your opinions: coconut oil vs butter, doctor gift,

Coconut oil versus butter - what do you use and what do you think is better for us? Butter - cholesterol. Coconut oil - high saturated fat.  What are your thoughts?

I want to send my doctor something for 2 relatively easy deliveries and little tearing - she was awesome and delivered both of my babies.  With Nick I had a minor tear but was up and running quickly. This delivery was insane and I had no tearing, and I think that she did a great job getting the babies out!  She has 1 year old twins.  I was thinking some kind of healthy food basket but I don't know if she eats healthy. Also, something cute for her kids.  What do you think is appropriate or would be a nice gift?

Wish me luck - tomorrow will be my first day alone with the 2 kids!  Last night was much much better and Kara slept a 4 hour then 3.5 hour stretch. Nice!! :)  She's on schedule today so far, and has been sleeping in between. It's a whole new day! The kids this morning:


  1. Coconut oil for sure... there are lots of benefits! Just google it. :)

    God luck with two kids tomorrow. Oh my. I can't imagine. But you'll handle it just fine I'm sure!

  2. Good Luck for tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do just fine!
    Love the bouncy seat. They are truly a God send for showers or getting some chores done or just as an alternative place for them to be to see if they are happier there!
    I'm sure your doc would love a basket of healthy foods. I know that if any of my kids or their families give me a present of any sort I'm so very very touched. Their progress is enough reward, but it is great to know you have impacted someone's life enough for them to want to demonstrate their gratitude.
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow,

  3. I'm sure the healthy food basket would be appreciated by your doctor! Good luck with two kiddos tomorrow!

  4. I've never used coconut oil so I don't know :-). I try and use canola oil in most of my baking recipes, except when I am making some cookies because sometimes you just HAVE to have the good stuff :-)

    And I agree: healthy basket is a good idea. Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Gorgeous pic!! I just started on the coconut butter - according to the guy at Whole Foods the only difference from the oil is that there is more meat of the coconut in there. Apparently they have had a sudden interest in it and he had to make a special order! I have only used it once so far, and didn't notice too much of a difference. Haven't had time to look in terms of nutrition, but I don't use massive spoonfuls of it.

    Hope your morning is going well with the dynamic duo! :)

  6. I like both! Because I prefer to bake vegan when possible, I use coconut oil in my cookies and things. If I go for butter, it's usually for sauteeing and I'm making it special. I use probably less than a tablespoon. I put butter on toast and on baked potatoes (sweet and regular). I use it for crab and lobster. I like the taste of butter so if I'm using it, I want to know it. That's why I shy away from using it in cookies and cakes, you can't really taste it so why use it at all?