New Balance Running Shoes Review

I had the opportunity to get a new pair of New Balance running shoes to review from Online ShoesThese babies came just in time as my other running shoes were getting old.  I choose these because they were a neutral shoe and I love the silver/lavender combination. 

I used to run in New Balance a long time ago. I found them to be reasonable, loved that they have WIDE shoes, and am a big fan of the "N" on the shoe since it's the first letter of my name.  For the WR1080LS (Lavendar), it is a neutral shoe. There is good padding and support and for a wide shoe there is a nice amount of space in the toe box.  I like the look of the shoe with the silver and lavendar and find them to be lightweight and sleek.  Overall,  a nice shoe with good style and support.

What shoe do you run in?   What has been your experience with New Balance?  I also have used online shoes before. I won a gift certificate and ordered shoes a while back. They came in the wrong size and it was really easy to send them back and get the right size. Highly recommend!

 New Balance is also launching the MINIMUS as they break into the world of barefoot running.  Barefoot runner? Check out the reviews! 
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  1. I love my Saucony ProGrid Kinvara 2!

  2. I used to always run in NB... might have to give them a shot again! Great review!

  3. honestly ive never been a fan of NB, something about the heel cup is too rigid or high, they always irritate my achilles tendon. i will be needing new shoes soon, i may give online shoes a try...hearing lots of good things about them!

  4. I'm shopping for new shoes now ... I'm running the NY Marathon, and need something stable. I'm typically a Brooks or Asics girl ...