Is anyone successful with the nike+? Yesterday it wasn't too far off, today it showed that I ran a mile more than I actually did! I always go back and check it on gmap-pedometer. I would rather have it tell me less than more! Today I did about 5.5 miles in 55 minutes. It didn't feel that slow but I g-mapped it twice and got the same. We found a gym here so I am going to go there and hopefully take up some time on that later on. This is horrible, but I am just counting it down until we can go home. I know I need an attitude adjustment, but it just isn't happening. I need to duck tape my mouth shut so that I don't make rude comments.

I'm a beach person. My family goes to Ocean City, NJ. It is not fancy whatsoever, but there is a beach, you walk to it, you lay on it, you get tan and read books. The water kind of creeps me out, unless you don't feel things when you walk in it and things aren't floating around you, but it is ok. Yesterday, the beach was so windy here and there were horse flies. I lasted 5 minutes. Then what do you do the rest of the day when the beach is supposed to be what takes up the day? Oh, and the water is like a floating mass of sh#$. I don't even know what is in there, seaweed? But you couldn't pay me to go in it. Today's weather: looks like it is going to major storm. It is totally not a beach day. When I ran, it was completely foggy this morning and you couldn't see too far in front of you. Now, the sun is peeking in and out but the sky is dark. WTF! This makes it very hard to follow my ground rules. I'm 29. Tell me folks, have you ever gone on a vacation with your in laws AND parents? How did I get involved in this? I know I should be enjoying the time, but I'm more like, why the hell am I here, and when can I go home? Why aren't we renting a house with a bunch of our friends? I feel like a tool!! I will just tell you this - NEVER AGAIN. This is uncalled for.

Sorry in advance for the negativity in this post. I try to be a positive person as much as I can but it is hard sometimes!!!


  1. I have been to Maine once it was NOT my idea of a beach. I feel your pain. Hang in there!

  2. LOL i cannot imagine a vacation with both inlaws and parents... whose idea was that?? at least you have your running shoes and a computer!

    i have heard mixed reviews on the nike+

  3. Ooohhh girl hang in there. We took the kids up to Maine last year (Guess that would be kinda similar to dealing with the parents and ILs. Annoying, and the car ride up is HELL LOL) and I thought the same thing about the ocean LMAO!. Not only that but the water is FREEKIN COLD!!

    I feel your pain chica! I remember our last day and my husband was like "Ummmm why don't we wait like an hr to leave so the traffic dies down" and I was like "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO we need to LEAVE NOW!! I'm am so sick of this SHIZ! I want to be HOME ALREADY! A vacation to Maine with a 3 and 1.5 y.o is NOT FUN!! NEVER AGAIN!" ROFLMAO! I promise you'll laugh about it later ;-)

  4. I don't know about a week with both my parents and in-laws. I think I would go crazy and need at least a week by myself to recover!! Maybe you can escape to the outlets if you are close by.

    As to the nike+, I had one and couldn't get it to work right. I passed it onto my husband who didn't have much luck either.

  5. Never been up in your neck of the woods but the beaches are probably not as ideal as they are here in sunny south florida. Maybe you will luck out and the weather clears up-here's hoping!

    I've never had to be on vacation with both sets of parents but I can only imagine how that would be. I think I would be off exercising or running errands..a lot.

  6. WOW! I can see where it would be hard, hang in there you can't have too much time left.

    As for the Nike+ I have it and love it. Make sure you calibrate it and if you don't have the Nike+ shoes and are using the pouch make sure the sensor is in there nice and tight. If it moves around it will throw off the run. I have the pouch and had to cram tissue in there so it would stay put. Hope that helps

  7. hi! i've been running with my nike+ for almost 2 weeks now and i've had difficulty with mine, too. actually, i'm on my 2nd one. i had a hard time calibrating the first one and even after the 3rd calibration the distance was off by quite a bit. unfortunately (or fortunately?), my lcd screen broke (not sure how i did that) and i was able to exchange it for another one. before i took it on the road, i calibrated the 2nd nike+ with a run on the treadmill and since then it's worked pretty well. i also bought one for my fiancee and he didn't have any issue calibrating it. maybe some of them are more fickle than others? it's a great idea to run on it with a treadmill to calibrate it. i've blogged about my trials (and tribulations) with nike+, too!

  8. I just found your blog . . . .because you found mine! I had to comment on this post because in June I took a vacation with my in laws and my parents. It was horrible! I was ready to come home on the second day - and we were supposed to be celebrating my 30th birthday!