Today I was at the grocery store and deciding on a protein to have for dinner - we are visiting the in-laws and they don't eat what I eat! I had tofu in my hand but saw tempeh. I've had it before - a long time ago, maybe in college, and it didn't stick. I thought I'd try it again. It was ok. I mixed it with spinach and white beans for lack of knowing what to do with it. If you have had it or have a favorite way of preparing it, please share! I have 2 more days to eat it! It is full of protein for sure.


  1. :) your so creative with food! :)

  2. I LOVE tempeh- it's like Tofu in that it NEEDS a good marinade or sauce. I have had an amazing tempeh dish at Native Foods (a small vegan chain restaurant) it had coconut milk and curry and other stuff to make it tropical. Also you might want to try the classic Gliding Calm marinade. Love the chew of tempeh. Enjoy!

  3. Hope you're having an okay time up there - we missed you on the long run today!

  4. I don't even know what that is!