Recap of the week

The overall summary of the week:
Although there were many times that I had to hold my tongue, tie my hands behind my back so as not to strangle someone, or want to go for a 3 hour run (it didn't happen), there were still a bunch of positive outcomes. Here they are:

1- Re bonded with my mama, whether it was laughing over my dad's starvation because my inlaws don't eat or going crazy from the foukers.

2- Lots of outdoor running

3 - Great sleeping weather - windows were open the entire week

4 - Survived a week with both sets of parents - can now claim this and share with future children and help to guide them not to do such a thing...

5- Husbandly bonding - got to hold hands and go for walks, fun stuff like that

So, now I'm looking at all the positives, it being Friday and in 12 hours I'll be in the car traveling home! I'll probably miss my parents, after you get used to living with them again and then go back home, you miss that for a few nanoseconds.

Would I return to this area again? Nope. I love to swim and I couldn't get past the seaweed in the water. I never took off pants at the beach because of all the bugs. I like being able to walk everywhere, and you couldn't do that - kind of like an island. I like having unlimited running routes - without driving there - that wasn't an option.

What did I learn? My travel limit with the foukers - 3 days. I can survive my parents after I get used to being around them all the time and they are good people. I love them.

It's back to PA! I wish I could have my google reader in the car, I didn't read any blogs today.
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Overall, it sounds like you had a good time bonding with the family and husband and that's the important thing.

    Too bad the pesky beach didn't work out as well. Seaweed is never fun to try and paddle through and it would be very hard to have to stay fully clothed at the beach, especially in the middle of summer.

    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Number 4 cracked me up! Glad that’s all over for you, maybe you can find an actual beach next time… might help things out a bit. See that you got the Nike+ box on your blog, it’s such a great way to keep track of all your runs.

  3. Glad to hear you made the best of your time in Maine with the family. You will definitely have a lifetime of fond (and not-so-fond) memories and stories to tell of the good, bad and ugly. Welcome home.

  4. sounds like you had a great trip and kept up with your runs too!! great job :) hope you had a safe trip home!

  5. Aahhhhhhhh it sounds like a good trip overall, but at least now you know, KWIM?

    Have a safe trip home and keep your sanity :P