Word Press versus Blogger

Some of you use Word Press and most use Blogger. What are your thoughts on each ? If you've checked out both, what were the pros/cons?

I signed up for Word Press, mainly because I want tabs. I want organization. I don't know how to do it in blogger. But, I am used to blogger and like the setup, besides the tabs. Anyone have advice?
I don't want to pay for someone to fix my blog up for me, but if anyone knows how I can set up tabs in blogger without changing much, would you let me know? And you word press peeps, would you let me know your thoughts, especially if you switched from blogger?

Thanks so much!


  1. I'm no help at all with this. I am only familiar with Blogger.

  2. No experience here, but good luck deciding. I'll follow you to WP if you move.

  3. Thats EXACTLY why i wanna switch too... i found a blogger that has tabs... but i have no idea how to do it. if i figure it out, i'll hook you up! I've really been contemplating it lately.. blogger isnt as 'fancy' as WP :)

  4. Personally, I can't get wordpress sites at work. It's annoying.

  5. blogger isn't as 'technical' as wordpress. You can do a lot more in wordpress but you have to do it in coding and web languages. :)

  6. i have been wondering this too... but havent done any research :) let me know if you figure it out!