Busy Wednesday

This morning we had the 20 week ultrasound, at 19 weeks and 5 days, and saw the little person. This baby is super active. It didn't stop moving around the entire time. I'm surprised I don't feel more! It was neat - we aren't finding out the sex, but we saw all of the arms and legs and all that. Then I realized what a kick actually felt like and that I've been getting kicked for some time now. After that I went to the gym and the little guy/girl was moving around like a nut. I wonder if they can feel the ultrasound because it was really going nuts. It was pretty neat, I wish I had one of those screens to check out what the baby's doing all the time! The pictures didn't turn out too clear, but if I find a better way, I'll post one.

Went for shopping trip round 3. Started at Target and mostly bought non maternity clothes that will work for me now! And one pair of maternity black pants. Next went to Motherhood and tried on half the store, but left with 2 pairs of pants (brown and khaki), a skirt (pretend pencil skirt I guess) and a pink "blouse" that comes down way too long, but might be an emergency shirt. From there, went to Macy's for more shirts and found myself shopping in the juniors department for shirts - the styles work for maternity right now! I found 3 shirts there, then went to Old Navy and bought a cover up type thing: long sleeve cardigan and a blouse one size up that I can wear for a little. So, all in all, I have more options now. Would I say it was a success? Partially. I don't think I'll return to Motherhood though. I don't like their tops and that is what I need. I want to find some cuter things than their tops that come down to my mid thigh. The lady told me to use this pillow thing for trying on as a faux belly, I wasn't having it - I ignored it. Laurel was telling me about it yesterday so I had a heads up and didn't collapse when the lady showed me it. The lady attempted to bring me in some bra and tell me it was good for nursing as well. I haven't wrote anything about that but the whole nursing idea, even the word, makes me want to keel over and vomit. While I want to try to pump (maybe - but as each day goes past I get more and more disgusted by the whole thing), the rest of it I can't imagine and do not plan to even attempt. I am totally weird - but I almost threw the bra back in the lady's face.

After that I was talking to my union rep on the phone about time off from school, and she threw in something about going back to work and boob issues. I wanted to scream AHhhhh! I can't hear you! I can't hear you! 2 boob/bfing comments in one day is too much for me.

Last night, I sent out application #2 for Boston charities. I was just reading the Running for Two blog about a comment and story of a 10 week postpartum superwoman running Boston. I'll spare the details for the men, but if you read that blog, you'll know what I'm talking about. I am probably insane even thinking about running it, but we'll see what happens!

Back to work after this mini Jewish holiday 'weekend' vacation.


  1. Glad you finally found clothes that work! Pictures, pictures!

  2. I'm also trying to wrap my mind around the b-feeding issue. Everyone else apparently thinks its the greatest thing ever but I'm still *trying* to get there. It feel so selfish knowing that I'd rather my boobs just go back to normal size so I can run without pain and not have to buy new jog bras. TMI I know.

  3. Oh, and I read that Running for Two blog as well... I'm thinking about the Big Island International Marathon which is about 4 1/2 months after DD... wondering if I'll be able to get it together for that? It's in my head now so maybe!!

  4. I love how you refer to your baby's movements as "going nuts"! LOL. So cute. My sister is also 12 weeks prego and went for her 2nd ultrasound yesterday. She told me she cried when she saw the baby move. I can't wait to be an aunt!!

    Boston is April 2009 right? And when is the baby due again?? I love your running spirit!

    Oh good job on partially successful shopping!!

  5. I'm not sure how i feel about all that 'baby' stuff either.. it mostly grosses me out.

    I'm glad you found some clothes! That will make your mornings less annoying and you'll be happier when your kids at school arent commenting about your pregnancy.

    If you run a marathon that soon after having a baby, you will be my hero. Seriously.

  6. LOL you crack me up :)

    glad you got some clothes!! sounds like a successful trip!

    so glad you had a great ultrasound too and are feeling the baby lots! so exciting :)

  7. Bfing isn't for everyone and that's OK! Some BF-ing Moms can get cra-zay about that stuff and make you feel bad. (I Bf-ed both the kids but only for 6 months. That was my limit. Teeth? No thank you LOL) but was kinda turned off by some of the fanatics that goes along with it. You're baby will be fine either way ;-) So don't think you're a failure if you don't want too or if it jsut doesn't work out.

  8. You are too cute! Very funny, but i am glad you found some clothes to keep you going for now.

  9. Yay for shopping! And finding something that works.

    Wasn't that belly thing scary? I randomly saw it hanging in a dressing room and for some reason it really freaked me out.

    I got my ride in and only got a little wet. About 35 miles and now I am exhausted, but much happier :)

  10. Oh, I almost forgot! Glad lil N.D. Jr is so active! Looks like you'll have another Lil Runner on your hands ;)

    Let's see some pictures!!!

  11. i hear you on the boobs...i figure i won't know til i try, but trying once may be enough for me! i have no problems with using formula, i've given the kid a better start than most (as have you) by being so healthy and active through the pregnancy. though (TMI) i've been leaking like a drop a few times a day, and so it's kind of getting me used to the idea. my friend who had her baby 3 weeks ago said they just DRIP NON STOP though, and she half filled a dixie cup just by holding it there. i asked her to please stop telling me things i didn't want to hear! like all of it, i think the anticipation is worse than anything...we'll all just deal, you know?

    yay for kicks!!!

  12. Aahh..can't wait to see some pics. Such an exciting time for you!

  13. How cool that you got to see the little one on the ultrasound. It is so neat to see.
    Congrats on all the clothes! Motherhood creeped me out too. They always bring the big scary bras. *shudder*

  14. Glad to hear you actually got clothes and didn't spend all your time at Banana Republic. Hope Boston works out for you, I'm sure it will.

  15. I wouldn't have expected anything less than an active baby from you! I think he/she will take after you and have your running spirit. So cool that you got to see the little one.

    As far as breastfeeding goes, do what you are comfortable doing.

  16. Great news on the baby front! We have a picture of my second's 20 week ultrasound framed since it came out super clear. It's funny, at first I totally didn't like the picture and it sat in a drawer somewhere, but then everytime I came accross it whilst rummaging I liked it more and more. Eventually I framed is and love to look at it. Did they give you a printed image from your ultrasound? My advice, keep it even if it doesn't look like anything. Over time you will start to find value in this image, trust me.

  17. Nice job on getting some new clothes. I give you credit for putting in the hours shopping and browsing (I can't do that) and having patience with the annoying clerks.

    I am so happy for you. What an exciting time it is when you start feeling the kicks and seeing the ultrasound pics. Enjoy that fun shiz, paisana.

    I am with D10 on this one... can anyone be suprised that your baby is active? I think not.

  18. You are not insane I just think you are an awesome momocita! Yea on the ultrasound makes me smile those times are so precious glad everything looked well.
    PS Lil Buster got his nickname in my belly that was a bouncy kid in the belly.

  19. Fantastic news about the ultrasound! That must be so exciting, and probably make the baby feel more real. It's great that you found some clothes too. I bet it's hard to find cute stuff. I've hear A Pea in the Pod is good?

  20. Good work on the shopping! I have thought a lot of the trendy tops these days make me appear pregnant, and I'm not.. but I have thought they would be perfect for cute maternity shirts! Good call.

  21. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm due on January 19, so I'm doing a 10K on Sunday at 25 weeks. I'm still quite happy plodding on, so fingers crossed I can continue for another month or so.

    I'm a bit obsessed with clothes, so I've gone shopping crazy. I haven't bought much maternity stuff, as the styles are so suited to accommodating bumps...thanks to the modern obese society. Lol :-)

    There's so much pressure to breastfeed, isn't there. Even complete strangers ask you. Just do what's right for you. My Sister is trying to talk me out of it and entice me into drinking wine instead.

    I felt my baby move for the first time at 21 weeks. And it hasn't stopped since. Think I'm definitely having a runner :-)

    Take care and keep well.

    Ps: Pink blogs rock! :-)

  22. Yeah for little people!! CONGRATS!!