Don't try this at home

So... the quilt. I half assed this thing and right now it is in the final stage where it needs to be finished by connecting the front, back and soft middle layer. I completely sucked at getting things to match up (as you can see at left here, that is actually how F**ed up it is), but I was too lazy to go back and resew. It is very embarrassing what I did to my shirts! I think in the end I'll be proud of it, but right now being an OCD type person, the non matching corners are killing me. Yesterday many curses were shouted, but today I just have it layed out and when I return from a week vacation I will come back to it (and most likely curse or laugh at it again).

Here's a better look at more squares, maybe if it isn't close up it doesn't look so crappy!

Other than that, I'm enroute Maine for the next week tomorrow. I don't know what the internet access will be, but it might be a nice break from my internet addiction. Hopefully I'll be eating lots of blueberries, getting in some cool weather runs and doing some relaxing. :)
Have a great weekend all!


  1. Enjoy your trip to Maine. I am sure you'll be able to relax there. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Have a great time up in Maine.

  3. Ooooo have fun in Maine!

    You'll be proud of that baby when it's done. A lot of curse words went into it :P I think it looks cute!

  4. i just saw the comments you left on my, glad someone's reading, makes it more meaningful! i wish there was a clearinghouse of pregnancy and fitness blogs, so hard to find and yet so NECESSARY!! do the philly distance run at 4's where i set my half PR last fall, and i'm definitely running it in 2009!

  5. I've made two quilts so far and they are both wonky but I still love them. You'll end up loving yours too. :)