Mmm.. if you want a good start to the day, try these pancakes. I pureed the topping and omitted the oatmeal/granola.

Also for dinner I tried this recipe  for meatloaf muffins. I used a small muffin pan and a normal size one. They are cute - and tasty!

I looked into the half IM distance and saw the price... now I'm not so sure!   I might have to get a job to support the triathlon habit!


  1. I wish I had the interest in cooking stuff like this. Pancakes with coconut inside? Sounds awesome .. but I'd never have the ingredients or the urge to do something like this. I barely make pancakes from a box on special occasions ;)

    I've been trying to cook more, but its still really simple stuff. I made a red pepper & mushroom lasagna the other day and patted myself on the back for about a week.

  2. Looking yummy as always!

    and YES Ironman/70.3 events are sooo expensive!