I'm swamped this week! A few things to report though:

1) 2 people - 1) random man at gym that asked me if I tutored last year when he saw me grading papers on the elliptical and is total weirdo and 2) guy I met over the summer that works in my district and knows my cousin very well - asked me straight out or assumed that I was pregnant! What is that?? That's ballsy! I guess it is obvious!!

2) Went to the doctor and got the A-OK to run the marathon if I feel fine. I'll aim for the 1/2 and see how it goes and keep going if I feel good! My size is right on so far, baby is good, and I've gained 11 pounds which seems right on, no extra weight at this point. It is weird to be in the next decade of numbers on the scale that you normally try to major avoid. Had to leave yoga early - which sucked!! But have some good soreness (minimal) today.

I miss morning workouts and don't miss waking up! More cuddle time and sleep! And I feel like I get more done in the day - just not in as good of a mood I'd say!! It has been nice running after work when I have pent up energy from the day though!

There's a girl at the gym that I see there everyday. For years now. She has lost weight and looks awesome. I want to go up to her and tell her YOU LOOK FABULOUS! but I think she'll think I'm strange. She also has fantastic outfits since she comes right from work. Everytime I see her, I want to tell her she looks great, but yea, weird I guess, especially since most of the time I'm still running when I see her. Do you talk to people at your gym? I'm always in the zone and have my headphones on.

On to Friday....!


  1. I'm not sure all men have or use a filter before speaking! At least he got it right and you haven't just put on a few pounds. Maybe he heard something from your cousin?
    I usually don't talk to people at the gym unless I know them...I'm not huge on talking to random people, but I know others are way more comfortable with it. Either way, you'd be paying her a compliment so I'm sure she'll appreciate it!

  2. Ok, how do you grade papers on the elliptical? Talk about multi- tasking. How awesome that the doctor gave yo the ok. You must be excited to know that you have to green light if you want it.

  3. I have studied while running on the treadmill and that was rather difficult but grading papers! Gosh you must be superwoman! Thats multi-tasking at its best!

  4. say something to her!! when i lost weight and got in shape i LOVED hearing comments from people at the gym. even the weird little old lady in the locker room who once said to her friend "look at her tiny waist and big legs!" (yes, i took that as a compliment!)

  5. I know that sometimes it drives me crazy when I miss my morning workouts, but then, I remind myself how good it also feels to run after work on a busy crazy day with the students...

    Glad to hear you got the okay on the marathon! How exciting!

  6. Yeah how do you grade on the elliptical? lol

    Glad you got the ok to run the marathon! that will be such a great thing if you feel good to run it!

  7. Yay on the docs okay!

    And for the girl...TELL HER! I guarantee you it will MAKE HER WEEK!

  8. After so many years living in my town and working out at my gym, I know many people and tend to be the friendly "hi how are you" guy. I may not remember people's names (argh), but I think I am personable by nature. But I have to agree with you that in general I dont care for chit-chat at the gym. I want to focus on my workouts and keep to myself.

    I agree with FL. Definitely talk to the girl at the gym. I am sure she will be delighted that you noticed her progress and love you for it. But I recommend continuing to avoid those dorky guys at the gym.

  9. I think she'd TOTALLY appreciate it if you told her :-)

  10. Yay! The doctor gave you the a-ok!! How exciting!! Omg, you are so hardcore. Seriously, you are amazing to do the race while you're prego.

    Yeah, tell her! I mean, I would LOVE it if someone told me that. It would so make my week!!

  11. I certainly don't talk to anyone at the gym largely due to time constraints. I don't think that lady would be put off if you told her that she looks great. In fact I'd think it would be a source of motivation if it was me on the receiving end of such a compliment. Of course, I could never do that to a strage woman cuz I'm a man and all, and it might be taken all wrong like...

  12. First off, YAY!!! I'm so glad your doc gave the OK on the marathon! Now it's up to you! Either way, you'll be there, even if you're doing the half. I'm glad everything is going smoothly.

    I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get up early to run now. It's so damn cold out! How do you people do this? I am going to be royally screwed here in about a month. Anyway, it IS great snuggle weather.

    Finally, the girl goes to the gym to look better. I bet you would make her day if you just told her you have always seen her working out and she looks great. I know it would make mine!

  13. gah i am swamped this week too :(

    i dont really talk to anyone at the gym... at my old gym these older guys always sat around and talked and would talk to me and i hated it - so i just keep to myself :)

  14. Trust me...from a former big ol' girl..she'd LOVE it if you told her you noticed she looks awesome! It would totally make her day. Not freakish...just some kindness that former big girls need a lot of. Glad the doc gave you an A-OK as long as your feel it. Any ultrasounds yet??? And how the heck are you grading papers on that thing? I have bad enough handwriting without moving up and down!