Looking back and looking forward

THEN (a few wks in?)............................................................................................and now (32wks)
A few things from 2008

Boston playoff game June
Wedding in August
Cruise in March
3rd anniversary in June

It has been fun and inspiring reading everyone's goals and recaps of 2008.

2008 was my best running year yet *the first half

Instead of hibernating for the winter, I really amped up my training, worked towards higher mileage and speed and got outside for long runs on the weekends with Abby when I could, or on the treadmill. It payed off in the spring season as I PRed from late March through May on every race that I ran. I was running races almost every weekend knowing that soon I wouldn't be racing as much. I really enjoyed Bill coming to more races this year to cheer me on!
I met my Broad Stgoal of breaking 1:20:00 and scored with a 1:18:57. My last 'race' was a 10k in mid/late May where Bill was asked to help guide runners through the finish chutes and was standing cheering at the finish. A fun memory. At that race I dropped 6 minutes off my 2007 time! I got my pace down and was able to hold it for racing. It was such a great feeling. Then, pregnancy hit. My pace started gradually going up and has continued to do so! I still ran the Philly Distance Run and Baltimore 1/2 marathon and walked the first half of the Philly marathon. My goal for this pregnancy has just been to be able to run so I hope to run up until the lil peanut comes along. I applied for Boston with a charity that I strongly believed in and left it up to fate and got in, so 2 months after my due date I'll be run (crawl/jog/walk) - ing Boston. I have a personal goal of raising $5000 and so far I've raised $1370 (http://www.runDFMC.org/natalied2009). I would love to qualify for Boston at some point, but I haven't been good with marathon pacing.

2008 MILES:
Distance:1748.4 Mi
(11 days, 4 hours)

So, 2009 brings some races (Let's hope for a baby a few weeks early and quick recovery!)

Hopeful Arrival Date: Feb 7?? Actual Due Date: Feb 20 Realistic Due Date: March 1?

Caesar Rodney Half March 15, 2009 (?? questionable)
10 miler - Ocean Drive March 29, 2009 (year 2) *
Boston Marathon April 20, 2009 (year #1) *
Broad Street Run May 3, 2009 (year 5 for me)
Kennett Run May, 2009 (year 3)
Philly Distance Run September 20, 2009 (year 4) *

* already registered

fall marathon ideas: Chicago, Philly (year 3?)

Other aspects:
Food - did pretty well this year and felt like I didn't have to do much regulating. Still need to work on the veggies, as I started getting turned off by them at the beginning of the pregnancy.

People - Friends have become closer or further apart as I recognize what type of person I want to become and what type of people I want to surround myself with.

Myself - I am pretty happy with the person I am becoming but do still want to work on being less uptight, less critical of/hard on people and more of a positive person.

My other 1/2: Like you see in all of the pictures above, we're a team! I wouldn't be able to take the time out of my day to run, train and do races without Bill's support. I am excited to mold and build our little peanut together!

I survived:
The family vacation
The Mofo Quilt
32 weeks and 7+ 2 days to go!
Slow running

I'm looking forward to our new family member to join us soon and to run along with the lil peanut runner.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Best wishes for 2009!


Christmas Vacation + winner winner chicken dinner!

I've been sleeping in until 8/8:30 everyday and getting like 8-10 hours of sleep! Getting in some good workouts and vegging out! It is too easy to eat all day long and eat crappy food that is around so I'll be happy once all the crappy food has gone and I'm back on a routine! But I love the extra sleep! I've surpassed my old record in going to the bathroom in the middle of the night - last night 5 times!!! Ahhh!! Sunday I had a great run with my sister at Valley Forge Park. Yesterday I lifted and crossed trained and today swam with my sister at my parents' Y. My legs are tired. My sister is much faster at swimming than me so I had a good workout trying to keep up! I went for a run later on around where my parents live and my legs were TIRED! I couldn't believe it was only 3.27 miles when it felt like I had run at least 7. I felt that way the other day too. It is nice to run outside though, I think it is much better for me because I'm running at the pace my body can handle instead of trying to push it on the treadmill. The only problem is the lack of a bathroom when I go out running. Hope everyone else is enjoying a slow week or some off time!

Week 31
Mon 12/22 - 1.25 miles, yoga, elliptical 30
Tues - 6 m 1:03:41
Wed - 30 min lift, 45 elliptical, 15 bike
Thurs - B'day/xmas - 6 miles 104:03
Fri - elliptical30/bike 15, 3 miles
Sat - yoga, ellip, run 6.7
Sun run 7

totals: 30 miles! 2 hrs of yoga, cross training 2.5 hours, no swimming : (

hbbc 146.22, when is this thing over, I am taking a day off when it ends!!

The winner for the Lollys is Denise at Running Journal picked by Random.org. First time I used that site, it was pretty cool! Send me your address to tosha25italia @ yahoo. Giveaways are fun!!



Free giveaway - See's Lollypops. See's is a west coast candy place that I learned about after I started dating Bill. They have yummy chocolates!! The giveaway is a box of their lollypops - chocolate/butterscotch/vanilla/coffee flavored. They are a good treat for the sweet tooth and about 80 calories a pop.

Just answer this question: What do you eat the day before a long run or race?

I will pick one response randomly on Tuesday, Dec 30 after 3pm. Enjoy!


32 weeks - 8 to go!

Here is an update at 32 weeks
  • go to the bathroom all the time!
  • more tired
  • need footrubs!!!
  • more kicks!
  • more anxious to hold the baby
I'm trying to work on the anxious part. I think that if I take it one day at a time, and realize right now I can go anywhere that I want at any time, that it will be easier. In 2 months, I won't be able to just go out for a jog or to the gym whenever. Everything will have to be coordinated. So I have to remember the free daycare thing! I am just excited to have a partially normal sweaty run in a couple of months!

I went out to dinner with my closest friends & siblings to celebrate my b'day. It was a nice time!
Christmas and birthday gifts this year: From Bill - UGG boots (so cozy), kate spade wallet, stylish jacket, cookbooks and 50/50, + bluetooth headset for my phone, from my siblings: black puffy jacket that I wanted for a while (so impressed, my brother was even the one to go to the store and get it!) then from others: baby swing, crib set, rocking chair, baby clothes and blankies, giftcards, & food processor. Good stuff! A teacher that I work with sent me this t-shirt below for the lil runner! Super cute! and one to train in for Boston that just says "RUN". Love it.

Today went shopping with my mom and got tons of outfits - mostly ducks! Just a few big items that we need and we'll be all set!

Started off the day with a run with my sister at Valley Forge! She was supposed to do 12 for upcoming Disney marathon but ended up having to go pick up her bf. My nike+(ipod) died but I think we did 7+. I was trying to track it on gmap but it won't let me go off the path on it anymore. Also it looks like mapmyrun you have to pay now!! It was a good run and I didn't have any problems!! : )


B'day recap

Make it stop!! I cannot stop eating! I feel like I have always been in control but the last 3 days, phew! I am letting myself get too hungry and then inhaling food. Then I feel horribly stuffed! Tomorrow we're starting DETOX!!!

Christmas / B'day was a fun day. Long! But I got to go for a glorious run outside - it was so gorgeous out. Blue sky, nice temperature (50s?), quiet and peaceful. I ran in circles around the complex I live in. No one was around and it was GREAT! I warmed up and did 3 on the treadmill then 3 outside. Happy birthday to me! We spent the day at my parents' house with most of my mom's family and my ILs. Christmas is big - all in all 26 people I think. We had some good laughs. There is this great bakery around here - for any locals it is called CLAY'S, and they have amazing chocolate chip pound cake. I had it for my bridal shower and when my family remembers they order it for my b'day. I wanted to make sure I didn't get an acme cake for my 30th so I ordered my cake this year and told them to do a baby and running theme. Here's what came out:

Unforunately, my grandfather was the one that picked it up, and my mommom told me he was totally embarrased and that she was MORTIFIED. The open belly as well as the cleavage (!!) on the runner above freaked them out. This is what became of the cake to fix the problems:

Yes, someone actually fixed the cleavage too. Hahha. Gotta love the old style religious families.
More pics from the day:

Me & my sis - looking like a house Me & my bro

Today I went to the gym and did some crosstraining while reading one of the childbirth books, then went running outside around a loop nearby for 3 miles. I was half devastated that my sister was running outside around the same time and we kept playing phone tag. But I'm too slow anyway!!! It was a decent run, but not as GLORIOUS as yesterday! I think I need to run about 50 miles tomorrow to make up for the last 3 days!!! Gross.

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I'll put up the 32 weeks pic later on! And more on gifts! DETOX = tomorrow!


On the eve...

Happy Christmas! It is the eve of Christmas and somewhat unfortunately, the end to my 20s. I'm trying not to think about that second one. I turn 30 tomorrow! I always love the holiday season as it is also my birthday season! When we were all in college, my mom would wait for us to come home to decorate the tree, and that was always a fun family bonding night. Then every year - from when we were really little - through college - my brother, sister and I would sit on the top of the steps waiting for my parents to get out their videocamera and watching our reaction as we made it down the stairs and to the tree. I always looked forward to this every year. I actually felt sad the first year I wasn't there on Christmas Day - and I was in college at this time! My parents treated us like little kids all the way until a few years ago. I think it is so fun to feel like a kid on Christmas! Each of us would have our own wrapping paper so we knew which gifts were ours. It was always fun opening gifts in our PJs and spending the morning together. Then it usually became nuts as we had to prepare the house for family to come over.

As it is now, we do crazy food on Christmas Eve with both families and do it again on Christmas night with both families and my mom's whole side of the family. We always celebrate my birthday the night of Christmas which is fun and distinguishes it from the holiday.

Fast forward to new traditions. We don't have any yet, but it will be fun to start our own family traditions going forward. I think what I would like is a low key thing on Xmas eve with just the 3 of us (3 = soon) and getting pizza and watching Christmas cartoons and enjoying each other's company. Xmas day I think it will be important for it to be just the 3 of us as we start our new family traditions and then join our parents/family for brunch and dinner. I am excited to play Santa and be up late wrapping presents for tiny kids!!

I am thankful for having loving family at Christmas and most especially for having love and being in love. This will be our last Christmas without kids, so I am going to cherish it!

I also got an early gift and won the 1/2 way prize for the HBBC challenge!! Thanks to Run to Finish!!!

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas Eve! I hope to start off my birthday/Christmas to run outside tomorrow! I was hoping to do that today but it was too icy!


Off days + week 30 stats

Officially done with school! On break till Jan 5. I will catch up on comments of the last 2 days! I am really looking forward to sleeping in and getting some HBBC points over the next 10 days!

Dove soap update - yeah. I'm becoming like that cheerleader chick in SNL who smells her hands (except it is usually after she has them under her armpits)? Yeah, I'm the one smelling my hands after I wash them with Dove as long as the smell lasts. Please don't think I'm crazy!

Running update - Saturday I was able to run 6 miles at one clip (with a few breaks) and then 3 more later. Whew!! Then Sunday I couldn't run without problems. You take what you can get!!

With the holidays and new RW edition, my question is - Do you take days off? There was a time when I worked out 5 days a week and took off 2. Then 6 and took off 1, and here I am now and an off day at the very least includes yoga. I just feel much better when I do SOMETHING! But I feel like I have tired legs especially the first 10 min I am running. I was better about days off when I was in training and running fast, but now I just run whenever I can and feel like it.

week 30 - I feel like a meatball
Mon- yoga + elliptical (30 min)
Tuesday - 6 miles
Wednesday - 4 miles + lift (30 min)
Thursday - swim 2500yd, elliptical 30, bike (10) + dr appt gained too much weight : (
Friday - swim 2800yd, run 4 miles
Saturday - 9 miles (6, 3)
Sunday 6 miles

totals: Run 29 miles, average pace 10:44
(really wanted to do one more but Sunday wasn't working out!)
Swim 5300 yards, cross train 1 hour, lift 30 minutes, yoga 1 hour

HBBC tracker: 98.25 points (followed POM's lead on my spreadsheet!)

2 more days left! Enjoy your holiday!


31 weeks

Thank you! For your kind comments and encouragement. I looked over everything and realized I was kind of becoming one of those pregos that eats whatever they want thinking it won't affect them. I wasn't eating bad, but I think I was eating too much. I'm just more aware of it! It was really helpful to hear from you and the moms out there who have just been through this. So THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I turned crazy and brought some Dove soap to school to keep in the ladies room for when I wash my hands. Now I look forward to that hand washing time. I'm a lunatic!! But at least I have that nice Dove smell all day long!

Newsflash: Kara Goucher is running the Boston Marathon - this is exciting! Behind Paula Radcliffe she is my #2 favorite runner.

Below are my 31 weeks pics - I realized I always am in my PJS when I'm taking these pics so I look trashy! Mama Chappelle always looked looked nice with skirts in her pics. Maybe I'll start doing that next week and do the pics in my work clothes! Given the way that I'm carrying and since I have no idea how to determine low or high and all of that, what do you think? Am I carrying low or more towards the front? I think it is hard to tell!

9 weeks to go and 5 days till Xmas!


Not a happy camper

Just came back from the doctor. I saw a new doctor in the practice today, and I was excited to go, because I've seen the same doctor since the beginning. And although I like him, I was excited to see a woman! Well, I was not a fan. One shocking thing was that I didn't wait. AT ALL. I went straight back and didn't even grade one paper (had a whole stack ready to do!) That was a positive thing. But the doctor was by the books, and I wasn't a fan. The scale said I gained 6 lbs since 4 weeks ago (wayyyyy too much) but maybe because I had my boots on and a bulky sweatshirt? I can subtract 2 from that right? She asked if maybe it was the holidays? Oh I was pissed. So I'm working out at least 45 minutes a day, but most of the time over an hour, and I think I'm a pretty good eater. How the F am I gaining too much weight? I don't think overall my weight gain has been over the limit, but from the last appointment it has been too much. Other than that, she said traveling to see my sister run the Disney World Marathon Jan 9 was iffy, and any pains I explained were totally normal. I just didn't get a good vibe from this doctor. And now I just want the little peanut out of me. NOW!! I am having a pain right above my bellybutton and it is making me pretty uncomfortable - she thought it was the feet. She thought the head was facing down which is a good thing but how can she even tell from just feeling?

I was going to bake some xmas cookies tonight and now that is the last thing that I want to do. Instead I feel like I should go on the treadmill! I already swam (which was more like floating today blahhh) and went on the elliptical today(half assed since I graded papers at the same time). Boo hoo.

In the mail I got a training shirt from Dana Farber size XS. Is that possibly for the baby?? Maybe it would fit on my arm. It actually doesn't look THAT small, but I'm not going near it until this child is out of me. Otherwise I will probably cry.

OPERATION HOLIDAY OBESITY now in effect! This means I'm watching what I'm eating. Maybe I ate too much cookie dough last week when I was making these eggless xmas spice cookies to freeze. And overall, really I've just been eating whatever I want when I'm hungry, so maybe I just overdid it. I feel like I workout enough that I can just eat whatever, but with the intensity and speed down to nothing, I'm burning alot less calories so I need to compensate for that (but still make sure I'm eating enough to feed another little person)!
  • Limit breads and cheese
  • Limit peanut butter
  • Eat more veggies
  • Limit holiday sweets
  • Continue to eat 2 dove chocolates a day for sanity : )
  • Count everything up and make sure I'm getting the right amounts until I'm back on track!
I'm done being pregnant. Ahhhhh!!! And I have a free Saturday. I couldn't bring myself to be mature and sit through the class. :( Instead I started watching a video on childbirth last night and had to stop watching because I wanted to cry. Never go to babycenter and watch videos.


10 weeks to go

Week 29 of slowing down

Monday - yoga, elliptical (15 min), 1 mile
Tuesday - 5.7 miles, 15 min bike
Wednesday - swim 2700, elliptical, 1 mile
Thursday - run 6 miles
Friday - swim 2700, 1.3 miles run, 30 wii fit
Saturday - swim 3000, run 4 miles
Sunday - run 6 miles

25 miles ran (average pace:11:20), 8400 yards swam,
1 yoga class and various strengthening and cross training

HBBC to date (12/16)= 52 points
(maybe I could do points and a half since every mile takes so much longer. Hah!)

A little taste of week 30
  • 2 miles seems like 26.2 miles, twice. Remember when 2 miles was a walk in the park?
  • They tell you constipation comes along, yet I've been going to the bathroom more than ever.
  • I felt like I was having a foot seizure while laying in bed. Although exhausted it sometimes takes me 2 hours to find a position and actually fall asleep. My foot was being weird and needed to move and kick things??

  • Moody. I have little patience.

  • I'm exhausted and noticed today I had bags under my eyes!

  • Right above my belly button is KILLING me. It feel like it is pushing out and just majorly hurts. My belly button didn't pop out yet but I think it is going to really soon. Gross.

  • Bathroom - at LEAST twice a night.

  • Signed up for a childbirth class all day on Sat and plan to back out. :)
    Would rather NOT know!

    I've been a bad commenter this week, but I'll get back on that soon! Busy week!

It is only 9 days until Christmas, and 2 months until peanut arrives!


30 weeks

30 weeks hit yesterday. Officially in the 30s now, hopefully the baby will be coming in the 30s too! Monday marks 7 months. 2 more months sounds so close, but yet... so far!

I'm starting to feel like I don't even feel like giving the effort to run anymore. Maybe I'm in a funk but it is just not that enjoyable anymore. It takes so long just to finish a mile on a normal day, and getting in more than 4 or 5 miles seems almost miraculous. I bought a second pair of shoes to alternate and maybe motivate me - going back to my waverider 11 (mizuno). The Asics are working well but I didn't want them to suffer an early death.

I have some questions for the mamas out there:
  • When did you stop "running" when you were pregnant ("running" to me right now means jogging, partially running, anything where you aren't WALKING but obviously it is a slow paced thing going on)
  • Do you have both a baby jogger AND a regular stroller? I'm not sure if I need both. I know I need the jogger. Hah.

I swam yesterday and it was crowded so I had to swim with other people. It kind of sucked bc I had to stop and do the set and wait for people. Blah. I take little rest usually bc my time is limited in the pool, so I didn't get in as much as I could have. But it felt good. Also swam today. Whenever someone was next to me in the lane, I felt like they were racing me! So I definitely piped up and went faster and thought I was moving along! When I later saw the speed of the people I was racing and pretty much keeping up with, I had to laugh. The pool that I went to today was my parents' Y, and it is the only pool that is shallow enough (at least half way across) to do water running. Unfortunately I'm not a member so I had to pay to be a guest today (last week was free).

On to some christmas decorating and baking!

Congratulations Clare!! Can I ask to have my "membranes stripped" like the beginning of Feb? Seemed to do the trick! And GOOD LUCK D10!!


Putting on the brakes

I couldn't think of anything for the Runner's Lounge white elephant thing. I'm not creative anymore after a long day. We had parent teacher conferences round 2 tonight. It makes for a long day. In between I found the room with new treadmills at school (we're going through construction so they knocked down alot of gym space), and was able to run. The first 30 minutes were BRUTAL. Shin splints, sore calves, my legs were on fire. Also from sleeping on my back too much (not on purpose) my right ass cheek just hurts and it runs down my leg (the aforementioned sciatica). One 30 minutes hit and I took my pee break, things seemed to go much better. This week, the baby's threshold seems to be 5.5 miles. Then the breaks are put on. I can visualize a little foot pushing out at my stomach like OK that is enough, stop now or I will put the hurt on woman!! Really! It is when I get the side stitch that is just painful. Maybe it really is a foot pushing against me.
So I made it to 5.5 and did some walking and my nice pace turned into a slow pace but I finished out 6 miles.

I was running when the indoor track girls team was working out in there and I wanted to tell them, let this be a lesson, be smart! Abstinence or safe sex people!! Otherwise you won't be able to run for S**T and you'll have a big gut to show around. I'm definitely starting to feel HUGE.

One thing that I think is really neat about being pregnant (as the anti-pregger) is feeling the baby moving and watching my stomach move. What is cool too is that whenever I work out, the baby stops moving and let's me do my thing. I wonder what he/she does - goes to sleep? Holds on for dear life? I find the movement part really cool - but the feeling huge is making me feel like, ok, ready for you to come out baby! And real easily too!

I can't believe we have to work the day after conferences. It is usually a real shit day and I want to throw things at people.

Have a good weekend to all, and good luck to CLARE who will be hopefully bringing her little one into the world this weekend!



Last night our yoga instructor (power Heidi) still wasn't back from her surgery but it was a good class. I'm surprisingly sore today in my legs, usually it is my side abs, so that feels good. I was able to get in a nice 1 mile before the class started with an elliptical warmup.

Today I was tired driving from work to the gym. As I was getting out of my car I noticed I had a half of one of those Dove Promises milk chocolate hanging around so I was ecstatic to eat this. What did it say on the wrapper? Something like "go curl up on the couch." That is definitely what I wanted to do!! I didn't really have a goal mileage in mind, and I don't really have one for this week. I think it will take some pressure off of myself and maybe I'll enjoy it more and not try to push it. So I got in 3 miles and took a mini break and made it through another 2.7. I wanted to make it to 6 when I was close and half way through was even thinking 7, but a side stitch wasn't allowing that. In between I did some biking to see if it would go away. It didn't. While I was running, I was looking forward to my shower with my DOVE soap! I was picturing the smell of the soap and lathering up, oh mama! (something is wrong with me, I'm fantasizing about soap). I should maybe bring soap to work so that when I go to the bathroom 27 times I can have an even better experience when I wash my hands.

The little peanut has been doing karate moves, kickboxing and flips (preparing to be a swimmer hopefully) all day long today and yesterday. I think all the movement is making me tired!! On Monday will be 7 months!

16 days till xmas!!


Blah Sundays

Sunday nights I always get in a blah mood. I think I really enjoy the weekends, sleeping in and not running around like a maniac and getting nothing exciting done like the weekdays where it is just lesson plans and working out. I always find myself partially sad as the day goes on on Sundays. Also I keep reading these childbirth books, mostly to educate myself and it is freaking me out. I don't think that I can read them anymore. I just want a baby to hold, take care of, play with, and mold! I don't want to go through the next 2 months!!

Bill had a big test all day on Saturday. He gets results the end of Jan, hopefully good, but the passing rate is very low, so we'll see! He's been studying really hard so I hope it goes well. While he was gone, I got out all the christmas decor, made some cookie dough to be rolled out, cleaned the house, and picked up all the modeling clay in the tri county area (driving store to store to get this stuff!) for a geometry project my kids are working on this week. I also did some running and went to the brand new Y where my parents belong and got to swim! Beautiful pool! I want to go back there to swim. It was great! I fit in food shopping, addressed christmas cards and was P-O-O-P-E-D. Today slept in and vegged out. Never left the house today. I was thinking I didn't feel like running but when I started, I was hooked. My mom came over to help put up the border in the baby's room and it looks nice!I really like the theme.
The mofo quilt was hanging above now thrown into the crib

Winnie the Pooh!! My mom is really creative with this stuff.
Fun stickers on the wall

I ended up getting back on the treadmill after an afternoon session this evening to get to my 30 miles for the week. Earlier in the day I was ok with not getting there, but later on I was in my blah mood and needed to find something to do to get my mind off it, and what else to help but to run! Running this weekend has been good! I'm looking forward to the BOOTIE BUSTER CHALLENGE for extra motivation that doesn't have to do with weight loss.

Congrats to FL, Aron and Julianne for their hard work and PRs at their marathons this weekend! I was so anxious to hear how they all did and each one of them did fantastic!!! Way to go LADIES!

week 28 summary
Monday: yoga class (not power - not sore) + 15 minutes elliptical
Tuesday: 15 elliptical + 6 miles split (12:00 and 10:52 pace)
Wednesday: Swim 2800 yards (55 min), Wii Fit 30 min
Thursday: Swim 3000 yds (1 hr), walk 2.19 miles (30 min)
Friday: Run 7 miles total - all split up (12:40/10:12/12:24/9:41 paces)
Saturday: Swim 1650 yards (30 min), Run 6.2 miles split up (10:12 pace) *good running
Sunday: Run 8.6 miles split up (10:08/10:33 paces) * good running

30 miles, 7450 yards swimming, 30 minutes cross training, 1.5 hours strengthening
Running = Jogging + walking, with some running thrown in
Swimming = All strokes, mostly free, back, breast
Cross training = elliptical
Strength = Wii Fit + yoga

Have a great week!

18 days till christmas!


29 weeks + updates

What it's like - week 29

  • Everytime I stand up I have to go to the bathroom.
  • I feel the little peanut moving around alot and it is pretty cool. I love just sitting back and watching my belly move around and putting my hand on it. Haven't seen any toes or anything yet but just movements.
  • Running is hit or miss, depending on the day & time of day.
  • Sleeping isn't that fun, I'm supposed to sleep on the left side and I'm a back sleeper. I keep waking up with my shoulder being asleep.
  • I'm on belly button watch praying the thing stays in there for at least 6-7 more weeks.
  • I'm definitely counting down and talking to this baby asking for a full term appearance or whenever he/she is healthy and ready to arrive but EARLY!!
  • I wake up with nightmares of childbirth.
  • I dream of sweaty workouts and major soreness.
  • I drool when I see toned muscles and abs at the gym.
  • Pretty much eating whatever, mainly healthy but not counting anything, and cheese is a part of almost everyday. I love english muffins with butter.
  • I love the smell of Dove soap. I could just smell it all day long. I've always liked soap but this is weird.
  • The sciatica (kind of made this up but pain running down my leg that is worse when I sleep on my back) is here and there. I can run with it.
  • The shoes are working out well. I like them so far!
  • Thanks for your songs!
A day in the life...
What a day of trying to get a run in looks like (good preparation for when baby is here)
Today I had a workshop so got to sleep in
7 am attempt to run- side stitch comes on early, even after a walking/slow warmup, make it through 1.4 miles in 18 min
7:30 try again - Not much better. Do 1.6 miles. Takes 20 minutes.
4:00pm - Make it through 2 miles just over 20 minutes. Feels great! Then have some pain.
5:00 pm - Really want to do 7 miles today. Just need 2 more. Have to walk 1/2 mile (6 minutes)
5:40 pm - Am able to crank out 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes. Pain right at end. Time to stop.

Sometime between 4 and 6pm I can usually run at least a few miles at a decent pace without having a side stitch pain on one of my sides. At times, when I'm feeling the stitch and have to stop, all I want to do is sprint hard for 5 minutes. I don't do that...but I get so frustrated!


TIART, Lounge & Wii Fit

TIART - dreams and wishes. My dream has been to run Boston. Probably for the last 2 years it has been big, but after the day of the marathon passing last year, it was something that I REALLY wanted. I'm super excited to be able to run it with Dana Farber, a charity that I strongly believe in - cancer research. I've had several family members who have had cancer and I'm sure most of us have as well. This is my website to raise funds - I'm 1/3 of the way there! http://www.runDFMC.org/natalied2009 .

The Runners Lounge - I found this a bit ago, but I haven't really gotten into it. I like the idea and what they are doing. Sometimes I find it hard to navigate. I went to look for the TIART this morning and missed it. Maybe there is alot going on on the site. In any case, I think it is really cool, and I'm getting used to it. How many of you use this site, how often and what do you really like about it? I created a group Running Mamas. I don't know what I'll do with that. But feel free to join up!!

Wii Fit - does anyone have this thing? We got it soon after it came out. For a couple of months I was really into it and my most favorite thing was stamping the calendar. Then I stopped going on and it was a hiatus of about 4 months! I went on yesterday and it was so kind in telling me that I've gained 16.5 pounds and I'm overweight. And pretty much many activities that I did, the trainer biotch would say GREAT JOB! and then award me no points!!! The thing should have an option for being pregnant. I might suggest it to Nintendo or make millions from that idea. It would be a fantastic tool for pregnant women!

I swam 2 days in a row! It was nice and felt good for the most part, both days. Flipturns are kind of weird, I feel overly large, but I can swim fast and that feels good. What I like most though, is competing with someone in a lane next to me and trying to beat them which hasn't been possible (not enough people) so it can be kind of boring. I got up to run this morning and ended up walking hardly over 2 miles in half hour. It was lame but it was something. This week is kind of a non running week, but my goal is still to get in 30 miles.

Good luck to all the marathon runners this weekend, esp Aron, Julianne & FL!
I hope you all BQ and we can have a blogger meeting!!!


Sweat your A** off and some music

That is what I want to do!! I'm dying to have a really hard workout and feel the sweat dripping off me. Soon! I want Kara Goucher's body too.

Today's workout was this lame jog at the gym. At the gym no one stares but I started to feel like a freakshow today. Besides having to stop to RUN to the bathroom every 15 minutes or less, and taking off and putting on stupid support belt, I think that I feel better running at home, where the bathroom is right in the same room as the treadmill. I like looking at people though and find it motivating to be in a place where everyone is working out. Lately, I'm just jealous though. I see these people sweating and working hard and I am itching for it. I got in 2.5 miles in 30 minutes and had to take a break, come home and run more later. Side stitches were at it again. At home I got in 3.5 in 38 minutes. A better pace, a better mood after.

I realized I missed my 100th post. Darn. This one is 107. Happy 100th post, blog!

Happy December!! I like this month and the holidays. Normally I like it even more since I have a December birthday but this year I am turning 30 and not so thrilled. I like the 20s. I guess it will be fine.

I feel unmotivated this week. I haven't attempted to get up early to work out, a routine I was semi getting back into before Thanksgiving week hit. I did yoga yesterday with some elliptical, and the jog today. Yoga was interesting, the superpower instructor had surgery so there was a sub and it was not that intense. I'm not sore today. But yoga is getting weirder for me, and there are moves that I can't do comfortably. But still I missed the hardass instructor. I really want to work my butt off, sweat uncontrollably and feel super sore. I can't believe I still have 2 1/2 more months to go. I can't imagine getting much bigger (but I know it is going to be ridiculous) and I feel like I put on 5 pounds everyday, so I will continue to ask the baby to come early. Suggested date: January 31st. I don't really like February (no offense to the Feb babies).

Last, if you have a powersong or song that pumps you up, can you send it along! With motivating waning and feeling larger everyday, I need some pump me up music!

My top 5 songs right now:

4 minutes
See you again
Hot n Cold
So What

Um yea, I need some new songs.


new shoes Round 2

I spent the holiday up in Connecticut. We came back yesterday afternoon, and I was able to meet up with one of my best friends. Usually we meet up and go for a run, but I wasn't going to put her through that! We met up at Barnes & Noble and chatted. My 30th b'day is less than a month away so we were getting some ideas for that.

Today I went to return my Nike shoes, and was happy that they took them back even though I wore them outside. I bought a pair of Asics that seem to have extra support and that should help me get through the next 2.5 months with cushioning. It was a different employee and she didn't seem too thrilled that I was returning shoes that were already worn. She helped me to find a new pair and her take was that I supinate majorly - just from looking at my shoes. Sounds like there are better stores out there that watch you run and look at your shoes. If these shoes don't work out for me, I'll be looking for another running store next. I ran about 5 miles in them and they seemed good, but we'll see! My legs are pretty tired, and I think I have some sciatica going on down my right leg, so I can see this week being a bit of a slowdown. I'm semi looking forward to yoga tomorrow, but I should probably find a pre-natal class to start going to so that I don't overextend myself.

Summary of week 27: Running/ Walking/Jogging 34.6 miles (6:18:40),
2 days of lifting and 1 day of crosstraining on the elliptical.
November running : 155.5 miles (28:52:37)

Hope everyone's travels home were safe and that thanksgiving was good!


Giving thanks

Giving thanks:
5 things I'm super thankful for that I take for granted sometimes

1 - My husband- for being loving and cuddly, supportive & adventurous.
I think I'd be a partial hermit if not for Bill, but I get to do things like go to see the Celtics in the playoffs with 2 days notice and go visit fun places. He's really good at taking care of me when I'm sick and now being pregnant. He's also a great cook and should probably do it more :) and he comes to my races and is waiting at the finish line and he's always proud of me and gives me hugs. And when I have sore muscles, he is a really good massouse. So I'm really lucky and I'm thankful for having a great husband and best friend.

2 - My job- Teaching high school. It is very rewarding although can be annoying, but overall I'm so happy to be a teacher and really enjoy interacting with the kids and teaching them!

3- Family & friends - For being there when I need them and for family get-togethers and bonding time. I think it will be fun growing up and having kids and having family gatherings. My friends are mostly my psychologists so they are great.

4- Running - I would have put this right up there as 1B but I held back, but really that is where it goes. Running allows me to feel good about myself, to think about things when I need to work things out in my head, and to push myself (although not right now). I am so grateful that I have working legs and a body that allows me to run.

5- Those first four things are basically my life so here are some small things that I am appreciative for: memories of growing up, foot massages and pedicures (especially right now), running clothes, brisk fall days with blue skies and leaves blowing, snow days and snow storms and staying in and drinking hot chocolate or going sledding, my cozy bed when it is all made up and ready to get into, and Dove soap (it smells really good!) - I'm totally weird and I've always had this thing for smelling soap but right now I love the soap suds too.

I have a good life and I'm thankful for that.

Today I was able to run/jog/walk for an hour and a half. The first half hour lately has been really slow and today my legs were screaming, mainly my calves and shins. I had to go back to the Mizuno waveriders which have about 300 pregnant girl miles on them, and I think they are ready to retire. I am going to have to go back and see if the running store will take back the new Nikes, they seem to cause the problem with the bottom of my foot. Nikes have never worked for me, but these are wide, and seemed really cozy. Oh well. After that half hour of running, I can get into it and it goes nicely. Both yesterday and today I was able to run for some time under 10 minute miles after the really slow start. It felt really good. I got in 8.2 miles. Some days are good!

Today is 28 weeks. Some pics of my growing self and active baby :)


Running GAIT

First just wanted to say thanks for all of the support!!! It has been super helpful to hear the nice things that you have to say and your encouragement! Also, to have safe travels and a great thanksgiving!

How do you run? I would love to hear about your running gait. Do you think about your positioning when you are running? Do you know if you pronate, supinate, any of that good stuff?
What are some things that you focus on when you are running?

So far, I've just gone out there and ran. I don't really think about it. After seeing some pictures from the Philly Distance Run and my feet are all over the place, and checking out my sneakers, I realized my form was a bit off. I did get new sneakers last week, and the running store told me that I supinate (I think!) - the outsides of my
sneakers are worn, and I need a neutral shoe. I went with a pair of Nikes. I walked in these on Sunday and ran in them yesterday and Monday. Mid run yesterday I started to get pain on the bottom of my foot on the outside part. I ran through it but by the end I was trying to run on the balls of my feet. Then had to partially limp to my car and stuck it in a bucket of ice ( I was thinking of aron at this time with her ice buckets). It was feeling ok after 2 ice jobs but I wasn't wearing shoes. As soon as I put shoes on this morning to go to work (my middle aged sneakers) the pain was there. I was thinking maybe it is the Nikes and I'll try running later, but I'm not sure what is going on there! When I was running on the balls of my feet, my knees started to feel pressure, so that is probably not a good way to run. But how do you run? What do you think about if you are working on your form?

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels!


Walking sucks!

Great job to everyone who ran Philly yesterday - I really enjoyed the detailed race reports, and I don't know how you remember so many details! You must be taking out a pen and paper on the course. My race reports suck!!! Congrats to everyone on a great day!

I'm not going to lie, I spent most of the day disappointed yesterday after the race. I was SO hoping to be so sore that I couldn't move and be starving and eat mountains of food. It didn't go like that. Exhaustion definitely hit in midafternoon but everytime I looked at the clock I was thinking that I'd still be out there had I kept going. I had to keep telling myself that I made the right choice and feeling around for the little bugger's movements. I think the thing that disappointed me the most was that I had to walk. I've been running 30 to 40 mile weeks throughout and walking just really sucks. I was in great spirits the whole time and really just enjoying being out there, but once I got into the car with my parents who were great and took me there and came to cheer, I felt sad. I realized I never made it to Manuyunk - that's my favorite part of the course going up Kelly drive, and that I really didn't even get to be a runner. I was so mean to my parents and told them if they hadn't been there waiting for me, I probably would have kept going and finished. IT was a mean thing to say, and really I knew that I shouldn't have kept going, so it wasn't their fault, and it was probably meant to be that they were waiting for me.

Last night the baby was moving all around like a nut. I think he/she was telling me that he/she was ready to run and do the marathon and was mad at my body too. Yep, that was it. I really felt like my belly button was going to be pushed out last night by a finger or foot.

Waking up this morning and not being sore made me feel poopy all over again. I crave that soreness that you get after a marathon, when you can't walk downstairs without pain and it hurts to walk. The one and only pain that I have is below the back of my knee, the top of my right calf muscle. From walking.

I went to the gym after work with the intention of jogging maybe 1/2 hour, warming up for 10 minutes, lifting then doing 20 minutes. Once I started running I didn't feel like stopping since I never know when I'll be able to run and feel decent doing so! So I ended up running 6 miles without any huge issues. It took me 1:03 instead of an hour and a half. I think it was my body's way of saying Sorry for sucking yesterday. I guess it made me feel better in a way, but it also pissed me off that it didn't come to play yesterday.

Dear body, You suck. I only needed about 5 hours of your time and you couldn't get it together. Then you give me an hour of uninterrupted time the very next day. You better get it together, because I'm going to beat the S**T out of you if you even try something like this for Boston. I'm not going to be all cuddly and nice to you. I take care of you and this is what I get back?? Unacceptable.

Fetus Francesco/a
27 weeks 11.21.08


My BQ in the half

Race report:Philly marathon --- first 1/2
Well, the day started off fine. I got up before 6 and had some breakfast and was picked up at 6:15 to head to Philly. I stood in line for the port-a-pottys and then made my way to the start. I should have planned on a bit more time between eating & the start, and more free time before the start, but I didn't!

The start was in waves and I could hardly make it up to my corral. I made it there but we waited for about 1/2 hour to start. Standing in the corral, I felt good. I didn't feel pregnant and I thought it was going to be a good day. Finally, we were able to start! Me and my many layers were warm and ready! About 2 minutes into the race, so this is by Four Seasons and the fountain, I had a HORRIBLE side stitch. I had to stop and walk, it was debilitating.

This was the theme for the rest of the race. I don't think that I ran for more than 2 minutes at a time. I was in good spirits and having a good time out there, and there were alot of walkers. I took lots of pictures. My parents saw me around mile 5 and walked with me for about 10 minutes and I just kept on going. I was going to wait to decide how far I would go until the 1/2 way point.
I made a deal with myself that if I had these side stitc
hes (both sides of my stomach took turns and there was never a time that I was pain free) that I would not bother continuing to the second half. But if there was any chance that I could run, that I would trudge on. Also, around mile 8 I just thought maybe I could walk the whole thing and be fine.

Around mile 11 is when I decided that I would call it a day after 13.1 It was disappointing, but when I did the calculations, I'd be out there for over 6 hours, and my side stitches were relentless. It did not even feel good walking. Overall, I stayed in high spirits, but I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't run at all, and really, that I didn't finish 26.2. I definitely could have done it, but it just wasn't the same walking it. I wanted to give the baby a medal :( I feel like I listened to my body and that was what I was supposed to do - but I wish that I could have ignored my body and keep on trucking!! Surely I would have done that if a baby was not on board. But I probably wouldn't have these side cramps everywhere if I was running sans child.

On the live results, it says I finished 3:15:15 and it is confused because it thinks I finished the marathon, with a super pace of 7:26. BQ! BQ! B
Q! Nope, that's how long it took me to finish the half - so times that by 2 and it would have taken me 6:30 or longer to do the full. I'm kind of glad I didn't do it so that that time isn't on my record!! But deep down I'm a bit bummed. :(

I looked up Laurel and she did great! Congrats to
everyone else out there and I hope it was a great day!


Running in the Snow

This morning, I went to go swimming and the pool was locked. I wasn't too bummed, and I'm always prepared to go for a run since it is so inconsistent. I thought it would be good to run in this cold since it is going to be cold on Sunday too! It was snowing (flurrying) this morning so it was such a peaceful run - it was just pretty! I ran around Villanova's campus - this is a picture of the "oreo" known to students and some dude's "Awakening" (the actual name of the art). I didn't have my ipod or nike + to track how far I went so I just estimated but this was a nice run!

Last night's doctor appointment went fine! Everything was looking good and I am measuring around 28 weeks (but actually today is only 27). So I'm either large and in charge, the baby plans to come a week early ?? or he/she is just growing well. Any other mamas out there can help me out with that one! I hope it means that he/she is going to come early. My weight gain has been 15 pounds at 27 weeks which sounds like a lot still but I'm just going to continue doing what I'm doing with that. Does running help babies to come early?? I will run until the end!

Since everything was looking good, I am good for Sunday. I partially think my doctor has no idea about running, but knows that I am in shape and that I will listen to my body. I started saying, "so that marathon that I was planning on running is in 3 days, am I still ok for that? I want to make sure there is no way that I will do any harm to the baby." He started saying I was fine, and I made sure he knew it was going to mean being on my feet around 5 + hours and how many miles it was (because at one point, he said HOW FAR IS THAT?) But I feel fine about it. If I have to stop, I stop! If I'm not feeling it, I stop... etc.

I really don't feel like picking up my packet. It is a drag to go into the city twice in 3 days - they should really come up with a better way to give out the numbers. I like the races where you show up that morning and get your stuff.

It is going to be cold! Good luck to everyone running and dress in layers to stay warm! Have a great weekend!