Thanksgiving GU giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading!

So far - I've tried all of the Roctanes here and the Gu Chomps in Blueberry Pom, Strawberry and Orange. The Blueberry pom chomps ARE super good, just like I've heard! They are GUs version of Clif's Blocks. Which do you like better?

: 3 GU drink mixes, 5 GUs, and a bag of Blueberry POM chomps

What is your favorite thanksgiving tradition - whether food, a turkey trot, a family thing... leave a comment letting me know!

Giveaway ends December 2nd. Winner selected at random & has 48 hours to respond to email (leave your email!)

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  1. I prefer Gu EVERYTHING, including the Chomps. They go down so easily!

    My favourite T-giving tradition (although our T-giving is on October!) is just getting together with the family, having a few drinks and a big meal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Turkey Day!!

    My favorite tradition is putting up the Christmas tree!

  3. Alice's Restaurant on WXPN at noon while delivering turkey dinners for MANNA.

    No question.

  4. Honestly, we dont have any Thanksgiving traditions. I most look forward to actually creating them someday.

    For now, since Brooke has been sick for the only two Thanksgivings she has been around for ... our tradition is sitting home alone, without any food (and no way of getting any since all restaurants and grocery stores are closed), tending to a sick baby ;) But ... any time with her is always my favorite time :)

  5. We eat rutabaga - its the only time of the year that we eat it - I don't know why - we all love it.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!! One of our favorite traditions is smoking the turkey. My husband always wakes up really early to get the smoker going!

  7. I don't have any Thanksgiving traditions that stand out except for gathering with family to celebrate. When I was younger, we used to get together with my huge extended family. There were people everywhere and food was always plenty.

  8. My favorite tradition is when we go around the table before we eat and say what we are thankful for. It usually turns into a cry fest but I love it! Many years we are thankful for family members being with us another my Dad. On the years that I have to be at my inlaws I call my parents' house when they are about to do it and I tell them what I'm thankful for over speaker phone!!

  9. Found your blog through Marlene...

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition actually happens two days before, when a good chunk of my family and I head downtown for my hometown's annual Christmas Parade.

  10. I like the Turkey Trots. Bummed I missed ours this morning b/c I overslept...

    I'm also a big fan of the traditional meal. Today we went to friends house where they had some traditional stuff but also fish and ribs and all sorts of other stuff that was not Thanksgiving-ish at all. I ate the regular stuff only. ;)

  11. My fav tradition is gathering at my sister home (it was my grandparents farm house) for a long meal filled with conversation followed by a family walk and board games. Just a relaxing time of fellowship.

  12. Just found your site through HEAB's! Great! Nicholas is gorgeous. I started my own blog and always appreciate fun/good/insightful ones - any comments are appreciated. I'm new to all this ;). Take care and Happy T-Day!

  13. The turkey trot has become one of my favorite turkey day traditions!

  14. Hmm, I guess we really don't have a real tradition. We just like to eat lots of the traditional stuff :-) I guess we always put the Christmas tree up the next day so that counts, right?

    Blue Pom Chomps are my fave!! I tried the raspberry ones and I won't do that again. Seriously, blue pom chomps are pretty close to candy flavor wise for me. yummo!

  15. great giveaway! My favorite family Thanksgiving tradition is going to one of my aunt's house with my entire family there - and everyone having to eat at different tables all around the house! Then we usually cut down the Christmas tree that weekend.


    Thank you!

  16. My favorite tradition is quite silly: each time my dad passes by the turkey, he pats it gently and calls it my name, Leah.

  17. My favorite tradition is going on vacation at Thanksgiving. We honeymooned Thanksgiving week and we have never spent a Thanksgiving at home since.