Happy Birthday B!

In celebration of B's birthday, I went to the gym in hopes to run 10 miles. I started running and lasted a minute and felt winded. I got on the elliptical instead to warmup for 15 minutes. Then I played WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW in my head and thought about lifting or running. I decided to try running again and as I was running, thought I could do an hour. I set up the treadmill for the hour, an 5 minutes in, I decided 15 minutes would be better and I could lift. But about 10 minutes in, I thought I could make it 20 minutes, so I upped it to 20. Then at 15, I thought let's do 30, and this went on until I had 8 miles done and at that point, I said, ok I can do 2 more miles. I can DO this!! But it was pathetic the mindgames I had to play with myself. I finished the 10 miles in 1:25:00 with a minute or so of letting the treadmill run super slow while I ran to fill up my water bottle. What do you do if you need to stop on the treadmill, do you stop it and start over? The ones at the gym only give you 45 seconds, then it resets. I felt happy after. I haven't done more than 10 since I don't know when, but I know that I can do 3 more for a race.

It's off to a play and dinner tonight, I'm excited. I like this picture of us so this will be my tribute. :) That is a virgin strawberry daquiri in my hand there, I'm not a big drinker, yet that was tasty (and probably full of calories and sugar) over 4th of July.


  1. Wow! Awesome job for struggling through the tough stuff! See, it's runs like those that give you all the confidence you need to succeed on race day. Now where are MY cookies?

  2. Yyyeeaaaahh right, that's what they all say "That is a virgin strawberry daquiri in my hand" :P

    ITA with FL, runs like that are great (even thought they suck) because they eventually pay off down the road when you hit another tough spot. The whole "I did this before, I can do this again" type thing.

  3. Mind games, something I am use to! Great job pushing through the run.

    That is a cute picture.

  4. it's all about the mind games when you're running! sometimes, i have to practically trick myself into running. it's really all in my head, i know. and i've had a lot of practice with this mind game thing, too, in terms of running... but it's not like i've gotten any better at it. good job doing 10 on the mill! and happy birthday to b, again!

  5. The mind games are tough, but I like that yours pushed you to do 10 miles. Awesome job!

  6. *Sigh* We never outgrow mind games. Way to battle and complete the 10 miles. You are a fighter. That was a great job.

    Nice pic too. Have a great weekend.

  7. great job pushing through the run!! hope you guys had a great time last night!