Birthdays, sugar and oatmeal

This is Kara's birthday week! I'm big about birthdays here in our house, so the signs are hung, and I'm trying to make this week special for Kara. I'm going to try to take pictures of her with a cake in front of her and see how that goes.  I was talking with a woman that I swim with today and she said for her daughter's birthdays, she asked close relatives to share a recipe for her daughter each year. Then when she gets married (if she does) or turns 30, etc, she'll have like 30 recipes, dating back to when she is one. I thought that was so cute and love that idea. I'm trying to think of anything else similar that I could do.  Has anyone does anything like this?

Sugar for kids!
In the first year for both Nick & Kara, they didn't have sugar. From 1-2 it was totally limited and still is. Now, I'm not a nut job about it (at least I don't think so), we'll give Nick treats from time to time, he will eat birthday cake at celebrations, etc, but usually we don't give him his own huge helping or anything. We'll share with him or give him a small piece.  Also I'll bake sometimes and give him pieces, he'll eat homemade power bars (which have brown rice syrup) and scoops of ice cream if we are eating it. I don't want my kids to think they are being deprived from sugar and become sugar addicts (you hear those stories) but I also think he really doesn't know what he is missing, so why introduce him to having dessert at this age? I was wondering when you started giving your kids desserts and what your thoughts are on sugar!

And here is a great oatmeal casserole - perfect post workout meal:

2 c steelcut oats (or regular old fashioned)
2 1/2 c milk (I used almond)
1tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla
1 egg white
1 T flax seed (ground) or ground chia
1/2 cup - handful - blueberries

Spray your dish with cooking spray or coconut oil. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and bake @ 350 for approx 20 minutes or till set.


  1. that oatmeal looks great, thanks for sharing

  2. Happy Birthday Kara!

    I love that recipe idea. I have never heard of it before, but I may do something along those lines for Eva's birthdays. I like the idea of giving something special every year so that she will have a nice little collection when she becomes and adult.

    I am a sugar addict. I love dessert. I don't know that I will be able to keep my kids from it since I always like to have it in the house myself. Wait till after bedtime maybe? LOL!

  3. I love that recipe idea! Happy Birthday week to K!

  4. Wow - a birthday week! That recipe looks good. Def best not to make a big deal about sugar/sweets. I had a friend growing up who was obsessed with them as she was never allowed anything unhealthy. Everything in moderation - that's my motto. Hope the birthday goes well.

  5. I agree with the "everything in moderation approach" and not making a big deal out of them.

    I also think it is important not "to use them". E.g. as bribes or "soothers" (if kid falls and bumps his knee and parents shove a lolly in his mouth). I think that is the road down to "comfort eating". If you treat it as something that is on the meal plan every once in a while I think it will be self-regulating.

    What also worked for us as kids (after 4-5yo) was giving us pocket money and we could buy candy with it if we wanted. And it was up to us if we'd eat it all in one go or spread it out over the week. It kind of teaches you moderation.
    I am talking like 50 cents at the time, not 20 bucks LOL. So we could buy little things for 5 to 10 cents each and it took A LONG time to decide how we wanted to "invest" our money. These days the problem will be that most candy comes in 1 pound bags....

  6. It's already kara's bday already?! Where does the time go!

    I like your thoughts on kids and sugar. It doesn't make sense to give them sugar at such a young age. But I also like that you aren't super restrictive. I think sugar has a lot of cultural meanings in our country (like birthday cake) and you just can't eliminate it altogether. But you seem to be doing a good job of it.

  7. That is a really cute idea about the recipes!!