Amazing Grass 2 week challenge & Vanilla Chai Infusion Review

I've had the opportunity to try the Vanilla Chai Infusion Amazing Meal this week.  Teri Jo at Amazing Grass sent me a container to try and review. It is awesome!

First, I'll tell you that I have been using the Chocolate Superfood on a daily basis either w/ peanut butter as a little snack by itself or spread on bread or with protein ice cream to get in some veggies and fruit.  Today I used it with nutritional yeast and coconut oil on popcorn.    It was decent. I really like the taste of it actually!

Nick has been having the Kidz superfood mixed with his yogurt and he LOVES it. He'll also have it in a smoothie. I give it to him about every other day. And I bought the berry flavor but I have been using the chocolate much more. I need some ideas to use the berry flavor besides smoothies.

Now the vanilla chai is different than all the rest. It has a great spicy flavor. This one I mixed with peanut butter  and ate it with a spoon - very tasty! I also spread this mixture on bread.  I flavored my protein "ice cream" with Jay Robb vanilla protein powder for a smoothie. I highly recommend it!  Here is the protein ice cream - so tasty!  It is 16 ice cubes, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop amazing grass, 1/2 tsp xanthan gum, and 1/2 tsp guar gum.  Vitamix!!  Delicious. Ice. Cream.

Next they have a 2 week challenge. The menu plan for this is fantastic. I feel like every menu plan I have looked at I could never follow but this has great ideas such as ezekial bread w/ peanut butter, spinach/egg delight - spianch, garlic,onion, spices sauteed in coconut oil + whipped eggs and feta, veggie stir fry w/ fish in a spelt or corn tortilla... just a few of them. I've been trying to follow it as much as possible and I love the ideas. I'll let you know how it goes in 2 weeks but I encourage you to check it out.  It's free! and everyday you get a lesson via email. I'm loving it.

I have been buying the Amazing Grass products through Amazon on subscribe and save - they offer discounts for subscribing and since I'm using them daily, it pays to subscribe!

This past week, I didn't run as much as I should have. I finished the week with 21 miles and change. I also meant to do 8 miles today and I just wasn't feeling it. With 1 month (less) to go till the half marathon, I really have to get in some longer runs - but it is major hard to find the time and motivation!

I was able to go to masters swimming yesterday and I'm already beating people, yay! It definitely made a difference that I swam till the end this time (and didn't run to the end). Last time I could run and have my speed pretty soon after and picked up the mileage quickly too - this time sometimes a 3 mile run seems like a marathon (but swimming feels awesome!) It much harder to get in the pool time wise than on the treadmill but I'm still striving for it in the mornings. Last night Kara (5+ weeks old) slept from 9:30 to 3:30! It was AWESOME!


  1. Is Ezekiel bread fairly easy to get in the US? I've looked for it here and never found it.

    Those meals sound good. I made a yummy veg stir fry with buckwheat noodles and a tamari and tahini sauce becasue I just needed something different and out of rut.It was yum and it is always good to have new ideas.

    Love your new header pic.


  2. 21 miles is a pretty good for a week's mileage, especially for being back to running already!

  3. That ice cream looks yummy!! You're going to be awesome at the 1/2! Just keep moving :)

  4. great job! thats a nice amount of mileage to squeeze in with too munchkins!!! mad props your way gf!!!

  5. Nice job on your mileage girl!

  6. 21 miles, seriously girl give yourself some credit! you are doing great on eating and running and being a wonderful mommy

  7. 21 miles is great for the week!! are you kidding??

    i love chai, i might have to try this.

  8. OMG! You did amazing with your running! I'm so impressed! And Yay! for baby Kara sleeping so much!

  9. sounds like you are doing fine with the running. neat how you noticed that what you did through the whole pregnancy is easier to get back to!

  10. Congrats on the great swim! And very impressive that you have two kids and can stick to a meal plan. When we have kid #2 I'm pretty sure we will be on a diet of trader joe meals.

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