Inspiring & POM Cranberry

This is inspiring - good luck to all of you Kona participants! I'm jealous and I want to be an ironwoman!!  I'm not going to lie, I thought he had boobs at first. I was confused - is it a man or woman? I think it's his fuel in there!


I had the opportunity to try POM Cranberry - it isn't in stores yet - fun! :)
My thoughts: It is refreshing! It is bittersweet - sweet at first but then bitter/tart is the aftertaste (just like cranberry juice). It is a nice twist of POM and Cranberry and full of antioxidants.  Just like any juice, it is high in calories and sugar, so I either water it down or drink in moderation.

Some items I picked up at Trader Joe's - btw, impossible to shop w/ 2 kids - they need car carts (I went alone and my dad watched the 2 nuggets).

Cranberry Apple Butter - looked fall like - maybe spread on bread (3rd ingredient is sugar though)
Peanut Flour - seen around the blogosphere and had to try this stuff out!
Peanut butter - only had no salt. Creamy!
Almond butter - also out of salt - creamy!  No time to make nut butters lately - haven't been to Costco to get the nuts!

How do you like your nut butter - creamy? chunky? salted? unsalted? almonds? peanuts? mixed?

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  1. Oh that cranberry apple butter sounds delish!

    I like my nut butter plain old no name light. And I also like the chunky but haven't bought if for a while.

  2. mmm i want to try the pom cranberry!!!

  3. chunky salty peanut butter, yum!
    never heard of peanut flour.

  4. Ha ha - that's hilarious - he looks like he's running with a nursing bra on that he's forgotten to clip back up - my friend did that once - she said it was agony!

    Peanut flour would be good to use in baking. I prefer my peanut butter crunchy and it has to have salt in it - I'll buy without and just add a little to taste at home so it's not over laden.

    Love the 'little nuggets'!


  5. yum, i just got some more POM at the store for my smoothies so good.

    i like my nut butter in all shapes sizes!!!

  6. let's do it!! i want to be an ironwoman, too!! i'm thinking 2013...

  7. Definitely salted (I have to add salt to my almond butter) and most usually I gotta have it smooth.

  8. You know I love peanut flour!!! I think you could definitely make pancakes with my waffle recipe, but I would add more water or some milk to thin it out a little more. My waffle batter is really thick, like a cookie dough.

  9. LOL he does look like he has boobs. everytime a blog-friend does an IM i am inspired/motivated to do one... until i remember how much i don't like swimming in oceans/lakes. lol. i do think it's an awesome achievement, maybe one day!

    more pom flavors = yay!