Just RUN

Total side note but I saw a great shirt last night, it said "Just DID it" with the nike swoosh. Haha, a good one.

I spent the last 2 days with my siblings + their friends at a beach house in Dewey Beach, DE. It was a good time! I figured I'd try to get in a run one of the days that I was there, but also was going to be flexible and maybe even not run. But then, alas, my brother's girlfriend of about a year who happens to be my sister's friend (which makes it awkward for my sister!) asked me if I wanted to get up and run on Friday morning. YESsss!!! So we woke up and went for a nice run, sans ipod, barely looking at the watch and not really knowing how far we had gone, and it was great! Low key, nice and easy pace, JUST RUNNING! It was a bit humid but good. I'm making a big deal out of a 40 minute maybe a little over 4 mile run, but I needed the change up, to wean myself off of the treadmill for a while and keep myself running outside. This morning I got up and ran the same route. I think it was about 4.2 miles so the pace was a bit slower than my normal pace and I'll have to work on that outside, but it wasn't like it was a chore. No ipod, just my watch, just running along. It was populated with runners, strollers, bikers, and walkers. I love seeing people out there and either waving or offering a good morning to everyone that passes by. Keep the running outside going!! Temperature, stay moderate!!
Happy 4th everyone!


  1. Aahhhhhh sounds awesome!! Forget the pace as long as your having fun, right? ;-)

  2. Sometimes you just have to get out there and run. No worries about time, distance or anything else. Great job.

    Hope you had a great time with your siblings. Sounds fun.

  3. That is just awesome! You got back to basics and simply experienced the joy of running. Hope you had a great holiday.

  4. Hey glad you guys had a fun run! Love that shirt gotta get it!