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I got the proofs from the race on Sat, pretty funny. I can only save the thumbnails - how do you save the bigger ones, even when it says proof across the middle? I hope I beat the girl in pink on the right picture -she's in a bunch of my pics from the end of the race!

And the Garmin that many of you have, which one is it ? How big is this thing? I used to have one when I started running 4 years ago and it was huge. It never got a signal when I needed it to and many times I run in wooded areas - do you have problems if you run in shaded/tree full areas?
Many of you are so addicted, I 'm wondering if I should look into getting one. Nike + stinks. At the race on Sat, it was almost a full half mile behind, so I'd have passed the mile marker and 5 min later it would tell me I completed the mile that I had already passed.

The run went well tonight. A few negatives were that I end up having stomach issues when I run with food in my stomach that late in the day, it took me a while to warmup and I can still feel the shinsplints(maybe it is my shoes - which only have 150ish miles on them), and the endorphins don't get to help me through the day! I love the happy warm feeling that I get when I'm done running that usually starts at 6am and lasts for most of the day. Also, around 2pm I get indigestion everyday, so that was uncomfortable to run with.

Positives: more time to run and fit more miles in, more time to stretch, more energy and don't have to wake up so early and be half in the bag. Also I can go to the gym instead of my basement and run where other people are motivating. I got a sexy maternity support belt that I ordered in the mail today. HOTTT!! It helped though!

Last - I think I should be a GU postergirl. I love the stuff. I ate some while I was running and it somewhat helped with indigestion. Soon I might start baking with it. : )


  1. Awwwhhhh you look so cute!! I had trouble saving my big pics onto my comp as well (it wouldn't let me right click when I enlarged them) but when I added them to the Cart and took me to the checkout page it let me. It might be different for you. Depends on who did the photography.

    I have the 205, it's big but DEF NOT as big as the older ones (I've had a 101 before). The older ones have a less sensitive GPS tracker thingy on them. I had the same probs as you when I had the 101, but the 205 is fine when it comes to signal.

  2. I have the 305 and freaking love it. I run in the woods a lot and never have any issue getting a signal. They have really improved on that. IT's still big, but the way it is shaped fits on my wrist just fine. On that note, I have heard several complaints about the 405, which is the latest, they made it look more like a watch and b/c it is wrong and not squarish like the 305, it doesn't fit small wrists at all. I have 2 friends who took theirs back.

    I have no idea how to save the big pics. I can't even tell you are pregnant in those photos.

    I love GU too, they have new ones called GU Rocktane or something like that and they taste amazing. Unfortunately they are like 2.50 a pack, but the blueberry pomegranate is worth it.

  3. I've had issues with my Nike+ Sportband, too. I think I finally got it working for me, after I calibrated like gazillion times. But it's still isn't perfect. Btw, I think you and I are right around the same mileage on our Nike+! Love those photos. They should just let the runners have it, included with our registration fees!! They are so $$$$ these days, anyway!

  4. Great photos.. either my my nike+ is off every time i run or its my treadmill.. .. i'm gonna go wtih the nike+. Maybe i should calibrate it again?

    I had a garmin like 3 years ago and it was friggen huge. I always lost signal in tress and woodsie areas so the nike+ isnt really much better. I wonder if the new garmins have better signal? Who knows. . . christmas is coming!! :)

  5. I have the Garmin 305 and it works fine. Kinda big, but I don't wear it every run so I don't mind. I find I can't wear it all the time or else I end up racing myself on every run and can't manage an easy pace. :)
    I'm with ya on the GU. I found it helps even more when you're in the middle of pregnancy and trying to exercise. Now, toward the end, I don't feel the hunger that I did mid-way through... Nice b/c the weight gain has pretty much halted. Thought you'd like that! :)

  6. Umm Ok you totally don't even look pregnant!!! I don't have anything yet...I'm going to be asking for something for Christmas. I had a Nike Sport until it fell out of my shoe! And then someone stole my IPod so I have nothing now. I used to get indegestion all the time in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. So bad I would put my finger down my throat just to feel better!

  7. That's so nasty about the GU.

    A lot of the sites wont let you right click to download the pics. I click on them and then take a screen shot of the picture while it's enlarged. - Sneaky! I don't know how to do it on a pc, but on a mac it's command/shift/4.

  8. Look at you girl! You are a running machine. I have a Garmin and I've noticed it can take a little while to get a signal if I'm around a lot of trees but once I have a signal I'm good to go.

    So those energy gels are pretty good huh? Good enough for baking? If you try that, I want to hear about that recipe :)

  9. I love my Garmin. I have the 205. It is big, but it doesn't bother me. I actually wear the watch face down. I find it more comfortable that way.

    Great pictures. You don't look pregnant.

  10. I have a Garmin 305. Works great. I had a 201 which was a piece of junk - never kept a signal. The 305 is a little bulky on my wrist, but not enough to really bother me. If you afford the splurge, get the 405. Friends that have one rave about it.

  11. To your question you left me, I'm running the City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh, NC and then doing Disney... hope you can make it. I'm not sure where you live but my GF and I are actually taking the train down there. It's a lot cheaper and it's all done over night so we'll be sleeping most of the way.

    I use the Nike+ but found I have to calibrate it quite a bit. The new Garmin 405 is the size of a watch but it has a hefty price tag. I'm going to borrow a 305 for my marathon and have heard really good thing about it, kind of big but not too bad.

    I think the woods issue is going to happen regardless, it's hard to pick up a signal in places like that.

  12. If you can pull up bigger pics you can print-screen and then crop everything out but the picture. That's what I had to do for mine.
    I have a 305 as well and I've only run into problems when I'm in basements, tunnels, and recently by skyscrapers. Never on trails or the majority of roads. I do think it's pretty bulky though!

  13. i LOOOOVE garmin. you should get one :) i have the 205 (cheapest). its a little bit but i like it so i can see the numbers. i can always find a signal and have learned a couple tricks for different places i go to get it to hook up.

    cute pic!!!

  14. Nice pics! I've only had the Garmin Forerunner 305 since end of July, but I love it. It seemed big to me at first, but then I say an older model and THAT was BIGGGG! I run in wooded areas and the thing seems to extrapolate the distance and pace and stats, etc. even when my signal goes off for a little bit under heavy coverage. The only thing I find is that it takes a few minutes to locate the satellites at the beginning, but once it has acquired a signal it has been rock solid.

  15. Love the pics. They turned out nice. I don't know if there is a way to save them as something bigger than thumbnails. But, then again, I am not that computer savvy.

    Someday I will be getting an ew Garmin... mine is so old I am sure they don't even sell that model anymore!

  16. I always thought it would be funny to make a cake for my running group out of clif bars, power bars, and with a chocolate/espresso gel drizzle over the top.

  17. Great pics N-Slice. My wife loves her Garmin 301, but she told me you should get the 405.

  18. Your pictures turned out pretty good (I hope you beat the girl in pink, too- who does she think she is baring her flat stomach next to a pregnant lady?) = )

    I have no input for you on the Garmin, since I don't own one, and I've never been in a race that has had official photographers, so I can't help you there either. Although the print screen/screen shot idea sounds good. I've done that before with stuff from the Nike+ web site.

    And if you really do start baking with Gu, you'd better let us know how it goes. LOL.

    Oh, and good for you for signing up for the marathon- it's always nice to have options.

  19. Nice photos!

    And good luck getting sponsored by Gu!!

  20. You look so cute!!! Not even looking prego at all! :) Congrats on the race! I can't wait to see my pictures from my race this past weekend too.

    I've had the same issues with the Nike+ but I don't have the money for a Garmie yet. I tried calibration like five times and everytime it just screwed it up more. So I bought a new one! My new one hasn't been calibrated and is only .1 off so I figure... eh, close enough.

  21. He he! Baking with GU sounds like a fun challenge :)