Back to school

This week at a glance:

Tuesday: One of my students tells me that I look pregnant for the first time. I want to jump ship. I guess I'm still in denial and do not want to look pregnant - but the other option is just looking fat. Either way...

Wednesday: Had a great swim - other people actually in my lane and did the workout with them. Best swim yet. Normally I'm in such a rush to get in and out since I have limited time, that I'm swimming alone. Had a clothes breakdown Wednesday night in the closet when I couldn't find anything sufficient to wear for back to school night. Mainly the problem is that my shirts/blouses are too tight and look stupid, so I had to go with this shirt that I have always thought was ugly and rarely wear.

Thursday: My running has been slow this week, my knees have been a bit sore and legs feel heavy. Yesterday was a long day with back to school night. I opted not to tell the parents I was pregnant, as I didn't want any questions about what my plan was for coming back ,who would be the sub, etc etc - things I do not know yet. It was a super longgggg day.

Friday: Today I'm in a jubilant mood, I think because the first class that I teach is my favorite AND they have a test. Hehe. I went swimming and stayed in for 45 minutes since I was here so late last night and do not have much planning to do this morning. It felt good - but my body is tired. I think on Wednesday I went faster with people in my lane and did some pulling and my arms are feeling it today! The jubilance will soon turn into exhaustion and delusion, especially after I teach my 2 least favorite classes in about 1/2 hour.

This weekend my original plan was to do the NYC 18 miler tuneup. I still want to do it, but logistically I don't think it will work out. My backup plan was a 1/2 marathon in CT that is tomorrow morning, but this was an hour and a half from Bill's parents house, and would mean leaving tonight for CT. So my plan is now up in the air. I may still try to find a way to do the 18 or just run on my own on the treadmill one of the mornings. It is so much easier running outside and doing a race when you are trying to maintain your mileage. I could probably also take an easy week after the distance run to recover. My next race is planned for 10/11 - Baltimore 1/2 marathon. After that, it is going to be play it by ear mode.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I plan to bake at least one of these weekend days! It has been a while.


  1. Looking pregnant and being pregnant is always good. Trust me, hehehe!

    LOL at first class and having a test. My sis is a teacher and when she starts texting me I know test time is in full effect.

    Have a great weeekend and kick those legs up a bit :-)

  2. it's going to be awfully rainy in CT saturday morning...

  3. YAY for tests!! hehe. sounds like another great busy week for you! have a great weekend - hope you get some good running in :)

  4. Nice. Take a weekend day off for sure! You're putting me to shame with all your exercise, and I'm not carrying a child or anything! I also always suspected teachers enjoyed seeing us squirm when tests were in order, now I have a confirmation.

  5. It might be time to break down and buy some maternity clothes! 18 miles in NYC? Where were you planning on running it? Hope it doesn't rain too much in CT!

  6. OK so I FINALLY watched "Waitress" You are not like her LOL. Although I will say the movie was funny in some ways. "Dear baby, all that money I saved up to get out of here is going to your damn crib and your damn . . ." ROFLMAO! But the ending was nice :-)

  7. Nice job swimming. It is such a great workout. I wouldn't have said anything to the parents either. I hate telling the same story over and over and over. And, being as the same questions over and over.

    Have fun baking. Do you have anything planned to make?

  8. I hope your weekend turns out well- what are you going to bake? I need to bake something in my new oven. All I've made so far is pizza. But with fall here, I love to bake (it's almost apple pie season!!!).

    Good luck with the whole wardrobe situation. = )

  9. Check out Target for maternity clothes! I walked by that section when i was there tonight and from the walkway, I saw some cute stuff!

    Good luck with running this weekend!

  10. You don't need to buy maternity shirts yet. Just get some super-cute empire waist shirts. I always have a beer gut, so I know all the tricks to hiding the old midsection ;)

    Good luck on your runs this weekend, whatever state you happen to do them in.

  11. 18 miles? Is there a mile limit your doc gave you?

  12. Holy crap you never rest. You are amazing. Why dont you bake some chocolate chip cookies and send them my way?

  13. i am doing Baltimore 1/2 too