National Running Day!

Get out and run today !

For Philadelphia runners, check out some events that are going on locally - the 5 mile city tour sounds awesome to me! I am going to try to run a few miles on the treadmill - it is really hot here, with an expected high of 87.  What are you doing to celebrate running today?

A few nights ago I had a triathlon dream - I finished the swim and was on to the bike. My bike was a shopping cart! I was pushing it and running with it  - what sparks a dream like that?  It cracked me up.  I have been thinking of tris and trying to determine when I should set up a training plan for post-baby and still to pick out a good one to do. Unfortunately, I think about 6 months later would be good, but it will be the dead of winter. I think next spring would be a good time for the first tri, if I can get out there and bike - that will be my uncertainty. Are there good websites for training plans for tris?

I'm drawing a blank on cooking lately and haven't done much of it - I need some good recipes for vegetables or all out veggie meals.

Check out Chari's healthy living event over at Take time to smell the roses!

Happy Running Day!


  1. I did a 5k on the treadmill!

    Wow, what a funny dream! I know I had some strange ones when I was pregnant.

    What about shooting for a race the end of November? Would that be enough time for you? There are a few bigger races around here during that time and the weather isn't too bad.

  2. That is too funny about your dream! I love having dreams like that and waking up with a smile!

  3. Happy NRD! Too funny about the shopping cart in your dream!

  4. Happy NRD. No running for me, but I did do a 3 mile walk and cheer on fellow club mates at race tonight!

    4/5ths engaged is how far the head has descended into the pelvis. The head is split into fifths and was 3/5ths engaged 2 weeks ago and is now 4/5ths - no wonder I can't run! 37 weeks on Fri and then it can come any time it wants!!!!

    I hear you on the not wanting to cook thing - who wants to cook when you can't eat it!

    Take care,


  5. I have a decent book on tri training plans that you're welcome to borrow. I also found to be a decent resource.

  6. i had my first race dream last night, actually. but i was running, not pushing a shopping cart! :-)

  7. Happy NRD - I ran with my running group tonight and it was gorgeous! Have you looked at a Try-a-Tri? Might have to google it, but I think they run multiple events around the country aimed at newbies to the sport and people who, well want to try one :)

  8. those dreams are the best!! Happy NRD!!

  9. Funny dream! is a great resource. Also, the April (or May, I can't remember which) issue of Triathlete Magazine had a training plan for an Olympic distance tri that I'm using. I'll let you know after this weekend how well it works :-) You could try a spin class during the winter to get started!