The thing about calorie counting...

is that if you make something that is made up of many different ingredients, it is tedious to count everything up. So I start off the day doing GREAT and then drop off. Blah. I'm getting there!

I made some new Tempo bars called the Beez Tempo bar (cookies and cream) with brown rice puffs, oats and organic sandwich cookies (oreos). Mmm these make a great one for kid's lunches!

Abby and I did a medium length run on Sunday and I'm realizing that I am going to have some trouble getting past the 15 mile mark in training runs. I'm looking for some races to run in place of my longest runs so that I know that they will get done. If anyone local has any good ideas - please share! I'm getting more excited for the marathon and hope that I'll be fine - but I'm going for fun instead of racing.

My swimming mileage has been getting up there and though I don't really like getting up early to go, I feel so good when I get home and have the whole day to chill with Nick and get things done. I used to lift or do yoga when Nick napped but lately I feel like swimming is enough! I'm definitely not as motivated or hard core as pre-Nick but I'm OK with it!

Nick is turning 8 months next week and I'm finding myself sad at how fast this is all going. I want to go back to the day he was born and start over! I'm savoring every minute and know my decision to be home with him right now was the right one at this point - even though it took 7 months to adjust. I can't believe how quickly it all goes! I remember being pregnant and worrying that I wouldn't care as much about running post-baby and freaking out a little bit since it was so much a part of my life at the time. Things aren't as important as they used to be. It's a good thing!


  1. I'm sorry - cutting yesterday's run short was totally my fault. I'll run a 15+ with you before Philly if you want, I promise!

  2. I agree, swimming feels like a good enough workout with out having to do weights. I can definitely feel my arms are stronger now!

  3. We all go through stages...I bet you have some more hardcore eras in your future! Enjoy your little man; you're still working out plenty.

  4. Getting up early to swim does stink, but once it is done and out of the way there is such a sense of accomplishment.

    I agree, time does go by too fast. But, I am enjoying Morgan being 3 1/2, it is such a fun age!!

  5. i'm with you on calorie counting... if only it could be more straightforward i might not be only half-committed to it.

  6. What a cutie! Good luck on the marthon training. I am tapering for one right now and of course have that - I can't run a mile, let alone 26 - feeling. Yuck.

  7. i think it's on sparkpeople, where you put in all the ingridents and the number of servings. I've used that before and it helps me to approxmiate what is in things I make

  8. I'm glad you're finally getting comfortable with your decision to stay home. He is getting big so fast...and even cuter!!

    I have 18 this wknd but the following wknd might be a shorter one, I'm not sure yet. But if you want to set up a run, let me know. Early Sat mornings work best for me.

  9. Isn't it amazing how a child changes everything?! Time does go way too fast!!!

    I agree with making things from scratch and counting calories...big pain! Every time I go to your blog I get more hungry!! I eat basically the same thing for breakfast through a afternoon snack. Then I know how many calories I have left for dinner and I try to stay within that. Not super exciting but easier right now.

  10. I wish I could stay home, I know it will be hard for me to go back when that time comes. I'm so happy for you that you are feeling good about your decision. You will always cherish these days.

    He's getting SO big already. What a ladykiller ;)