Sabra Hummus

My favorite hummus used to be any kind of all natural, plain hummus.  As a result of being all natural, if you didn't eat it within a few days, it would spoil (a good and bad thing).  When Sabra came out, it was my new favorite and continues to be. It's creamy and tasty.  I love how it has the little "toppings" and oil on top. I use hummus + nutritional yeast and water almost everyday as a topping for fresh veggies or a veggie burger or pizza sauce. Sabra is the only hummus that I prefer for the "humnut" sauce! I made my own hummus for a brief stint but still would rather buy my Sabra Roasted Pine Nut. What's your favorite brand and flavor of hummus?

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Other things I use hummus with
* dip for veggies
* with cheese in a quesadilla/wrap

I received a free coupon to try a Sabra product from Foodbuzz. The opinions expressed above are my own!


  1. My favorite is the Roasted Pine NUT AND Spinach and Artichoke. I just tried this about 6 months ago and absolute love them.

  2. Mmmmm! I love Sabra! Pine nut rocks!

  3. I make my own. I love hummus, I never thought to use it on pizza.

  4. love the sabra brand. our local store makes a spicey four pepper one I love too

  5. I love Hummus! My favorite is the red pepper. I've gotten a lot of different brands- the one I'm eating now is from Whole Foods. I just bought another one from Trader Joes. I use it with baby carrots, and like it with broccoli and cauliflower.

  6. You nailed it for me- sabra roasted pine nut. I also like Trader Joe's roasted red pepper for a change.

  7. We go through a TON of hummus in our house and we ALWAYS buy Sabra! Delish.