I'm not the sewing type

Last summer I learned how to sew. There were many curses thrown about as I tried some projects on my own. Today I took out the good ole' machine (present from my mom a couple of years ago) and started putting t-shirts together. The damn machine breaks or stops or gets tangled (who the &%# knows what it is doing) about every 30 minutes. I managed to untangle it once, but after the second time and various %$#@ bombs, I couldn't deal and gave up. But up above is the layout at least... I can't figure out how to rotate it. Some of the shirts were hard to cut and say goodbye to!

I didn't go swimming today. Who was I kidding, it is going to take more effort to get up early again and do that. I was set up for failure today because I had a mid-morning appointment which logistically would have left me sitting around for 2 hours in the morning with nothing to do near my appointment. I did run, and it was better than Monday, but still, the passion is lost for now. Looking forward to running outside tomorrow with a buddy! One of the things that I want to do when we move to a new house (right now it is a townhouse) is be able to run out my door and go for a run and not worry about getting hit by a car. That would be nice.


  1. I like the t-shirt idea you've got there. Looks way better already than anything I could put together. Too bad your machine is being a biatch and giving you a hard time.

  2. Move to Mount Airy! :)

    I'll do my best to show you it's good side tomorrow...

    And I love the quilt - maybe you can show me how to do that sometime? Only problem is, I gave away my Anchorage t-shirt.

  3. Good idea with the T-shirt quilt. I feel so sad throwing my racing T's away, but I NEVER wear them.

  4. Ya, I think being able to step out of your house without getting hit by a car would be a good thing.

    Great idea with the shirts. I wish I was a little more crafty.

  5. That looks pretty good chica!! In fact I really dig the layout! I wish I could sew LOL