More biking and traveling food

Workouts this week
After Sunday's long ride & run, on Monday I got in a swim and run thanks to Bill! The gym wasn't opened until 8am so I ended up heading to the pool right before lunch time then meeting up with the fam to take them swimming outside.  Later on I did some running on the treadmill. My legs are feeling TIRED lately. Tuesday I swam again and a little more running, Wednesday swam and got a group together to bike after swimming! We did about 22 miles in 1:40.  Then Thursday spin class, core and running. I was banking workouts this week to plan ahead for a wedding weekend away from home.

My legs are tired! I feel like the bike makes me starving too. I never thought it was a good workout, but maybe it is? Using all the big muscles? I don't sweat as much as running, but I feel like I'm so hungry all day. What is with that? Tell me more about the bike :)

All week I have been preparing to head out for the weekend for a wedding and packing for the kids  - (they are staying with my inlaws) - and getting the house ready is insanity! On top of that, getting ready for Kara's birthday - birthdays are big in my house! I felt like I was a basket case Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was trying to think of good foods to bring along for a hotel stay and all I came up with were nut balls, a jar of almond butter, protein powder and amazing grass, and Luna Bars. What are your easy on the go foods?

How did this happen? We are one week away from Kara's first birthday :( ! 


  1. Happy Birthday Kara!

    Awesome workouts this week - have fun this weekend!

    Hmmm, interesting question about biking & hunger. I haven't riden enough to notice yet, but will have to pay attention to that.

  2. Aw! Happy birthday, Kara!

  3. I think you've done enough workouts for the 2 of us!!!! Where has the year gone - Happy Birthday to Kara. Have a lovely time at the wedding.

  4. I like to bring nuts, dried fruit and apples with me when I travel. They're all filling, tasty & healthy. Have a great weekend away - enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

  5. Happy Birthday Kara! I can't believe she's a year old!

    I'm trying to think up so good to go foods because we're headed out of town soon. I'm thinking of apples, nuts and maybe making some crunchy granola bars. We always have an ice chest, but I just don't want to worry about not keeping something cold enough in this heat. The part I'm concerned about is eating out. It's difficult to stay strong and not eat junk. I'm going to stick with salads.

  6. Happy Birthday Kara! Time goes by too fast!

    I am curious about the bike too. I never feel like I've gotten as hard of a workout after biking than I do after running. Except for in my butt and quads.

  7. Happy birthday Kara!

    You'd think I'd have some good suggestions for travel foods, but you've pretty much covered everything we pack. Usually I load the hubby up with protein bars and trail mix. Sometimes I'll buy "all natural" (that term applies very loosely here) noodle bowls in the healthfoods section of our supermarket for him to keep in his suitcase. Enjoy your little getaway!