a GUUUUUUoood Day

Besides this fantastic weather that we are having up north - it is close to 70 today!, Fed Ex came to bring me a big box of GU treats which today made my day. Last week or so when thinking about what I was doing for fuel during long runs and the marathon, I shared that I was boycotting GU since I contacted them to try their new things and no one returned my inquiry. Well! Then - I received a comment from Devon who is part of the PR team for GU who then sent me all of these treats: Roctane GU (haven't tried it yet and the pineapple flavor is caffeine free!, GU Chomps, Recovery drink, electrolyte drink AND the most exciting flavor that I can't wait to "eat" - Vanilla Gingerbread. YUM!! I am now looking forward to my long run this weekend so that I can try all of these GUs! Stay tuned to hear about the different flavors and products!
And - I will definitely share and throw a GU or 2 into my fall giveaway - so make sure you enter!

Today swimming went like this -
4:38 am - looking at the clock. Alarm usually goes off at 4:40. Turn off alarm.
4:48am - Should I go? My arm kind of hurts from the flu shot yesterday. I start doing strokes in bed. Ehhh... I'll get up at 4:50. Maybe I could use some extra sleep. Should I skip it today? Hmm.. If I skip it, I'll have to work out during Nick's nap this morning. Maybe I can suck it up and just go.
4:55 - up and out of bed. It was a decent workout. I was thinking driving home about the privacy issues that DC Running Mama was dealing with, and how I shouldn't write anything I wouldn't one someone that I swim with (hardly know anyone) to read. But - I'll tell you, a fast chick came back from having the flu and it was SOo nice without her. She changes the set and cheats - what is the point?? I swam in her lane today and it wasn't thrillingly enjoyable. With her not there, there was a nice happy medium. But - that's all I'll say. Hopefully she won't find my blog.

Happy sunshiney day!


  1. Eh, don't be too worried about your comments. I doubt that chic will ever find you. And you are a good person, I don't think you are complaining with reason.
    Good job on getting up and getting out there! And congrats on scoring some sweet schwag from GU, can't wait for the reviews - I LOVE GU! :)

  2. OOops, I meant, I don't think you are complaining WITHOUT reason! Sorry! :)

  3. I'm about to go for a walk with my dad - it's sooo nice!

  4. maybe you should try announcing that you're boycotting porsche, or something?

  5. That was a nice treat! I have been wanting to try the Gu Chomps and I LOVE the Blueberry/POM Gu Roctane...although that stuff is expensive!

  6. hehe, that's funny! Glad you got some!!

  7. No need to boycott now!! You're all set for those long runs!

  8. I love the GU rocktane, so tasty, but hate the price point. It's 2.50, come on!

    And I am all about a weight loss buddy, race you to 125! I am back up to 132, the 130 was shortlived. Oh well.

  9. Staying in bed must have been sooo tempting! Good job getting up for your workout.

    Mmm, GU!!!!!

  10. its your blog, you can say what you wanna say! if people dont like it they dont have to read it! :)

    way to suck it up and get the workout in! are you SUPER fired up for 18 this weekend? get pumped girl! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  11. you know for whatever reason I just can't do the GU... it makes my stomach hurt

  12. You got a ton of stuff!! I was wondering how the vanilla gingerbread was.

    Glad you enjoyed the pool workout!

  13. Changes the sets & cheats??


    I'm hoping to stay slow enough that I'll always have a lane to myself ;)