rock and roll philly half

Finished the Philly Half Marathon today, woohoo! My time was my worst non-preggers time ever!

2:07:38. Pace: 9:45  

I felt...OUT OF SHAPE! But it was nice to be out there running and a nice day - just HOT. I like cool running weather.   Bill and my parents brought both kids down - mistake! Next race I do, kids can stay home with someone and I will enjoy it more post-race and not have to rush outta there, and ALSO, totally need a sitter the rest of the day to watch the kids. Was sooo exhausted, and you can't rest.  The goods:

  • My sister ran with me from mile 5 to the end. 
  • Thought the bands on the course were ok, but ipod was necessary.  
  • Met Liz at the expo!
  • Ryan Hall is hot!
  • Thought I was going to die at mile 12. Couldn't sprint to the finish at mile 13.  Left it all out there on the course at least!
  • Got a media pass to go to the VIP tent before/after - swwwweet! For examiner writing.
  • Not signing up for another race till I'm in shape and rocking the training for it. 
  • How did I run a marathon EVER?
  • My crotch muscles are very sore
  • Kara woke up at 3:30a the night before- I let her sleep too long through the expo the day before and she was up till 5:30a. So, my day started at 3:30am!
  • Mile 11 or 12 provided Cytomax drink w/ ice in it. It was amazingly refreshing. I wanted a huge glass of it at that point.  I was probably dehydrated - I don't usually drink anything but water.
  • Wore CEP compression socks and my legs felt GREAT the whole time. I have shin splints now, but I think they really helped!
I'll post some pics tomorrow!


  1. gotta give you props just for DOING it, slow or not. be proud of that!

  2. Congrats on finishing though, I want to run a Rock 'n' Roll race!

  3. Amazing job Natalie!!! you rocked it! I don't know how you have two little kids and still manage to find time for running! your amazing!!!

  4. I didn't even know Ryan Hall was running it until I heard them interviewing him at the start! That's cool that you got to see him. Love the new blog pic. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was hot out there! You did really well!!
    That's a cute rugby top on Nick.

  5. You are just still so amazing to me. I don't have kids or anything and I can't run a marathon. Look at how awesome you are!!

    Angela/Pretty in Orange

  6. Congrats!! I know you aren't super happy with not being in the shape of your life (ye!), you have a couple of pretty good/valid excuses. ;) Way to go!!!

  7. That's such a great new picture at the top! I know it's hard to keep up with your running/workouts with 2 small children, but you are setting an amazing example for both of them with the healthy lifestyle you lead! Congrats on getting another 1/2 marathon under your belt :)

  8. Congrats on your race! It was hot yesterday so that probably made it harder. I am so impressed at how quickly you got back out there racing with 2 young kids. You rock!

  9. congrats!! actually I think it's a great time plus it was hot!

  10. first of all, that is a great time! you just had a baby!!! did you hear ryan hall's little speech before the race? he might be cute but he sounds like a dud. i thought the bands were just LOUD. they annoyed me as i ran by them.

  11. I run a 2:07 with no baby, ever. You did awesome!

  12. You are amazing just for being out there! You're gonna be churning out PRs later in the year, trust me!

  13. Congrats little mamma on a great race! Be proud! You'll be back with vengence in no time!

    P.S. sometimes when I'm out running I ask myself the same question - how do I ever run marathons! LOL!

  14. Well done! it may not be your fastest time ever, but my GOD girl you just ran 13 miles, 8 or 9 weeks post birth! I have just managed to run for the first time this past week - will blog about it soon, but we are talking - 7 MINS on first run and 14 MINS yesterday - yes MINS not miles! Having said that I am UBER excited at being able to do that!
    Good idea for getting all day child care next race so you can recover properly!
    Hope you are not too sore and I love the headre pic.

  15. congrats!! philly is such a great town to run in--and it looks like it was a nice day. wishing you a speedy recovery!

  16. Congrats on the half, you rockstar Mama!!

  17. haha ryan is hot, I love that because it's totally the random mind of a runner! seriously way to go on coming back so fast