vitamix & Bars

Guess what came in the mail today??  Vitamix! On Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary :
and I suppose 5 years of outstanding service earns a vitamix! Woo hoo! Just kidding about the years of service - what a great gift from Bill!  I am not a jewelry/girly girl - I am a foodie and athlete. Anything food related or athletic, I'll take it!! I actually opened it by accident. Whoops. So now, I don't know what my first trial recipe should be. Do I go for banana softserve? A smoothie? some almond butter? fudgie babies? This is going to be tough! What should I make w/ the vitamix?!!

This week has been going 10x better than the last couple of weeks. I've been able to have some great swims and feel good from lifting. Now the elliptical machine sucks, I have to tell you, but I feel in a good place even though I am not running. I thought I would lose my mind, but instead, it is a good and needed break and I think I'll come back ready to run.  Swimming has seemed to help my headcold, which lingers but is improving. I can't believe it is Wednesday and I have 4.5 weeks to go. Yesterday we worked on #2's room which is an office being turned into a nursery.  It's getting close!

Also, all I want lately is bars  - luna bars and z bars. I just ordered some from amazon so I'd have them on hand. I've been making tempo bars for snacks but I like the protein content in the luna bars and like z bars for dessert. I know they aren't your clean eat food but that's what I want right now!


  1. super jealous

    and happy anniversary (early)

  2. Yay! Happy early Anniversary! I think the break from running will let you rest up mentally and you will be ready to fly once the little baby is here! You're so close and I know you feel big but you look amazing!

  3. Happy Anniversary. Friday is mine and my husband's anniversary also :)

  4. Happy anniversary! Glad to hear your feeling better. Almost there lady!

  5. Happy 5th! I just had my 4th a couple weeks ago! So happy to hear you're feeling better. You're doing so great!
    I don't now what a fudgie baby is, but it sounds good :-)

  6. how nice!!!!! Happy Anniversary!

    I'm glad you are able to enjoy the swimming. I can't believe you only have about 4 weeks left (or less!)

  7. Happy Anniversary! That's lovely - as is the pic of you guys on your special day.

    Vitamix looks fab. Know what you mean about bars - I would be quite happy to simply eat snacks and not 'proper' food although I did manage a good risotto that saw me through a couple of days.

    It is our anniversary in 2 weeks yesterday (7th July) and I really hope we've had our baby by then because in answer to your post on my blog we are left for 2 weeks post due date in the UK before being induced, which is 2 days after our anniversary (9th July)!

    Glad you are enjoying the break from running - as others have said - the change will def refresh your batteries. Glad you're feeling better too.

    You're not allowed to have #2 before my #1!!!!! I might cry!LOL


  8. happy anniversary! so jealous of the vitamix.

  9. Yay - Vitamix!!! Happy Anniversary! Can't believe it's only a month to go!

  10. so jealous!! i didn't get anything for my 5 year anniversary!! maybe i'll hint for one this year.

  11. how exciting that you're getting a vitamix!! Let me live vicariously through you - make a special kind of almond butter (with like flax seeds or peppermint or chocolate or something). Congratulations on 5 years!

  12. I am so jealous of your Vitamix!!

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary :D

    And popping out two kids in 5 years? Oh yeah, you totally deserve it.

  13. Very, very jealous! I say go for some great nut butter!! Whoo hoo!
    Glad to hear swiming is going well, too! Your so close and doing awesome girlie!!!

  14. what an awesome present! definitely more appropriate than some jewelry - i am not that kind of girl either.

    happy anniversary!!