34 weeks - 3 weeks until INDUCE ME NOW

34 weeks and ready to have my body back!  No heartburn, trouble breathing or sleeping in 6 weeks or so!

This pregnancy has taken a toll on me - I think the last week has been rough. A few weeks ago, I wasn't sleeping, and then I got sick probably from lack of sleep and my immune system being down. I'm trying to save myself from that happening again. I had a great week of sleep and then back into the troubles falling asleep and breathing problems at night. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.  I've been downing vitamin C & bananas today hoping I won't go back into another sinus infection: that was terrible!

Early this past week, my back started hurting. With Nick, my back hurt after my last run on a Wednesday, and I delivered him on Friday morning. I also asked the doctor and it sounds like I am having contractions here and there, but nothing to be concerned about.  The back pain +  weird pains, I thought I was for sure going into labor in the middle of the night one night last week.  I guess it is normal for your back to hurt, especially now that I am picking up my little 23 pounder - didn't do that the first go-around!

I don't feel huge, but I feel uncomfortable for sure.  My patience level is about zero and my desire to stand up for a long time is also zero. I think it helped with Nick that I had to keep on teaching, had to walk up three flights to my classroom. This time, I just feel so lazy and want to be done.  I am definitely much less comfortable than I was with Nick.

What is funny is that at 34 weeks with Nick, I ran 8 miles of the disney marathon with my sister.  This time around, I don't even think I could make it 2 miles.  Running has become very uncomfortable. When I am running, I feel like I have a belt on that is tightening around my waist.   Still, what do I do to take the place of running. What did the other running moms out there do when you stopped running? I wouldn't mind giving it up or continuing to scale back.  This week we headed to the shore midweek and I've run about 10 miles on the week, maybe I'll do about 15 by week's end.  Swimming continues to be awesome! The people that I swim with think it is funny that I can still keep up and/or still beat them.

w/ nick:

Cocoa: how much caffeine is in that???
I have had so much trouble falling asleep many nights.  One thing I decided to do was stop eating anything chocolate before bed to see if it helps. That led me to wonder how much caffeine is in cocoa powder since I have been making fudgie babies w/ cocoa and eating chocolate too.  I couldn't find too much on it but there's definitely a significant amount of caffeine in it  - maybe that was causing me to be up, exhausted, but unable to fall asleep.

Thoughts at 34 weeks:
* When do you go to the hospital this time around? Last time it was wait as long as possible - this time goes quicker right - so what are the guidelines? (haven't looked it up yet)

*Epidural - get it right away? or try to go natural round 2 and end up getting epidural anyway?
Can you feel a whole lot of pain when you are pushing and having contractions if you go natural?


  1. Lots to think about!! I stopped running pretty early but I kept on spinning until the day before Emma came. She was induced at 41 weeks so I was ready!!! I can't help with the labor thing since I didn't go naturally. Hang in there! You are almost done and I'm sure you'll snap back to running right away!

  2. I feel for you...such an uncomfortable point. But you are so close! I was fortunate enough to run all the way with both pregnancies. I swam too, and that always felt the nicest. As to epidural...I did not have one first time through. But I was very determined not to have it. Second time, I sort of wanted to go natural, but once the real pain hit, I decided I didn't want to experience it again. I think that you have to be very, very determined to make it w/o the epidural. Do what feels right to you at the time.

  3. Home stretch! You're right about this pregnancy being different - aches and energy - just because you already have Nick. I feel like this time is way more tiring simply because I'm chasing Claire. Only another month or so until you meet the new one!

    As for epidurals, some women I know set a threshold for themselves, like: If I make it to seven centimeters without needing one, I'll finish without. I guess then you'd have to not be too tempted to keep asking. : ) I read "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" and still highly recommend it for the comments she makes regarding body/mind connections during labor and delivery.

  4. You're almost there that's for sure. Sounds like you may go earlier than I even guessed before. About the running I say do what you think you should do. After you have the baby will you have wished you pushed harder and ran as long as you could (even if your pace is slow) or will you not care and be glad you had a little break? I never ran in my pregnancy so I have no clue what it's like- I don't feel "qualified" to give my advice one way or another :-)

    As for the epidural: I'm so glad I got mine! Also I think it depends how your labor is with #2. If it's faster do you want to attempt a natural birth? Some women's labor really speeds up after they get the epi because their body is allowed to relax. I agree with the above comment, if you make it to 7 w/o one you can definitely finish.

  5. I think you look bigger in the picture with Nick! You look much smaller with #2.

  6. Poor you! I know just how you feel - and I'm only on my first pregnancy! I have those contraction type things pretty much every day, but nothing proper happens -very frustrating. I get them when I walk or x-train and so there is no way I could still run. Out for a hike today while club did speed work and got overwhelming desire to try to run. Managed about 3 steps before cramping was just too darned painful. So my replacements since 34 weeks have been: swimming (I don't think I'm much slower with that too but can't push off wall to hard), X-trainer at gym, Hikes and spinning bike for cardio and continuing with my pilates for strength and flexibility.

    Can't comment on pain medication - hoping to go natural - tens, water birth, meditation CD, but if can't manage then will take and do what I need to do.

    Oh and just to make you laugh. I got stuck in bed last night. I woke up needing to pee and my arm was numb from the position I was in which wouldn't allow me to roll over enough onto my side to engage any muscles to get up. I tried to wake hubby up, but he was really spark out and at first huffed, then laughed (all in his sleep) and then finally woke up enough to realise I was thrashing about in a storm of pillows completely stranded! My God, as your title says: Induce me now!

    Hop you have a better day soon to give you some respite,

    Take care,

  7. You're on the home stretch now, though it probably still feels like forever to go! Wishing you well for the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.

  8. It sounds like you need to run with a prenatal cradle. :o) Just kidding. Running when it's uncomfortable is zero fun and totally not worth it when you're pregnant. I think it's awesome that you're still swimming and kicking butt. That's a fantastic workout, so keep it up!

  9. I stopped running at 32 weeks, and instead, walked 2-3 miles everyday until I delivered Norah at 40 weeks. I would say that you run as long as you are comfortable, but if you are no longer comfortable, don't try to compete with your previous pregnancy. There's no competition there. Do what works best for THIS pregnancy.

  10. I have a good friend who just delivered (wow was it a month ago already? time goes so fast!) and she and I ran the same race back when she was preggers. She did great, I thought, considering I could never run with an extra person on my belly. I have no advice for you on the epidural decisions etc (probably a good thing for where I am in my life right now), but all I can say about running is listen to your body!

    PS: why wouldn't you be able to beat the people you swim with?

  11. crazy! i can hardly last a marathon training cycle of 12-16 weeks. i don't know how i would handle pregnancy! :) just tell hubs to STAY AWAY after this one so you can get a break! ;)

  12. sounds like you have a lot going on. hopefully the baby will be here soon and you'll be back to feeling like your old self again. hang in there...not too much longer...

  13. You're getting so close -- I was just thinking today that I have 16 weeks left but 6 would be nice!

    I didn't run last pregnancy but I did walk 3 miles 5-6 times a week and I did yoga, too. I hated the yoga but told myself it was good for me. Such suffering... :-)

  14. wow--you're really getting there! i agree with the thoughts about not running if you're not comfortable. there's a reason your body is telling you not to run. i can't imagine being pregnant with a little one at home! you're doing great! not much longer now ;)

  15. You are so tiny still! Hang in there!

  16. Holy crap you're so small!! I'm probably a bad influence and just say don't stress about the mileage. Do what is comfortable for you. Maybe just drop the running so you're not feeling so bad about it and just walk and focus on the swimming. Your body is in such great shape that I think as long as you keep on walking and swimming you'll be surprised at how quickly you are still able to come back!

  17. I agree with everyone, you're almost there and I swear you look smaller this time!
    You are doing amazing - keep up the good work! Enjoy your time left with Nick :)

  18. you look great lady!! :) your doing so well! :)

    ive never had a kid, but from what i heard, id be gettin that epidural before its too late!

  19. You look amazing! You are totally my role model! :-)

    I asked for the epidural after two rounds of pain relief with my induction. I dilated 6 cm in the hour after my epidural, so it definitely helped me!

  20. So sorry you've been getting sick and having trouble sleeping ... that is the worst. Is it safe to take Magnesium during pregnancy? I've been taking that - it helps relax you.

    I ran all the way through but have heard of others doing power walks - if you can get any hills in there, I've heard that works really great! That is probably what I will do next time, since I've had to stop running even now (not preg) because my sleep and immune system have been wacking out and I was getting sick all the time (my little one is 6 mos old).

    I didn't do any pain relief when I delivered. It was quite painful but I had back labor and the baby was stuck (because she had her arms wrapped around her chest). I never felt the urge to push like I've heard others talk about, I think because she was stuck up inside the birth canal. I'm glad I went natural, although I think next time I might opt for an epidural... not sure yet (not that I'm pregnant anyway!). In some ways its like why not? But then there are the risks. But I hear it also is usually a lot faster w/ #2 so maybe you wouldn't need one?

  21. Ugh I wish chocolate didn't have caffeine... I have to watch how much I eat late at night too :(

  22. they still go by contractions being 5 min apart to go to the hospital...

    As far as drugs or no drugs...uh you can feel everything without drugs, but it actually feels better when you push because you're working with your body and not against it. I did both natural and my body reacted differently both times to the labor. I liked it though, I was lucid the entire time and was up and walking within 15-20 minutes of delivery.

  23. Did you read my birth story? It's really long but might be interesting if you're thinking about going natural. I highly HIGHLY recommend it if it's something that is important to you. It was an extremely powerful and empowering thing. The contractions were bad, not gonna lie (but I did have back labor because of how she was positioned), but pushing was exhausting but not painful really. If you don't use drugs, your body releases lots of natural endorphins but I still think you need to be pretty mentally committed to it if you're going for an unmedicated birth. It was rough, really rough, but in hindsight I'm SO glad I went natural. good luck!