banana "ice cream"

It's ice cream season again!! I saw this recipe on CC Katie's blog and had to try it out. I improvised a little. First I food processed some cashews and almonds (I didn't measure, just saved the extra).  Then I made some fudgie babies with almonds, cashews, cocoa and agave and didn't clean out the food processor. I added in a frozen banana, some vanilla, and the cashews and almonds ground up.  Food process till smooth! It has a more brown color because of the fudgie babies that were in there. It made a great refreshing dessert!

For the last few weeks, I have been eating whatever I want, including ice cream almost every night since it is in my house - plus baked goods that I've made.  I decided after my appointment Monday night (it's totally hard to see your weight being the highest ever, pregnant or not!) that I need to get back on track - fruit, veggies, fake desserts that do the trick. Hence I made the banana ice cream on Tuesday and last night and it is a great treat.  Grapes and strawberries are in our house, bananas, and a bunch of veggies. I feel back on track now and better about what I'm eating!

pregnancy things:
I had a dr appt on Monday evening - the baby's heart rate was around 148, which is has been consistently. I still feel like I am carrying higher than I was with Nick, I'm definitely having trouble getting to sleep without propping myself up. I feel like my hips got bigger with this pregnancy based on the way my shorts/pants fit.  My weight gain so far has been 18 lbs, I have to go back and see what it was with Nick, but I feel like I am gaining more with #2 now, and I thought you were supposed to gain less. Oh well - I'm excited to have my body back in a few months and work on getting it back into normal shape! 

Swimming - I'm getting less and less motivated to swim, even though it feels good when I do. I can't get up for the 5:30 masters practices anymore so I try to go one day a week on my own and it's hard to motivate. I do one day with them on Saturdays since it is at 6:30.  Last week the PH was high and water was disgusting. Running - some days I can't even call it that, and most days it takes a long time to warm up. It's going ok.  

My DOVE soap obsession returned.  Some of you who have been reading remember I had this thing for Dove soap in my pregnancy with Nick. I had it in the bathroom at school so that I could use it when I washed my hands and loved the smell of it and washing my hands. Well.. that is happening again. Haha, so random!  It seems my hair has started to shed again, right when I hit the 3rd tri - same with the soap!

It's been really nice out the last 3 days here. I told Nick it was hat day so he'd wear his hat out in the sun :) 


  1. Very creative with the dessert!

    I've been eating Activia "Dessert" selection yogurts (hello lemon meringue!) to curb my evening craving for something sweet, cool & creamy!

  2. Hooray for hat day! He looks adorable :)

  3. AS long as you don't start eating the Dove soap, I'd say that's a healthy obsession!

  4. When I was in my 3rd trimester with Norah, I loved all kinds of scents! I especially loved this orange scented face wash I had -- I practically wanted to eat it it smelled so good to me!

  5. What a cool dessert. I'll have to try it.

  6. The weather has been perfect, glad that you and Nick have been able to enjoy it. That is funny about carrying around Dove soap!

  7. Nick is just so cute! That's funny about the Dove soap obsession returning. Pregnancy is so wacky.

  8. Sounds yummy.

    By the way, thanks for the encouragement on my post!

  9. Your almost "done" though :-) Glad everything is going well with baby.

  10. i used to have a thing with tide laundry detergent, and i was NOT pregnant then...

  11. I LOVE ice cream!!!! :)

    Love the picture of you and Nick!

  12. It's starting . .. . that point in time where you being to learn to make things up for kids just so they'll do something (in a fun way of course!). You would not believe some of the tales I've had to spin when I've been baby-sitting my boss's kids! :) And now it's even funnier b/c the 12 year old knows exactly when to go with what I'm trying to convince her 6 year old sister to do! Cute pic of you two!

  13. what a great pic of you and nick.

    funny that the dove obsession returned!

    i'm trying to get back on track with eating, too. especially now that i can't run, i'm dying. feel like i can't eat at all!

  14. I LOVE that pic of you and Nick!
    I'm back on track with eating this week after eating whatever I felt like for a month! And I thought it would be hard, but it is so nice to eat clean and healty again - I'm hoping I drop a few pounds, ha!
    Glad the babe is growing good!!!

  15. Yummy! And thank goodness for warmer weather, right? I definitely had some vegan ice cream yesterday :)

  16. I really need to try the banana ice cream - it looks so good!

    I love the picture of you and Nick - you both look great and he has the most beautiful eyes!

    I read your most recent post as well and want to encourage you to keep running (as long as all is well & your doc agrees - that's my disclaimer) even at a slow pace as long as it makes you feel better about things. If it gets stressful remember it is ok to back off.

    You are almost there - & keep blogging. It is great to relive pregnancy and all that through your stories.