I woke up yesterday planning to do a speedwork workout that I was looking forward to - key workout in preparation for Broad Street! As soon as I got up, I could tell I was not feeling well: sweaty, my heart was beating fast, my stomach was in disarray. I got on the treadmill to run and it was like a pregnant run. I had to stop, sit down and take a break. I was lightheaded and overall just not feeling well. Not what I was hoping for the day of a workout I was looking forward to. I ended up doing just over 3 miles and calling it quits.  I slugged through it but thought maybe I could finish later if  I was feeling better. All day was weird - my stomach hurt, no appetite, I was sweating and out of breath after walking up the steps, felt lightheaded (probably because of the lack of food) and was tired. I spent the morning laying in bed with Nick watching Thomas next to me while Kara was napping.  We skipped our usual Gymboree class; I couldn't imagine getting both kids in and out of the car.

My friend Lauren brought over some crockpot leftovers for dinner and it really broke up the day - Nick and her daughter Olivia are the same age and were having a blast together. It was so nice to have dinner made and I didn't have to worry about it!  In the afternoon I took a nap while the kids were napping. I felt better when I woke up but ended up just laying around curled up in a ball.  Looking at food made me want to gag. I don't know if I ate something weird or what, my today still my stomach is in disarray. I slept last night from 9-7am.  This is really bad timing and I want to get in my speedwork - 2 key sessions this week and next week to see if I am on track to reach my goal time in 3+ weeks! For now I am resting. I have the tri on Sunday and I feel unprepared but mildly excited. Mildly - I want to see what my swim time is and my run time after the swim and bike.

 Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back on my feet and by Friday I can do the speedwork.


  1. Oy, sorry to hear you're feeling crummy. Hope you're on the mend soon and, in case I don't get to say it before, good luck this weekend!

  2. Ugh, that sounds distinctly like the tummy bug the Nicholl family has had. I hope it passes quicker for you - as it was viral it left us all quite tired for a wee bit after. Take care.

  3. That does not sound good at all. Glad you took it easy! Hope you're feeling better and able to get those workouts in!

  4. hope you're feeling better. there's some crazy stomach stuff going around. rest up.

  5. this sounds crazy, but I had to start talking saltstick or elctrolytes when my workouts increase to not feel that way... not sure it would help but worth a shot if it happens again.

  6. i hope your feeling better soon!