, nicer things!

  13. I think the kidco serving plate looks more useful because I am starting to worry about traveling/camping with my home-made baby food (baby turns 6 months old tomorrow). I would pay around $10 for that plate. The skip hop plate looks a bit big and bulky. Maybe better for toddlers? The most I would pay is $10.