Get fatty recipes

Apology in advance for more cookies. Tomorrow is my husband's b'day! Last year I went all out and made 5 different varieties of cookies and labeled them in little bags and put them in a big basket for him to take to work. I must have been really bored last summer too! I had to at least match my performance from last year. Enter the New York Times recipe for chocolate chip cookies. The whole cover of the food section (which my MIL saved for me) was chocolate chip cookies. I was salivating everytime that I looked at it. Yesterday I made the cookie dough which has to be refrigerated for at least 24 hours and today was bake day. I have to say one of my diet downfalls is baking so I try not to do it too much, but I enjoy it and I really like eating the dough (REALLY BAD!) and finished product.

They seem to have turned out lovely. I tried some of a hot out of the oven cookie which was delightful and I tried a cooled cookie, which was also very good, but I was surprised that it wasn't soft and chewy - it became a little crispy. Still good though.

Yesterday I ended up running 7.01 miles. Way to be an overachiever and reach my goal of between 7-8! Today I did an easy run of 3.43 miles, did some elliptical and went to a pilates class. Some sense of motivation is returning, for lately working out for more than an hour has not happened. I'm counting pilates in part of that working out bit. The plan from the nutritionist, I can't get into writing it down yet , so I'm still tracking my calories on Fitday. I guess I start eating something that I'm not sure where it fits in (luna bar, hard pretzels) and so I just don't feel like figuring it out. Whatever. Just don't bake chocolate chip cookies everyday and I should be ok.

Tomorrow for Bill's b'day we're heading to a play in Philly and to a nice dinner. I'm excited. Also, tomorrow I have a training in the district for most of the afternoon. YES! I feel like I'm working. Lately I feel like a bum, even though I'm getting paychecks through the summer, I should have obtained some kind of summer job. The boredom is getting to me. I forget if I mentioned it, but RESPECT shout out to all SAHMs out there. I can never be one!! I'm craving the school year to start!

Well, sorry about the baking this week, after posting fruits and veggies, please look at the fruit and veggie picture more often.

Does anyone know any tools for annotating photos? Mini goal to learn how to do that in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Yummy, those cookies look so good! Although, I must admit, I am a cookie dough person, too and was mostly salivating over the dough picture :)

  2. omgosh choc chip cookies are my biggest weakness!! those look AMAZING! YUM!!! actually my bigger weakness is the dough - cant get enough of that!

    awesome job on the runs!

  3. Nice runs N. Wow those cookies look good. Fresh, hot, chewy choc chip cookies are my fav. The only better is eating hot, fresh c.c. cookies with vanilla ice cream. :b

  4. LMAO, I SOOOOO hate you right now! HAHAHAA All my whining about what I stuff my face with and I come here to this?!? :P

    Oy, all I have to say about being a SAHM is Thank God for the internet. I can only play Barney for so long, otherwise Mommy might have already started hitting the bottle :P

  5. i would run 7.02 miles for one of those cookies (or, yeah, the dough!)! except i can't run that far anymore, and i could never eat just one. sigh...

    i hate pilates (and yoga), i guess because it's hard but not cardio...but at this point, ANYTHING counts toward that hour for me, especially in the summer -
    i love being a bum in the summer! no guilt whatsoever! it is hard-earned during the school year!

  6. The cookies look delicious! Baking is one of my downfalls too. It is something I enjoy doing and when I am bored I'll just make soemthing. Plus, it is an activity my daughter and I do together.

    I think I am going to be thinking about eating chocolate chip cookies all day.

  7. Im no help on the photos.

    and youre no help for my arse.



  8. Those cookies look SO SO good. That is my big downfall - baking. I love to bake, and I think I eat more cookie batter than any person should while baking. I have been pretty good to avoid baking for the past few months, but just wait until winter comes....

  9. I love choco chip cookies - my weakness too. To be honest - I have been eating one everyday this week at 3:00 pm. I'm like a cookie crack addict right now.

  10. omigosh, those cookies look SO yummy. it ALMOST makes me want to bake. almost. the thing about cookies is that you can always go to a bakery and buy them! happy birthday to your husband! :-)

  11. Those look great! Baking is fun and becomes a downfall for me too. The key is to give most of them away! :)

  12. You're making me hungry!!!