Fresh Air

One of the best things about New England is the cooler air (at least in summer). I have enjoyed having the windows open all day long and at night, something we definitely couldn't do at home.
Today I went intending to do a LONGER RUN but ended up still doing less than 7 miles (even though nike+ told me over 7). I ran from the center of the town out to Walker's point where the first Bush president has a home. It was a nice run, I felt like I was running along cliffs with the ocean next to it. It is a bit humid though, so by 30 minutes I've been dying!! Also, running everyday this week, my knee is starting to bother me again. It was another day where I felt like I HAD to run so that I can eat like a champ on vacation, but once I got out there, it was nice.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Great run! The decription had me picturing it and I have never been to the northeast really. I know whatcha mean run to eat at times.
    LMAO at the windows open. I am over here resealing mine to keep the cool air the a/c is working overtime to blow out.

  2. i love the fresh air!! running by the ocean is so refreshing.

  3. Yeah it's been humid up in the NE lately. What's up with that? LOL Glad you had a nice run ;D

  4. Sounds like a great run, but sorry your knee is sore. Ice it like crazy, hope it gets better.

    I love your positive attitude lately, the lists of good things are fun to read. Keep it up. :)

  5. Great run N! Ice your knee (I hope it feels better soon) and enjoy your weekend.