I made it 2 days so far counting calories and staying around 1800. It might sound low, but I feel like I was eating around 2200-2300 before being mindful and not losing any weight. I don't feel that I can eat more than that because I felt like I wasn't holding back. My genetics and metabolism are kind of crappy so I feel like I need to cut back not eat more. I don't feel like I am depriving myself at all. If I feel hungry, I'm going to eat - but be mindful of how much of things I am eating.

Now - carbs was a suggestion (and thank you for all of the suggestions!) How many carbs do you eat in a day? Mine is well over 200 and I didn't eat any bread, or pasta today. I did eat cereal. Do you cut out cereal too? Fruits, veggies, milk - all send it up there. What do you eat for breakfast if you are watching carbs? I almost always eat oatmeal,oatbran or cereal. I don't know if I will cut that out. I'm going to try for 2 weeks of counting and see if I see any results then re-evaluate! I don't feel tired so far, nor hungry. When I counted the first day, I felt like I was eating way more than that prior - so just being more mindful for a week or 2 seems like it will help!

I invite you to visit these blogs:

Angelea - food blog - Angelea came out of the wordworks and made a whole bunch of bids on auction day and has donated so much to help me to get sooo close to my goal ($246 to go!)

Danica's Daily - I made this eggplant lasagna for dinner tonight. It was AWESOME. Her blog has great ideas.


  1. what i did wasn't so much watch carbs as protein. i think i aimed for about 150g carbs and same for protein (went for 40% carbs, 50% protein, 10% fat), rarely hit that but it kept me trying. i always tried to have the protein grams really close to the carb grams in any given thing - so, things like pretzels for instance were out. i ate cereal all the time - high protein cereal with milk. fruits and veggies didn't count though, i ate those with abandon! especially veggies. which i don't eat nearly as much now. which explains things...

  2. I used to eat oatmeal everyday and i had to cut it out. Sometimes I have cereal but then I dont have bread for lunch. I just kinda make concessions. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast pretty much every morning and it really gives me a lot of energy. I also will eat some fruit - I think that if it is a veggie or fruit it doesn't really matter about the carbs because the fact that it is good for you outweighs the carbs. it really is tough but i have been eating a lot less carbs (under 200) and I feel less full. But i do have to eat little snacks at like 10am and 330pm to help me get through the day but I am at all work all day and I work 10 hour days. Keep working at it!

  3. I am all over the eggplant lasagna! We definitely should be living closer to each other, we not only train the same, have the same paces, but we eat the same too!

  4. I am fairly mindful of the carbs. The South Beach Diet was how I lost weight before I started running more seriously. Now I try to keep them on the low side. No bread and only fruits are whole grains. As for breakfast, I usually have eggs (you could get the egg beaters) and a piece of fruit.

  5. Eggplant lasagna sounds delicious. I love eggplant, but my husband is not so crazy about it.

  6. I have never really been one to keep track of how many grams of carbs or protein I am eating... but I do love my carbs.

    Try focusing less on the amount and more on choosing quality carsb - whole grains, fruit, etc.

  7. I've tried to do the low carb thing in the past, but it just doesn't work for me. I feel lethargic, nauseated - not good.

    Now I try to eat what my body tells me to (seriously, if I'm hungry, I don't just go grab what I "should" be having because it's lunch time or whatever - I sit and think about what I really want to eat - even if it's not really a "lunch" food). Of course, I try to choose healthy versions - whole wheat breads & pastas, fresh fruits, etc., and I still track what I eat just to keep an eye on things - and stop eating once I've reached my calorie limit for the day.

    I just checked my carb intake over the past 3 months and it looks like I average between 180-210/day. So what you're eating sounds normal to me!

    I guess the bottom line is that we're all different, so what works for one, might not work for others. I think it makes sense to try different levels and figure out what works for you because that's the only way you'll stick with it. Good luck!

  8. I am so glad you liked the Grilled Eggplant Lasagna - it's tasty. Thanks for the mention of my blog :)

    Gret job at day 2 calorie counting. I definitely think it is good to be mindful and listen to if you are really hungry or not. That is a definite key to losing weight - good luck :)

  9. With all your exercise, I wouldn't cut out too many carbs. I think oatmeal is a great breakfast. Calorie counting is good, but don't stress yourself out over it. Be mindful of your foods. When I am watching my calories/food, I eat a nice salad before dinner. That usually takes the hungry pangs away and then I can have a sensible dinner. GL to you!!!

  10. Great job! and good luck as the journey continues. I'm interested to see how things turn out, so I can do the same things you did :)

  11. I have no clue how many carbs I'm eating. I can only handle focusing on one food vice at a time. It all overwhelms me.

    And I might try that weight watchers lasagna, although I'm not a fan of substituting cottage cheese for ricotta, gotta go with the real stuff.

  12. I have no clue how many carbs I eat, but I'm interested to hear how your experiment goes.