Group long run

Thanks so much for the winter running recommendations! I'm not sure if I will get the yaxtraks but some gloves are on the way.  Some of you made a good point that while I'm running on some snow here and there, it is not like I am running on snow for my entire run.  Bare necessities!  Really considering the bank robber mask though :)

This morning I did my first group run! It was 10 miles at 7am with 19 degree weather. It was chilly and I was nervous I was going to be cold. I had serious layers. I had to rush and was just grabbing things - I don't think that Kara wanted me to go so she woke up at 5:20am and was making alot of noise. I ended up feeding her at 6 and putting her back down just in time to grab my things and go.  People don't wait when it's 19 out! 

There were about 30 people there when I arrived. I cannot believe this many people meet up to run in very very cold weather at 7am on a Saturday. How motivating! There were groups doing 8, 10 and 12. I opted for 10 since my longest outside run has been 8 this training cycle.  I started going with a group up to the Valley Forge arch - 4 of us took the lead while the rest of the group lagged behind about 1/2 mile. There were water stops every 2-3 miles, which was really nice.  Out of the 4 of us, it ended up being me and one other woman, Sabina, who were ready after a quick water break. The other 2 who were running with us were still chatting/delayering so we took off. It was a hilly challenging course for sure! In the beginning I felt like the pace was too slow but then it ended up being comfortable. Pushing up some of the hills was hard! And by 8.5 miles I was very hungry and ready to be done.  AT the end, there was a great spread. I was on that right away :)

I love this Garmin! Here were the splits: 9:15, 8:50, 8:39, 9:27, 8:41, 9:44, 8:55, 8:46, 9:35, 8:50.
They are totally all over the place.   It felt good, my only complaint is that my ankles hurt a bit. I'm not sure if it is my shoes or maybe my gait. Going to try to stretch them out. Any suggestions?

Here is a look at my layers - one pair of gloves with warm socks over my hands. Hat. Fleece zip up, puma pullover, tshirt underneath. Adidas running skirt (last minute add-on to keep my booty warm), cep compression socks, under armour tights and not shown - sneakers of course! Horrible quality on the pics but you get the idea. I think I'm going to do the running skirt again. It looks cute and it's not one that I can run with without tights because it rides up. This way it gets put into use!

I'm baaaaaaack baby!!! I feel super motivated to get out there and push myself everyday, and then I also feel like I earn my day off.  It feels so good! I like running on Saturdays so that I have 6 days in a row then Sunday off.   Since I easily achieved my goal/resolution of running with a group, I'm going to come up with some serious running goals for this spring. 


  1. Awesome run! Sounds like quote a group to run with! That's great!

  2. LOL.... Yes you are back! Those splits are all over the place, which I'm assuming was because of the terrain???? Inclines can have a bearing on your ankles.....

  3. Sounds like a great run! :-)

    My husband wears a bank robber mask when he skis and he's the only one who doesn't get a red chapped face out of the group!

  4. Awesome that the group sets out water stops and food after!

  5. OMG I think I would have died with that much clothing on. Did you shed any of it along the way?! If you needed that much clothing then I would adjust my recos from the other day up by at least 10 degrees :)

  6. Yay! I'm so glad your running is going so well and that you have such a great group. Friends, water stops, post-run food- I'm SO JEALOUS!

  7. good for you!!! sounds like so much fun...envious of your motivation!

  8. Woot woot!!!!! Love all the layers!

  9. Yay! Glad that it went so well. And you are too freaking cute! I love all the layers!