strollers, running and babies

If you happen to be on the market for a BOB stroller, L.L. Bean has them for 20% off. I'm dying here - do I buy it myself or wait and see if someone gets it for me?!! It's a great deal and I bought my single for myself.  It's expensive!!! $455 but lower price than any I've seen so far.  I can't decide if it is a necessary item. Moms with 2?  Is the dualie necessary?  I kind of really want a dualie non running stroller that faces me for going around town and all that, but it'd be nice to know I could go for a jog when I'm stranded with 2 kids. AHhhhh. This is the revolution. Does anyone have the sport utility? Does that suffice for running?

Running - 25 weeks tomorrow. I'll see if I can do a comparison photo.  I am running so slowly. I think this is how I ran at the very end of my pregnancy with Nick. I honestly don't know how I even did more than 5 miles 2 days before he was born.  My runs have been 3-5 miles at a time, and this week I've been able to get out with the jogger in the mornings with Nick and it has been really nice! However, it takes me about 35 to 40 minutes to do 3 miles. I do alot of walking.

Maybe it was around a month or 2 ago that I fully made the adjustment and felt like staying at home was the only answer for me. There is just no way I could do full time work, I feel like I want to enjoy every second, and that it flies by.  Before I know it, Nick is going to be in school, then going away to college and then have his own life. I'm so glad that I am home with him right now.

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  1. I am so glad for you that you are coming to terms with staying home. It is such a precious time that you have with Nick and baby #2! I wish I could have that time with Emma!

  2. Same as fancy nancy - I'm so glad that the shift has happened for you. I cry quite a lot at the moment about having to go back to work. I know it is stupid to cry when it changes nothing, but it kind of feels lie a bereavement; it is what I always wanted for my kids and - well, I'm choked up just thinking about it. All those special little moments.

    I'm not sure what to suggest about the pram - i'm overwhelmed about the choice for one kid at the mo. My God, though, running with 2 kids - biceps arama!

    I was so slow today on the my run too - lots of walking! I'm not sure how long I can continue for - we'll just have to see. I just keep thinking, whatever exercise I do will help the process of getting back to it after, not to mention that whatever I do keeps me sane!

    You're doing fab!


  3. On the dualie, because I am runner-crazy, I would think it's a must have BUT...I'm not the one paying for it. Good Luck.

    Great job keeping up the running. I ran up to my delivery day and felt great. (I didn't run as far or as fast but I still ran doubles loads of days. I believe it really helped with delvery and recovery! )

    If you can afford to stay home, do it! Your kids will never miss extra money and they will never realize what a gift your presence is until they are faced with the same choice. My mom stayed home and although we didn't have "things" like many friends I would not give up all the time my mom gave of herself to me and my sisters!

  4. Good luck with the stroller decision!

  5. No help with the stroller here!
    I'm glad you are finally embracing what an awesome decision it is to stay home with your babies. It is a gift to them that they will realize when they get older. Like Shelly said, I had a mom that stayed home and that also meant not a lot of extras. But I am so thankful that I had all the time with her. Happy Friday!

  6. It is hard for me to resist not buying something when I see it on sale. And part of you doesn't want to see someone else get it for you at the higher price because they could have gotten it cheaper!! You definitely want the option to be able to put the kids in the stroller if you need to get out though!

  7. I don't have the dualie, obviously, but I do like the Revolution. And $455 is a great deal for the double jogger, considering that I paid $389 for the single!

  8. YES! The double is the way to go (From a twin mom)....Any amount of $$ is worth the best jogging stroller you can afford!!! :) good luck!

  9. I have hard enough time with one toddler in the jogger :-( I don't have a BOB though, does it make that much difference?

  10. Girl, you are so impressive!! I can't run even a foot right now and you're doing it while pregnant. You're my hero!

  11. It is such a precious time that you have with Nick and baby #2! I wish I could have that time with Emma!
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  12. i don't really have any advice on the strollers but i think i would definitely have to splurge for those days when you have both kiddos and need to run! (hopefully someone will gift it soon?)

  13. You're doing so great! I just got a double jogger; I wish I could let you know if it's worth it, but I can't put the baby in it till he's able to sit up on his own.
    Welcome to the world of stay-at-home moms! I know sometimes it's hard, but you'll never regret your decision.