Marathon training begins & lunch/dinners

Monday was the official start of my 16 week marathon training plan. I'm starting out with it and plan to do the race. My goal time is going to be determined when I see how the training goes. I got a good deal on a coach and he is also doing my triathlon training for one more Olympic distance in early September (thanks to my sis!)  So far the running isn't that much - only 20 miles this week. I'm into it.
When the long runs pop up and it's more like 35-40 miles, I'm not going to be digging it so much.

Here's this week's schedule:

It seems manageable. In order to execute this, I have one of my parents coming on Wednesday morning so I can double up and do a bike or run after swimming, and Bill is on kid duty on Sat or Sun for a long bike. Eventually I will have to fit that long bike into the week and switch to a long run (bummer!)  I went running in the humid air today and man, I was just thinking how much more enjoyable the bike is in this weather! and just overall! Crazy how you can turn the other way.

In everyday life, I am so bored of making lunches and dinners for the kids. I don't know what to make anymore. Lunch is the SAME thing every day. It is so boring and they have to be bored too - PB sandwich or PB crackers, sometimes a cheese stick, fruit, a spinach/pear/mango squeeze pack. I need ideas!!

I did cake smash #1 with Kara the other day. I'm going to do another with a legit cake. This one was a banana bread/muffin recipe that will be great for her birthday cake, but I have to make it rise a bit more.  She was very dainty about it. Ha!


  1. Good luck with the training!! I love Kara's bow!

  2. wow, thats a lot of training! She's so sweet!

  3. Kara is so cute! I can't believe you're betraying running with biking! :) I'm really not a big biking fan, but you've got a good point about how much better biking is than running in this heat. I was miserable running this morning- maybe I'll break out the bike!

  4. Looks like a good plan! Good luck with your training. I hear you on wanting to spend more time on the bike when it's hot!

  5. great that you got a coach and a solid plan. i think that helps with staying motivated, definitely helps me!

  6. Okay, you inspired me to blog about what I feed the kids for lunch since I had too much to say in this little space. It is at if you are interested:)

  7. Kara is so cute with that cake - like better wouldn't melt! I'm sure she's not all the time if Murray is anything to go by - we have a lot of back arching going on now! Great that you have a plan, but how on earth do you have the energy/time to fit that all in!