Groups and immunity booster

This morning I didn't make it to swimming - what a bummer! Last night I wanted to go to bed at 9, but Kara ended up being awake and didn't go to sleep until past 11. I had been up since 4:45 that morning and the hill workout kicked my butt - again. I loved it. I feel like I'm on a team when I go. Love the feeling of being part of something, especially now that I'm home with 2 kids all day.  When I got home from that at 7am, I felt like I could go to sleep standing up. Then the day started... and ended very late. I needed to sleep this morning and slept in and missed swimming. I did some Jillian workouts but for some reason, everytime that I do lunges, I hurt my knee. It is hurting tonight.  I found a group to run with tomorrow morning and am debating it! They are running 8 to 8:15 minute miles for an hour. I'm not there yet and don't want to risk injury but am thinking about trying it?  Not sure if that is a bad idea.  I think I could hang.  I feel good after the hard swim workout, hill workout and an easy day today.


I remember what it was like starting a blog and getting people to read it. It started small and then grew little by little. Now almost 3 years later, I just love the blog community.

My sister works for the Nation's Tri and wrote her first blog post about swimming. She was so pumped that people commented on it that she didn't know. Feel free to make a comment!

One of my friends will be transitioning from 2 to 1 salary and stay at home with 2 kids come April. She has started a blog on budgeting and motherhood - check it out!

I was supposed to run with Abby on Sunday morning - we haven't run together in a long time and I was excited. Then I found out the running group that I joined (and haven't done a real group run with yet) is running about 5 minutes from my house on Saturday morning. I felt like it was destiny and that I should go. I signed up to run at 7am on Saturday. I hope it goes well. Yikes.  All part of my New Years resolution of running w/ groups!

I've been giving Nick and drinking a smoothie myself everyday. The ingredients are:
1 frozen banana, sliced
1 handful of spinach or kale
1 clementine or half an orange - freeze it and chop it
1 c coconut, almond, skim or rice milk
1 carrot
Blend away!
It tastes delicious and is a great way to get in the fruits and veggies!

What else can I add to boost immunity even more?


  1. Hope your knee is ok!

    I've got some good ones to add to your immunity boosting smoothies!! Blueberries are the BEST immunity fruit. I buy organic frozen ones because blueberries are loaded with pestisides.

    Also gut health is very important part of immunity. I buy Solaray brand acidolphius in the refrigerated section. Sprinkle a capsule or two in it. You won't taste it and you are getting tons more probiotics that way than adding yogurt to it.

    Another great one is liquid Echinacea. You can take it in 10 day increments to help boost your immune system. It is also important to take it if you are fighting some sort of illness. I've been adding it to our smoothies this week and can't taste it.

  2. I'm envious of your New Years Resolution. I really have been meaning to join some type of running group, I think I'd enjoy the company and the way that groups would push me more than I push myself.

  3. I'm so glad your new year's resolutions are working out. I knew you'd enjoy group running. Thanks for your comment. Trying to keep my head up: definitely getting harder to do as the months go by.
    Glad to hear others go to (or want to) go to bed at silly o'clock - asleep by half 8 last night!
    Have a run for me!

  4. Rest that knee chickie! My back has been barking lately and I am so nervous it is going to go on is good for the body but bad for the mind!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the new blogs! Emma loves her "smoothies"! This one looks great! I am amazed at how picky she is but she will suck down a bright green drink! I just put spinach, milk, banana, and amazing grass for kids. She loves it!

  5. Look at the cutie! i'm proud of his eating!

  6. Norah likes smoothies too, but she has to let it melt some before really liking it. I'm not sure if it's the cold, or the texture that turns her off of it at first.

  7. That smoothie sounds awesome. I really need to start doing this more often! :) Heading over to look at your sister's blog!