Worst Beach?

5 positive things!
1) You can see the beach from the house
2) Hubby gets off from work so more time with him!
3) Good cooking that I do not have to participate in, just eat!
4) Awesome weather for outside running
5) The couch is comfortable

Enough with that BS! Phew, that was pretty difficult to compile. Last night at dinner, around the lovely table as is every meal, someone asked what were our favorite beaches? Started thinking, naming some lovely beaches, sharing, etc. Then poor MIL asks "What about worst beaches?" Bill didn't miss a beat on that one, but come on, she was asking for it! "THIS ONE!"
and she seemed dejected, "Really??" so I had to open my big mouth and say, "You can even swim, there is seaweed everywhere..." She wasn't looking at me. Bill adds, "And the bugs." Well, it was like she took the time to actually make the beach herself, she was major offended and did not talk to us the rest of the night! Today I'm not opening my mouth. Everything I have to say is asinine.

I got up this morning to run. This island (I'm calling it that because the roads become highways within 2 miles so you can't go to far) isn't the best for running, and I've ran the streets the past 2 days, so I thought I'd run on the beach today. It was like a maze of seaweed. Like someone vomited seaweed all over the beach. I pretty much had to run ON the seaweed. I don't know what the problem is but it makes the beach look like someone just took a big dump.

When I got to the end (as far as I could run without swimming in the water) the seaweed was less and water was cleaner (some seaweed, not full of seaweed - perhaps you could swim in it).
But the end was only about a mile and a half from where I started. I ran all the way down to the other end and from end to end was about 2 miles. I'm sorry, but this IS the worst beach ever. Why this beach sucks:
1) seaweed covering everything AND in water! 2) too short, it has an end in site! 3) bugs everywhere, being attracted to the seaweed - 24/7

(not sure how to embed this)

But let's be positive - it's a beach. I'm so lucky to be at a beach (with my parents, and in-laws)

Yesterday I rode a bike for 40 minutes. My ass is still pissed. I don't know how the triathletes do it. It was probably a wicked witch of the west type bike though, not an athletic one. Maybe it makes a difference.


  1. At least you're not at work??? ha.

  2. It's all about the padded shorts, babe. Our dirty little secret.

  3. LOL. Way to be positive...sort of. Sorry to hear about your butt. I think it's time to ask hubby for a massage.

  4. It actually looks really beautiful. Such trickery those pics are LOL I hear you butt gets used to it after awhile. That and padded shorts helps LOL

  5. Pretty pictures even if the water is less than inviting. Nice job on the running and biking. I see a triathlon in your future :)

  6. I agree, at least you're not at work and the beach is always something nice to look at. The short running has to be the hardest.

  7. Seaweed creeps me out. The booty gets used to the saddles. The better saddles fell betta. Running on the sand is so difficult so even though it is two miles round it off to 4 ;-)