At the breaking point & birthday traditions

3 days of no workouts + 2 kids with runny noses inside a home  + 1 mama under the weather = CRAZINESS.

I think I need to attempt to run this afternoon while they are sleeping - I'm going to lose my mind very soon!  I haven't taken the kids out because I don't want them to spread germs, so we've gone out for tops 30 minutes each day to do a small errand. Luckily the weather hasn't been great, so it is easier to be inside, but whoa! It's a killer combo to be stuck inside, not feeling well and not getting a therapeutic workout in. I'm hoping to be back in the game tomorrow for sure with a run, swim on Friday and then hopefully run again Saturday and Sunday.  It's been nice to rest somewhat during the days, but I cannot even sleep well at night. I'll be exhausted and cannot sleep. It reminds me of the end of the pregnancy with Kara. I feel like I have a million things swirling in my head.  This morning I made Nick & I some delicious waffles with blueberries, oatmeal, almond milk, apple sauce, coconut, cinnamon and baking powder. I'll have to recreate them and measure and take a picture. They were worth making again!  I put a dollop of whipped cream on top and Nick was calling it cake. "more cake! more cake!" haha. This one is going to think banana softserve is ice cream and waffles are cake. I'll take it!

Last year, Nick was 1 so he wasn't communicating just saying mama, dada and various words. Now he's like a little person. I want to make his birthday special. The party is on Saturday and his birthday on Sunday. I figure I'll make him a special breakfast with a candle - maybe a waffle, muffin or pancakes or a bagel since he loves bagels. We'll have balloons everywhere and sing to him again at night. What are your birthday traditions? or birthday memories? How can I make his birthday special?


  1. I'M Sick too... its no fun.... sorry your going slightly crazy!

  2. I hope you get your workout in. I'm on my 2nd snow day today!

  3. The waffles sound good! Hope the run makes you feel better.

  4. I know that "trapped" feeling: It gets to be like Thunderdome when you're stranded in the house with little ones! And, I've never had to "do" winter with kiddos, so I can't even imagine. Hopefully you get the run in that you need!

    I think you're already making his b-day pretty special, so any additional celebrations will be extra-special, I'm sure!

  5. oh i can totally imagine that his birthday would be soo fun this year!! hope you are all healed up in time to really celebrate and of course clean the cake off him after he dives in :)

  6. Hope you feel better!

    Birthdays are a huge deal in my family and still is, even if I am 29. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew, and husband all stop what they are doing and make the day all about the birthday person. Happy Birthday is sung numerous times throughout the day. The birthday person picks whatever they want for dinner and the type of cake, no matter what it is. I always choose Chinese. My nephew always chooses hamburger helper with sushi on the side! Ha!

    The whole day is spent pampering the birthday person, and most everyone gives more than one card. It's kind of our tradition to give a funny and a serious card. Everyone always looks forward to "card time" to see which hilarious cards people have picked out.

    Anyway, my mom started making birthdays extra special since we were born and has continued it. My husband's mother never made a big deal at all about birthdays, so when he married into my family, he became just as excited about birthdays, too, and he is like a kid at Christmas when his special day comes around. :-)

  7. Thanks for your comment on mine! I'm due March 15th, but my belly is measuring 40 weeks already! Eeek! We go Friday for an ultrasound to get a better estimate of his size. Quick question -- am I supposed to use regular, ol old fashioned oats for my overnight oats?

  8. The one thing I learned from bringing home no. 2 was how important it is to get out of the house, if even for only an hour. Bundle those little red sniffling noses up and just put them in the car and ride around. You need to keep your sanity. Heck, create a "race track" in the house somehow and have races with Nick...put Kara in a walker and let her scoot around after the two of you...get that energy out of them and create some new games!

    Head up, sickness sucks, hope it passes quickly for you guys. You need your rest mama.

  9. Oh wow, I hope my child will think of waffles as cake! lol.

    And it sounds to me like your son is already going to have an incredibly special birthday. :)

  10. We have been trying to establish a tradition for Emma's birthday since it is so close to Christmas. Growing up my parents used to take me to musicals....prob not going to work for a boy though!

    Great job on getting to your goal weight! I would love to have another if it means getting there! I would love to anyways but needing to save up sick time....another joy of working is planning your babies around the school year!

  11. i'm sure the b-day celebrations will be great! the waffles sound delicious!