10 miles + my favorite company

Ya for 10 miles today with a friend from work who is training for her first half marathon! We ran at Kelly Drive and did one loop and an out and back. It was a GORGEOUS day for running. I was not looking forward to it and Kara was up at 1 and 4 this morning (UGH) - I got up around 6:30 and my knees hurt - weird!  Bill watched the kids so I could go out and run. Thanks Bill!

We started running around 7:30 and I think we ran about 10 min miles. I think a gps type thing which breaks down your mile times would help me but I'm pretty low key right now and not even looking at my times. I have a garmin from 2004 and it stinks. I downloaded the droid app called RunKeeper but it kind of sucked (or I don't know how to use it). ANyone use an app for the droid that is good for running?  I was able to talk and run so I wasn't really pushing the pace AT ALL. I like to talk when I'm running through - it totally passes the time!  I think that I zapped all of my friend's energy though, oops! Do you like to talk when you are running? I think it's totally necessary!

I feel more confident now and excited to do the race. I wasn't at all before doing this run and now I already feel like I'm re-addicted. However, I want to get into the tris and give the running a little break after this race.

My favorite company 
What company has food for almost every need? CLIF does !
I had part of a clif z bar pre-run. While running, I had some clif shot bloks and after running I had a clif protein builder's bar. Later in the day I had a clif granola bar. If stranded on an island, and you could pick one company to give you an unlimited supply of food, what would be your pick? 
Mine would be CLIF! What a fun company and website. I feel like if I had the time and resources I would make their products for myself.

Here's what they have and my favorite flavors:

CLIF BAR: original - good for endurance, quick small meal or big snack on the go - chocolate pb
sugar is high though, and calories around 230-250
CLIF SHOT - the blocks and gel, shot roks - during the long run (though I do like GU better), the shot roks are interesting for post run (protein) - I have to be in the mood for them.
Clif Builder's - Protein bars - post run 20g protein!  Cookies and Cream
Clif Crunch - the granola bars - somewhat new - these are amazing  all of them! Great with yogurt.
Clif Mojo & Mojo dipped -  dessert in my view - pretzels and chocolate/sweet and salty but with protein! 
Clif C- like Lara bars but not as dense, smaller and totally delicious! A layer of nuts and a layer of fruit and counts as one fruit! A new addition to the collection.   only tried raspberry and apple - both :)
Clif Kid! LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I have been buying Z bars for a while and now Nick eats them too! They also have twisted fruit - love this for snacks for Nick.  Smores, Honey Graham, Chocolate Chip, Smores, any flavor twisted fruit!
Luna Bars - definitely a favorite for something to grab on the go - Smores
Luna Protein - wasn't a huge fan of these -prefer the luna bar for just one less g protein.

Have you tried the granola bars? Clif C?


  1. I do not like to talk when I run! See, when I run with someone I always feel obligated to talk though. To be honest I like running alone with my music. To each their own though!

    Clif has some good stuff!

  2. I like for my partner to talk and me when I can! I too LOVE clif products!

  3. that's great that you had such a great run! I've only ran a few times with hubby and he's a talker. Nope, I'm not a talker. I enjoy the quiet and if I talk it messes with my focus and breathing lol

  4. I loooove running with my running buddies and having a good gossip. I have a couple of really great folk I run with and there is a great understanding that we chat when we can, push on if we need to, wait and check if all is OK too when needed.

    I keep meaning to try the Cliff stuff. They look great and I love the fact that so much is gluten / cow's dairy free. I'll def be getting some stuff in when I can run again. I would love my doc/physio to give me the go ahead to run again at my appointment tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I'm not quite ready. FRUSTRATING!

    Glad you had a good run - always much easier with a mate.

    Oh and I'll be treating myself to the new garmin when I can run again as a present to myself for being so good and getting fully recovered. Looking forward to it helping me with some faster paced work.

    Happy Running,


  5. Glad to hear that you got in the run! I did 10 in Wissahickon on Saturday, which wasn't bad - but felt a lot longer than it was :)

    I got a free sample of the cliff granola bars earlier this summer. I wasn't so much a fan - they tasted like those nature's valley granola bars, which I've never really liked. I use clif bars during adventure races, though, and z-bars and luna bars for snacks. I love the company!

    Oh - and the omnivore-dom was shortlived, I think... It just doesn't feel natural, and I have to force myself to try things with meat. That doesn't like how it should be.

  6. great job with 10 lady!!! :) your a rockstar! i love clif bars too! mmmm :) ;)

  7. great job on the run!! the weather this weekend has been perfect for running! i'm glad you're feeling more excited about the race, you're going to do great!

  8. Way to go on your 10 miles!!! I knew you would be back in the game in no time at all!! My running bud and I talk a lot when running...we actually don't talk much during the week so we have a lot of stories to tell each other! The neighborhoods are going to start posting wanted pics of us though because we may wake a few people on a Saturday morning!

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  10. Wow, 10 miles -- that's great! I hope my post-baby running goes as well as yours is!