Nick's first day of pre-school & running

Today was Nick's first day of pre-school! He was so excited it was hard to feel sad in any way. I just felt sick to my stomach. He had a great time - it was only an hour and a half and this morning before it was time to go he was ready to leave.  He was barely interested in giving us kisses goodbye before he walked in the door and gave his teacher a big hug and ran in to play. And when I picked him up, he didn't want to leave. Nick had a blast! I can't believe how fast they grow up :(  Since today was only 1.5 hours (instead of 3) to adjust them gradually, it was probably an easy adjustment for him and for me, wasn't much of a break or down time, but I think 3 hours might seem like an eternity. I'm not sure, since today seemed like 10 minutes, or at most 1/2 hour. I think he's going to love it though.
ready to go!

w/ mom and dad
w/ Kara

hanging his book bag and ready to go in
 He goes again on Monday and Tuesday for 3 hours. I think I'll be more nervous/sad for that than for today!

I downloaded my times from my own triathlon on Sunday and here they were:

1650 yd pool swim - 24:00 (did 21s when I was in high school)
33.4 mile bike ride (accidentally because we missed a turn) 2:31
10k run - 1:00:00  (the run was awful and I couldn't motivate)

For Monday, I wanted to get back into some core work and little cardio, so I did some lifting and used the erg machine (rowing) at the gym for 15 minutes. Probably haven't used that thing since erg tests in college! I did about 3000 meters.  Thinking about what to do today, I didn't feel like doing anything - not feeling swimming, running is sluggish and I like the spin class on Thursdays and Saturdays so I couldn't motivate to go today. I decided I needed to be kicked in the butt so I went to the track session for speedwork. I haven't done this in a while and it shows.  We did 6 x 1000 with 200 recovery. I didn't go all out. It felt like 70% was all I was willing to give since it's been so long and I am running the half marathon this weekend (I think). I am really glad I went and my abs are feeling it - and legs too! I have to make that a part of my week again.

I will probably force myself through the half marathon on Sunday but I'm not feeling it. I haven't missed this race in a long time and love the medals so maybe that will get me through - or my sis running with me? Trying to convince her. I might run under the name "Miranda" - who signed up and isn't running it, so that no one can look up my time : ) Expectations are low. I feel like I dropped the ball on running and have not done enough outside running and it has majorly suffered. Something has gone wrong!


  1. Too cute!
    What a happy confident boy you must have brought up for him to be so excited - well done mamma.
    The 3 hours will fly in.

  2. ha ha...i couldn't WAIT to send andra to preschool! i love how much she's learning and all the stuff she gets to do. glad nick had fun!! i'm sure you'll get used to it and love the free time (well, relative free time anyway!).

  3. The pictures in this post are great! Nick looks so happy and cute with his little back pack. That's a really nice picture of you and your hubby too.

    Look back at all your training recaps, how can you not be prepared for a good race on Sunday? Good girl, you've been working hard!

  4. Oh what a cutie pie!!! He is just loving being a big boy!!

    I agree with the other are so ready for the half you just have to believe it!!