Parenting/33 weeks

Yesterday was my doctor's appointment, the baby's heart rate was 140, my weight gain was 19 lbs and everything was looking good. I think with Nick I gained 19 around 33.5 weeks and now I'm almost at 33 so it seems to have tapered off and everything seems pretty similar. The baby is doing somersaults lately in my belly - all over the place!  The doctor said history tends to repeat itself - as far as timing of the babies. He said since Nick was 38 weeks, usually the 2nd one would be around the same, but maybe a little bigger.  I think it could go any way - #2 could be late, early or on time.  I go back and forth between wanting the baby to come early (37/38 weeks) and not caring - more 1 on 1 chill time with Nick!  I think many of you have commented on this before but how did it work out for your babies? Early/Late/On time? Did they follow suit?

The last 2 days I've taken Nick to the pool to swim -  it has been so great and refreshing with this heat wave in early June, yikes!

I'm super super anxious about going into labor and leaving Nick for a couple of days. We've left him for the night once with Bill's parents at our house, but he hasn't stayed anywhere else except in our house when we've been gone.  I would like it the most if someone could stay here with him - I don't want his world flipped upside down and then we come home with a baby.  I'm trying to work that out to make it happen. My parents live close by and would probably take him to their house, but I might convince my mom to stay at our house with Nick. My other concern: his meals.  What I have to think about is that it is 2 days (hopefully tops) and not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Nick eats mostly organic, no/low sugar, fruits/veggies, grains, nuts, beans.  I can't imagine what they would give him - but I guess I shouldn't worry about it. I could maybe have meals prepared and frozen?? Is that nuts?  I'm kind of a nutty parent so far.  I like to have control and I like structure.  I get anxious/stressed when he doesn't sleep enough and am very scheduled.   I want to make sure he's eating right, I don't trust other people watching him for the most part and I don't want to miss a moment with him, especially now with 7 weeks left of 1 on 1 time.  I'm hoping having the 2nd baby will loosen me up a bit - I've been an uptight kind of person for a while.  I don't want to be a crazy parent. What kind of parent are you? What have you found makes for a happy medium?

Here's my little peanut butter lover:

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33 weeks -
Running back to being pretty uncomfortable - lower ab pressure
Have to go to the bathroom all the time
swimming feels awesome!
Not sleeping well - again. Can't get comfortable or stay asleep - tired often!
Going to bed early!
Able to get up and get in workouts in the early am again, woohoo!
Have to eat mini meals, can't eat too much in one sitting
Belly button still not out, hanging in there but real close to flattening out
Carrying pretty high up - breathing problems
Think I have a girl name but not a boy name - just a list


  1. I love his 'big boy' haircut/style - too cute!!! You're going to be an awesome double mama . . . as my mum said to me this morning, everything will work out beautifully! :)

  2. So glad things are going well with your pregnancy. It's hard to "give up" control, but try to relax and believe that Nick will be fine while you're having the baby. I was kind of crazy with my first about that stuff, then couldn't be as "in control" with the next. My husband and I joke that with the third we kind of left things up to Darwinism :)

  3. sounds like you are really perpared. I do think 2 days won't hurt ?ic in the ong run.

  4. If you have time, I don't think it's crazy to prepare meals. But if you are going to get worn out, I think you can skip it and let the grandparents take care of the food.

  5. That is awesome that you have only gained 19 lbs. I gained 60lbs with Elena and already gained 10 lbs with baby #2 and I am only 13 wks. I have a feeling that history might repeat itself with the weight gain.

    That is an interesting question about parenting style. I am super vigilant about Elena not getting hurt and keeping her safe. It is a bit easier now that she is older. As far as food, I am laid back want to expose Elena to all sorts of food (super healthy, a little junk) because before I know it she will be older and making food choices on her own and will understand that all food is OK in moderation. And I thought of you the other day when I started buying organic fruit!

  6. If preparing food would make you feel a little better about leaving him, then it's totally worth it. Don't worry, the two days will go by so fast, and you'll be back home with him in no time!
    I'm definitely more laid back after having #2. I think because your time is more limited, you have to prioritize and give in to some little things to make life a little easier! You will do great!

  7. I'd say I'm a pretty laid back parent - which is why Zach will have stitches or a broken bone inevitably. I think two days of Nick eating whatever your parents have isn't going to hurt him. With everything else you have going on, don't drive yourself crazy about that.

  8. I am also in the "laidback" category. I think moderation of everything is fine for kiddos, foodwise. I wouldn't sweat a few days of eating random stuff. I have a feeling you'd be horrified by some of the stuff Baker eats!

  9. definitely laid back. we were away for 3 nights and my inlaws watched andra, and i just had to let go (they eat super healthy so that wasn't an issue, she probably ate better than with me!). andra was a trooper and didn't miss a beat, and i'm sure nick will have a blast with the grandparents too. give him a chance to prove it! not that you have a choice, ha ha! but i bet you'll do fine once you're in the hospital worrying about #2!

  10. I got pretty upset at first when my husband would feed Ethan things he shouldn't have. Although I had myself to blame because I didn't have anything prepared. I'm sure if you have food prepared and leave a sample meal outline of what you feed him they won't mind feeding him that way for you. You can cook beans and pasta and put it in the freezer. Then all they have to do is warm it up.

  11. I think what you're feeling is totally normal. Maybe think about it this way: Two days with someone else will not undo everything you've already done with Nick.

    Also, check out Mama Pea's blog (not sure if you read her, so it's Her kids are vegan and she can probably advise you as to what you could make ahead and freeze.

    Hugs dearie!

    Fattie Fatterton

  12. I had my mom come and stay with Tristan when I had Isaac. And I sent Anthony home early to stay with Tristan after Isaac was born. That was the very first time I'd ever been away overnight from Tristan.

  13. I'd say I am mostly laid back but I am pretty "strict" about somethings. I try and get jackson to eat healthy most of the time but I have decided that not allowing him to enjoy the good stuff in life just isn't fair. Like having popsicles and freezy pops, ice cream, cookies, pastries etc. He knows if he goes to Grandma's house he gets a few extra treats, and oddly enough some of those are yogurt with all the sugar in it :-)

    I say if your mom can come over and watch him then go with it. Just have a few boundaries, like just make sure you watch him when he does this and this and try and get him to eat some fruits and veggies, but let them have their time together. You survived just fine with them after all, right? :-) As long as you know he is going to be safe and loved I think that's the best you can ask for when someone else watches him, ya know?

  14. i don't think it's nuts at all to make some meals ahead of time. parents never listen b/c they think since they raised us they can do whatever they want. but you have a certain way to do things so make it as easy as possible for them to follow it.

  15. I love the video! He is so precious.

    I don't have any experience, but I think you are a great mother and not crazy. I don't think it will hurt him at all to eat "off-menu" for a couple of days though! Give yourself a break!

  16. I have so many thoughts on this b/c we're so alike in many ways!!!! First, he's going to have to start experiencing other people's homes (of course only you're parents). Sleep overs are grandparents' are MANDATORY in my house - the kids LOVE IT!!!!! So - i say, let them be comfortable in their own house taking care of him. It's a great experience for both. About the food - this is something you're passionate about....and I have my own quirks w/ what to feed my kids but reality is when they're in someone else's care - they're going to be exposed to "other food". So, make his main meals =- the bulk of what you want him eating and label everything/write down a schedule. Then, you won't feel as bad when they give him "other food" for snacks and such. This should just be the start of quality time with the grandparents!!!!!
    Scrapbooking stuff is "in" - do you want to meet me on Tues night at school???

  17. I love the pic of nick in his swimsuit! that video is cute too! I love peanutbutter also! :)

  18. Just got your comment on my blog. First, don't bother with preparing food for nick while your in the hospital. He'll be well taken care of and everything will be ok! you don't need the added stress of fixing food, or leaving detailed schedules with instructions (I did that with Ryan..haha) need/want low key from here on out. Relax. You will definitely lighten up with the second.

    Ryan was 3.5 weeks early and Brayden was only 1 week early. Both times, the ob/gyn stripped my membranes at my weekly visit and I went into labor within 12 hours both times. They did it with ryan because I was showing signs of pre-eclampsia (sp). With Brayden I was just tired of waiting and it looked like he wanted to stay forever so I asked them to do it at 39 weeks. I would have done it at 37 but it looked like I was going to go.

    Your body is going to prepare you'll dilate sooner with the second. I was 3cm and 50% effaced from 32 weeks out....your body just knows how to prepare the second go around.