I love Dr. Praeger's Veggie burgers - I feel like it is chock full of veggies. However, they go for maybe $3.50 at Trader Joe's and they are gone in an instant. I really want to find a great veggie burger recipe that is full of veggies - do you have one??

Today I was up before Nick to run. My legs were not awake! It was not fantastic - but it was done and gave me time to do other things during his nap :) Looks like a yucky weekend to get in a 10 miler, humpf.

I enjoyed reading the cravings - um, Sarah, I wish I craved fruit and healthy things!!
I made the groat bread with millet and it didn't turn out quite as well but still yummy! It seemed more dry though. How about pumpkin? I am looking for a healthy pumpkin recipe. I made bread - decently healthy. I've used it in pasta but I'm not a pasta girl anymore - grains grains grains!! This morning, Nick had millet with nut butter, pumpkin, mango and flax. He is one lucky baby (well the verdict is still out on that one). I finished it - it was delicious really. See - even he is excited about it below. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal to give Nick. The rest seem boring!

We are also getting into child proofing. I don't even know where to start. What were your most important things? Seems like I could go nuts buying things...

If you have any recipes to share - please pass along!! :)


  1. How about pumpkin chilli...with the weather being like it is, it's the perfect time!

  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal too. Good call kid.

  3. I love Dr. Praegers veggie burgers, too! They are so moist and have the best veggies in them (like edamame).
    And breakfast rocks, too! It's the only time I let myself have any PB or any other nut butter now - I am trying to cut back! Nick is, as always, adorable! :)

  4. What a cutie!
    We only did plug covers and latches on kitchen cabinets so far. Haven't had issues with anything else so far.

  5. Ditto plug covers and cabinet latches. We did the basement and garage door handles, but not until later. Oh.. and think about tethering your furniture once he's getting around good!

  6. Gah that handsome little man is so flipping cute! I love him! :)

  7. Veg-Tastic Veggie Burgers:
    Chili Sorpresa:

  8. ohh I was all excited becaue I thought you had a recipe to share!

  9. I really need to child-proof the house. Cairn seems to find everything he shouldn't. He loves electrical wires!!

  10. love dr. praeger's too. yummy! we just bought a baby for anything else, i'm going to take the dangerous wait and see approach. if she gets into it, i'll do something then!