Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Review & Giveaway

Cortney from SONY contacted me to see if I wanted to try out the Sony W Series MP3 Player and since I'm the runner at spring races using my iPod hatphones because I haven't found anything as awesome as them, of course I said yes!

Below you can read about it:

The short list
Pros: no wires, nothing to hold, no extra baggage, 11 hours of battery with a quick charge (3 minutes = 90 minutes of play), reasonable price, waterproof/sweatproof

Cons: Not compatible with Mac, do not like ear buds (but you probably will if you are an ear bud user), some level of fiddling around due to ear bud issue (for me)


It arrived and the first thing that I did was plug it into the computer to add songs to it.  Being a mac user, it was a little tricky  for me to have to use the PC.  Even though you can drag and drop songs from iTunes onto the player using a little window, my iTunes list is on my mac as are all of my songs so I was limited to Bill's songs on his PC and I used Windows Media Player- to transfer my songs.  I thought I hand picked a handful of songs from my iTunes playlist but when I started listening there are random songs on there that I don't know how they got on there.  I think that it comes preloaded with a few songs on it which is kind of weird. I believe macs are our future so an updated system that works with macs would definitely be more appealing.  I also didn't find the transferring software to be super easy. I tried to create a playlist but couldn't figure it out. Usually, I'm pretty good with computers.  I did not like not having the choice to get rid of the album art - I'd rather see more songs at one time then a bunch of boxes showing what the album looks like (I don't care).
Rating: 3 star: key would be making it mac compatible.

I have always leaned towards the headphones that are old school and sit on your ears with the pads - nothing going inside the ears, no ear buds. Usually they are not comfortable and do not stay in my ear when I'm running and I'm constantly fixing them.  These are little buds that are attached to the player itself.  The ones that are on it by default with are average size (medium) and they weren't staying in my ear. I needed the smaller ones that come with it.  For the most part, they stay in my ear. For me I found that there was some level of movement, even though I could still hear the music and I was fiddling with them while running a bit. I think they will take some getting used to. When I took them off, the inside of my ears was a little bit sore but I don't think this is a design flaw, I just think that I am not good with anything that goes in my ear.
Rating: 3.5 stars

The music quality is very good.  It is easy to start it up once the player is on your head/ears - you push a button to make it shuffle. The buttons are a little dated, it did remind me of the walkmans of the 80s/90s. There is the play button which you can push to play and pause and the same button is used to switch to the next song by pushing it up or down. The volume is next to the play button and easy to navigate and manage. I've found that I really do not need to see the songs when I am running/training.  I just make sure the list that I create is quality and any song will do, I don't want to fiddle with changing the song.
Rating: 4.5 stars

Both sides of the ear buds are magnetic and stick together to turn it off and for storage . I found that it doesn't really stay together unless it is untouched (not in a bag, etc) and several times, it came apart and was playing music on its own.
Rating: 3 stars

I would totally opt for headphones with built in songs. I think they'd stay in place nicely and I wouldn't have to deal with earbuds. Many of you can do earbuds though and would probably really like these!

Overall 4 stars (updated)

I was provided with a free Sony W Series Walkman MP3 Player and the opinions above are all my own.

Do you want one?
Cortney has generously offered to giveaway 2 Sony Walkman MP3 Players. To enter giveaway,
leave a comment for each entry.  2 winners will be selected at random and announced on April 22nd, Earth Day!  Entries will end at midnight 4/21.

Mandatory Entry: What are your headphones of choice that have been tried and true and work for you?

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Don't want to wait?
You can purchase one at $48.99 by going here.


  1. I have just used the plain old Apple headphones that work with my iPod. I've been dying to try one of these!!

  2. i MUST have earbuds, so i would probably like these ones. i have GIANT ear holes and anything that doesnt go INTO my ear falls out LOL

  3. Awesome giveaway! I use the ear buds that came with my iPod. So far they work just fine!

  4. I have not found anything that I like on my head or ears. When I run on the treadmill I use earbuds but they are not very comfortable.
    The cords are really what would be annoying!

    I Don't have an MP3 player so have been trying to win one!! I am taking a trip in May on a train to NYC and really want some music. I am then going to run a 12 hour race.... I need music. Crossing fingers and toes that I win one!

  5. I posted a link to my blogs sidebar!

  6. I use the candy skulls. I have also used the yurbuds but I like the candy skulls better. They have the small attachment for my tiny ear holes.

  7. I use ear candy skulls, too. They fit me well, but they don't last long. Maybe my sweat kills them?

  8. I have worn sony headphones for years and I think the ones I use right now are also Sony. I am not sure of the exact type I use, but they go into my ear, but are a little bigger so that they stay in my ears! :D

  9. I am a blog follower! :D

  10. Still use an old school Walkman and earbuds. I ♥ the W Series!

  11. I am still searching for the perfect headphones. I like the soft ones from Koss, but can only wear them for an hour before they hurt my ear.

  12. Mandatory Entry: i love coloud headphones!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  13. I follow google connect "anash"
    Thank you kindly.
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  14. I blogged your giveaway:
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  15. PICK ME PICK ME! I'm begging you! I want one SO BAD!!!

    RIght now i just use the iPod touch headphones that came with my iPod but i'm a tangled mess in cords and could use a new toy!


    I blogged about your giveaway hERE!

  17. I don't really run with music but when I do, I use the apple headphones... so... I would love to give this one to my hubby.

  18. I use an ipod shuffle (love it!) with yurbuds (love them, too!).

  19. EarCandy hot pink skulls - all I have ever used but would LOVE to try somehthing new.
    especially for free!

  20. I don't run with music so have no opinion on earbuds, but have been thinking of getting a music player especially for my long runs.

  21. The only thing I like are my cheapie earbuds that came with my ipod :)

  22. I hate the ones that came with my ipod, they don't fit my ears. I have to have to soft round ones.

  23. #1 my headphones are the overtheear yes all one word one's that then go in the ear, I can't get others to stay in

  24. i follow, i'm just a shoddy commentor cause i don't always have kiddo feedabck :)

  25. right now headphones are some Philips with over the ear loops - they still fall out maybe once during run but much preferred to some others that constantly fell out

  26. So far SkullCandy headphones have worked really well for me, although I'd love to try the Sony ones.

  27. My headphones of choice is the over the headset with preset buttons. They dont make them any more I keep trying to find something that will work for me. I have a nano but I hate the cords on the earphones. cords are a pain in my hiney

  28. link to my blog

  29. I've been using the ole apples ones, would love to try these out. Thanks!

  30. i don't have any tried and true! i have a tragus piercing so no headphones stay in