Thoughts while running

Went for my longer run this morning and decided to go through a town, and turn around and run back. It was a bit hilly and after reading all the pizazz of ncrunner's hill post, I thought it would be good for me to do some hills. After I ran as far as I could until it became main roads with no sidewalks, I turned around, ran back and ended up on the path that I was planning to run on in the first place. In between the 2 though, I needed to stop for major water break. I always think while I am running, Hmm, it would have been smart to bring money to buy some nice cold water, but then I never learn and never bring it. I felt like I was in the desert after about 30 minutes, and when I got to my water/car after 40, I downed way too much. I carried a bottle for the rest, and drank that whole bottle within the next 20 minutes. So, about an hour in, water was bouncing around in my stomach, not feeling the greatest comfort for running. Too much water. I guess I let myself get too thirsty in the beginning - bad bad bad. What do you do for water? Carry it? Run routes with water fountains? Use one of those belts or crazy things on your back? How often do you drink? (water that is)

Sometimes when I'm running and I'm majorly thirsty, I start thinking of ways to get water. Stopping at someone's doorstep and begging? Finding a restroom and drinking it from the sink? Today I saw a gutter dripping water from yesterday's crazy rain storms, I was considering standing under it with my mouth open. I hung on though, I didn't steep that low, but I always have water fantasies when I'm super thirsty.

Also, when I'm really tired, and I'm on a shady route, with not too many people around, I start thinking, if someone jumped out and accosted me, I don't think I'd care. Haha, that's just great!

My run ended up being 10.14 miles, it was to the point where I had met my time goal (1:40) but not my mileage goal - 11 miles. I really just couldn't go a step further at this point. And I didn't really know how much I'd gone, because my nike+ is a liar(Is yours? I've calibrated it 27 times and it is never accurate), and I usually plug in my runs to gmap-pedometer to verify it. Nike+ was telling me when I was checking my stats that my current pace was 25 something and I was running nonetheless!!! Oh well. I just really suck at keeping my pace going when I'm outside running alone. Better luck next time, sucker!!


  1. i always carry water with me if i am going to do 8 miles or more (or if its hot i bring it for less miles too). i use a water belt and usually do a half and half gatorade water mixture. although since i have been running in the morning i havent been bringing it with me since its cooler, but i know where a water fountain is incase and my mileage has been 8 or less.

    i have heard weird things about the nike+... seems like they are always off.

    GREAT job on getting over 10 in this morning!!!

  2. Like Aron, I carry water for 8 miles or more. I have one of those dorky fanny pack things. I also try to hyrdate like crazy the day before a long run.

  3. Shiz, I carry water if I'm doing 7 or more. I am so anal about getting enough fluids. I'm a belt chica. They're ugly, I look like a dork, I just don't care anymore LOL.

    I was going to say the same thing as Aron. Seems like everyone has issues with the Nike + system. You will have to convert to the Church Of Garmin (as Nitmos calls it LOL)

  4. Oh god, stay away from the gutter!!!

  5. Usually on runs longer than 8 I will strap on my fuel belt. As dorky as they are, it is the best option. You can drink when you need to and not have to worry about holding anything or placing water bottles on the route.

    Nice job on the run.

  6. Ditto on the water belt advice. Also, be sure to hydrate before you run. During your run, take periodic drinks before you get the feeling that you are really thirsty, because once that happens it's too late.

  7. N.D. I don’t like the water belts. I’ve also found camelbaks and hand grips cumbersome so I have been working on a bottle that straps to your arm, just like mp3 players. Its called the Body Bottle and it came out last year, but we’re in the midst of release v2008 soon. If you check it out, let me know what you think - the link is