"A" Race eve

This week has been crazy and it's almost 9pm the night before the race and I'm trying to get my playlist in order. If you have a good song, leave me a comment with it!  I cannot believe tomorrow is May 1. It is shocking to me how fast the past 9 months have gone and that Kara will be one in 2.5 months. Totally bittersweet!  Good luck to my sister tomorrow running Big Sur, and my brother's girlfriend Miranda, running her first marathon at Big Sur!!

Here's how my week went in terms of training:

Monday - swim 4000 yards + abs/lifting
Tuesday- Run 8.4 miles with mini speedwork routine
Wednesday - Run around 5.5 miles and swim 1000 yards, lift
Thursday - Run 8 miles with 2 miles at race pace
Friday - Swim 3800 yards
Saturday - easy 2 mile run
Sunday - race day!

I made an appointment with my friend Kelli who is a chiropractor at her office today about the issues I've been having. My entire right upper hamstring area is very very tight - I think the piriformis muscle is the biggest issue, + my abductor and a little bursitis. She also told me that one of my legs is one inch longer than the other. My pelvis is tilted and I need to stretch!!  I got heat therapy then Graston is what she specializes in - it breaks down adhesions. What felt the best and hurt the worst is when she used her hands/fingers to push on where it has been bothering me. Then I got the little square things that send pins and needles to your muscles, plus ice and then more muscle therapy.  At the end, I got taped up for tomorrow.  It was the best chiropractic appointment I've ever been at. It reminded me of college when I used to go for crew - at the time I had a lower back injury. It never got resolved until I stopped rowing so this was great!

While I am hurting a bit from these tight muscles, and hope my leg doesn't slow me down, I'm feeling pretty confident in knowing that I will do the best that I can!  Look out for a report tomorrow.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Glad to hear that your appt went well and I hope your leg behaves tomorrow.

  2. Good luck and have fun! :)

  3. Hey I just added this song to my playlist and its great to run to - "I will survive" from the Gladiator soundtrack (the one with James Marshall and Cuba Gooding Jr - not Russell Crowe) Hope you can find it!

  4. i had piriformis issues before my 2008 marathon, which started around mile 7 of the philly distance run in 2007 (would have been a better PR if i hadn't had to stop and stretch! also thought it was my hamstring.) i got massage on it from a chiropractic place and it really helped...use the foam roller too, after the race. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good luck Natalie! You've done a great job preparing for this race. You've got it. Can't wait to read about your PR tomorrow!


    I get that pain and have tilted pelvis too and MUST stretch! That appointment sounds fantastic!
    I'm a survivor - Beyonce get's me fired up every single time!!!!
    Hope you get a good sleep.

  7. Good luck! I have the same issue and the chiropractor has been my saving grace. That Graston Technique is amazing although it hurts!