keeping my head above the water; 6 weeks; CSN

Kara is a crying baby and the last few weeks have been tough! She is sleeping 5-6 hours at night which is great, but during the day and in the evening when she is awake she cries the whole time. She's only chill when she's sleeping. It's been really rough and I have really little time to myself - only when their naps overlap.  I'm not sure if it is her stomach and the doctor said it wasn't colic. I've been trying to watch what I'm eating - probably everything I eat is causing her trouble? Veggies, beans, nuts... I could go nuts trying to avoid all of that so I haven't been.  Our first shopping trip - if they didn't have these car carts, I'm not sure how I would have done it?  Nick had a blast though!

Even in the morning, she'll be up at 6 and I try to run on the treadmill after I feed her and she's only happy being held. I let her cry for a bit and try to get in a mile or 1/2 mile then I feel too bad and have to pick her up.  Needless to say, with half marathon in about 4 weeks, I've only done a long run of 6 miles still.

 The 2 week challenge - I lasted about 5 days of having a shake in the morning and I do think it helped with my appetite and energy! Then it was kind of like me forgetting to eat or grabbing something on the way out the door.  The amazing grass flavors with water is do-able but I like them so much more mixed in a frozen smoothie.

Today Kara is 6 weeks old! I had my 6 week appointment and have 3 pounds to lose. I swear this was the same with Nick and then I started gaining weight. This time it might be different because I rarely have time to sit down. Hopefully those 3 and about 10-15 more will come off!

What did I buy with my gift card at CSN stores?

I bought popsicle molds which I am excited to try...... 

KidCo BabySteps Frozen Treat Tray - F410 A halo swaddle for Kara
HALO Innovations, Inc. Fleece SleepSack™ Swaddle Wearable Blanket in Cream - 290

The Bob dualie cupholder console
BOB Handlebar Console (Water Bottle Holder) for Duallie Double Stroller
Some post it notes for scrapbooking
POST-IT Recycled Notes, 4 x 6, Canary Yellow, 12 100-Sheet Pads/pack

I kind of wish I did the waffle maker, but I might just buy a cheap one anyway. I think I'd use it on the weekends. I just have no space.  What I like about the site is they have tons of stuff and much of it has free shipping. What I don't like is the search box. I feel like there are way too many things that are found when you search for something that don't even relate to what you are searching for. Also, not everything has free shipping. I feel like it should be above a certain spending amount - it should be free. Like Amazon!


  1. I love the new header photo! What a helper Nick is :)

    Agreed on CSN - search was a little random and I spent $60 with no free shipping :( (I won one of the GC's) But I figure most of the cost was free with the GC and I shouldn't complain too much. They do have tons of things! You picked out some goodies.

  2. i'm anxious to see what you make w/those popsicle molds!

  3. bless your heart, she sounds just like Ethan! But he also had colic....
    I'm sorry to say, but it's just her personality mama! I guess you can understand why it took me a while to be talked into another baby lol

    I like all the stuff you got! I got a scanner that I need to write a review up.

  4. the new header! Hang in you know from before, you are at the peak of the tough stuff right now. Another 6 weeks (which probably seems like an eternity right now) and life will ease up a bit I'd guess. I'll be thinking of you!

  5. sounds like you've had your hands full!! hang in there, which i'm sure is not easy.

    i agree about csn...too hard to find one specific thing.

  6. Oh I hear you - Murray was definitely like that before the gaviscon and even then it is pretty much constant entertainment from morning to night! He barely sleeps in the day at all. Him having his jags yesterday actually allowed me to do 50 mins pilates as he just slept and slept as he didn't feel well!
    Well done you on only 3lbs to go. I'm so impressed!

  7. So sorry to hear about poor little Kara's crying. If she cries that much, that consistently, I'm surprised it's NOT colic. My neice had colic and I really felt form my BIL and SIL. The light at the end of the tunnel, however, is that colic does pass. Allergies or intolerances to food or milk...those are a bit trickier!

    Best of luck!

  8. I'm jealous on your choices from CSN. They are some good ones! I think it's better than the waffle maker. I have a $20 one and it works well enough for as often as we have waffles and it is pretty small, too.

    Do you have a moby wrap for her? Sorry to hear she likes to be held so much. Jackson was the same way, but I didn't mind for number one :-). It's easy to just sit there and stare at them, but not so easy when you have another to chase around and play with! Good luck!

  9. wow, they are so adorable! Maybe Kara cries when you are on the treadmill because she wants to run too? maybe she is already a runner at heart!! great choices with the gift card, i love those popcicle things! you are amazing!

  10. Cute header picture.

    I love those car carts too...when they are not broken with sharp edges...some stores! aggh.

    Mostly importantly, I am mean. Let her cry. I'm sure you do. Your not a first timer and you didn't ask for advice but since I have nothing to lose in giving my opinion, please let her cry. As long as you just feed her and she is wearing a fresh diaper, finish your run or whatever you are doing. Find a way to "block it out." I don't mean let her cry all day but exercising her lungs is okay. You sound like a great mom and you will be helping her learn to self content. Then when you do pick her up she'll learn that mommy goes away but mommy comes back whether I cry or not.

    Sorry to tell you things you already know. But I just know how crazy it can be will a crying baby and mommies need some time.

  11. Bethany beat me to it - I was also going to say that maybe the reason she cries is because she wants to get out there with her mama!! :) You're still doing really well and you WILL finish the 1/2!!

  12. ooh, that's rough. i was lucky with #1 and said i'd never get that lucky twice, so i am putting off #2!!! i second the moby wrap or sling idea, do you have one??

  13. I sorry that Kara's crying has been a bit of a challenge. I have no idea.

  14. Just caught up on your blog. Sorry that Kara is crying so much! Claire was very fussy for about two and a half or three months and then her stomach seemed to settle. I didn't go through changing my diet too much while nursing - mostly just avoided caffiene - and to be honest, once six in the evening came, there was little to do but walk and hold her while she cried. Hang in there! Your two little ones look great!

  15. You're doing great! I'm trying to catch up on blogs since I haven't had a second to sit down lately either :-)
    Sorry Kara is crying; hopefully she'll get through it quickly.
    The morning runs weren't working out for me very well either so I started running at night - I leave after the baby goes to bed and daddy & Em chill together for a little while.
    Things will settle down! Love that swaddle blanket!

  16. cool! sorry to hear about kara!!! maybe its a stage??? you should make popsicles for nick! i bet he would love that!

  17. Not sure if you're into book advice, but I recommend some of the techniques from the Happiest Baby on the Block, especially if it's not a "digestive" colic. It really made a difference with my son, particularly around this age.